Dinner with cabin #11 (private)

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Dinner with cabin #11 (private)

Post by Morgan Landry on 3/18/2016, 6:27 am

Dayami followed the line of campers to the Mess Hall, looking left and right excitedly. Everything was so awesome! She waved eagerly at the few demigods she had already chatted with and opened her eyes wide as she entered the Mess with her new cabin mates. "Oooh...," she whispered in admiration of the columns and torches. Overhead, the sky was glowing orange and purple from the sunset, casting a warm shine on the white marble. Tripping a little over her own feet, she sat down at a table with the entirety of the Hermes guys while everyone else took place at their own tables.  In the middle of the pavilion, a large fire was crackling in a bronze brazier the size of a jacuzzi.

"What's that for?" she asked the boy next to her.

"It's for offerings. You dip a part of your food in there for the gods."

She frowned. "But if they're gods, can't they just--"  She was interrupted by the apparition of pretty girls in trendy clothes who started bringing food to the campers. Dayami  found herself with a large bowl of oriental pork with noodles, which was one of her favourite dishes from home. "Aww yes!" she beamed, about to start eating, but was stopped by another of her cabin mates who hissed, "Not yet." She was about to ask further question but everyone fell silent: Chiron had stood up and raised his glass.

"Heroes! It has been a hard and intense training day, well done to everyone who survived. Let me also address a warm welcome to our new arrivals." Dayami felt herself blush as he pointed at her, then at another girl who was sitting at a table with a bunch of other teens who looked like they had jumped out of a fashion brochure.

"Yes, welcome, yadda yadda, get on with it," Mr. D grumbled.

Chiron raised his glass a bit higher. "To the gods!"

"To the gods," the campers repeated and drank from their cup. Dayami frowned and glanced at the boy. "I didn't drink. How was I supposed to drink, my glass is empty?"

He smirked. "You need to tell it what you want."

"Tell it?"

"Yep, like this: Lemon Fanta!" Under Dayami's incredulous eyes, his cup filled with the foamy, bubbly yellow soda.

"WOW!" she exclaimed and grabbed her own. "Coquito smoothie. Please?" Immediately, the cup obeyed and filled with a creamy drink.  She was unable to taste it though, since all of the Hermes cabin had stood up with their plates and started to queue up behind other campers.

"Ah. This is the part where we give some of our food to the gods," Dayami guessed, then turned to face the person behind her. "I'm getting good at this."

When it was her turn, she dipped almost half of her noodles into the fire and said, "To the gods. More particularly to my godly parent. Please claim me soon, or send me a little message. Also, if you could--"

"You done yet?" someone behind her asked and she quickly finished her prayer before hurrying back to the Hermes table. Once everyone had sat down, the boy from before smirked at her. "Now you can eat." And Dayami cheerfully attacked her noodles. When she was halfway through her dinner, she looked at the different people at her table. So far she had talked to Connor, Cecil, Travis, Jin, and Lee, but there were still a couple more at her table. Turning to the girl at her right, she gave her a big smile. "Hey. I'm Dayami. What's your name?"
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