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 Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus

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PostSubject: Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus   Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus Icon_minitime3/19/2016, 5:32 pm

Name: Archardes Terry Laitikratus-Coale
Named by his mother, she attempted to put her own spin to it, adding an -es to the end of the name Archard, but horribly mangled the pronunciation. (Archard mean strength, as he was named for his father (Cratus)). Although Archardes insists that the proper pronunciation is R-Shar-Deez, his mother believes that it is pronounced R-Cay-Deez. In order to not have to explain himself to anyone, Archardes prefers to be called Archer. He rarely lets anyone call him Terry, as he wants nothing to do with his step-father.

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Charlotte “Charlie” Coale
Charlotte expends herself to support her family as a doctor, even with her father telling her she would never be able to raise a child without help, and that the child was a mistake, declaring he wanted nothing to do with a woman who ran off with a man for a month, let him disappear, and was now expecting a child. He said that even though her mother was dead, she would still be disappointed. Terry proposed to her when she was 3 months due, right before he was to be deployed to Afghanistan. She had known him since grade-school, growing up with him. Back then, he was a fine temperament, but after coming home from Afghanistan, something had snapped inside him.
Coming from a rich family, she was the youngest of seven children. She had 2 sisters, and 4 brothers, and was often overlooked by her parents. Her parents would often expect too much from her, and she would stress over the fact that she could never fully satisfy them. Feeling lonely and cast out, she attached herself to tentative kids her age, one of them was Terry. She grew up with him, dating him at times, but their relationships were always on and off, as Terry was a troubled child, dealing with abusive parents. Charlotte can’t bring herself to divorce him, as she is still trying to find that man he was before.

Stepfather: Terry Laitikratus
Terry Laitikratus tends to be out of control, and abusive to both his wife and son. He’s a drunk, and at times will disappear for nights after passing out at a bar, or getting roped into gambling. Often, he will come home enraged and drunk, having lost miserably at a gambling tournament, or relied too much on the slot machine. Several times, Charlotte has had to pick him up from the police station, on account that he has been out drunk driving, or picking fights at the bar, or betting more than he can afford when gambling.
Terry comes from a different background, as his parents were poor. He had grown up with Charlotte through grade school, dating her through the years. Their relationship was on and off, but they always remained best friends. At the time, he was kind, and sensitive to other people’s feelings. Terry joined the military, and was undergoing training when he proposed to Charlotte. Charlotte accepted, happy that Terry could accept her for having a child, even if it wasn’t his, and he didn’t know who the father was. Terry was very caring to Charlotte, helping wherever he could. But, after he returned from being deployed, he was diagnosed with PTSD. He wasn’t the same after being deployed to Afghanistan. Often times, when he’s sober, he wonders why Charlotte even bothers with him anymore. A little part of him keeps looking for himself, but mostly, he’s off getting drunk or gambling. After he was caught drunk at the bar by police, he spilled his crimes, so intoxicated he thought the police were fellow bar visitors. Terry has been sentenced to 5 years in parole, and now that he’s sober, the question of where he got into this whole mess haunts him, each day.

God Parent: Cratus
The god of Strength and Power, and the Winged Guardian and Enforcer of Zeus. Sibling to Bia (Force), Nike (Victory), and Zelos (Rivalry and Zeal). Helped to Bind Prometheus to a rock for stealing fire.

Date of Birth: Jan 7th, 2000

Place of Birth: Cooke City, Montana

Hometown/Last Residence: St. Louis, Missouri

Race/ethnicity: American/Mixed

Accent: American

Skin Tone: Heavy Tanned

Eye Color: Stormy Blue-Grey

Hair Color: Dark Red Brown

Hair Length: Medium

Height: 5’10’’

Weight: 174 lbs

Body Type: Mesomorph

Appearance: Archardes is well built, his skin stretched tightly over his toned muscles. His skin is a medium tan, as he spends most of the time he can outside. His face is well chiseled, his eye deep set and almond shaped. His right eye is marred by a stitched long scar running down his right side of his face, starting at his hairline and running over his nose, stopping at the right corner of his left eye, turning his right eye slightly milky. His hair tends to loosely stick up, causing him to have a short, messy mohawk. The only way for him to keep it down is for him to gel it down, but he prefers not to. His shoulders are wide, his torso resembling a stretched trapezoid, wide at the shoulders, and slimming slightly toward his waist. His legs are well defined, calf and thigh muscles prominent. Passed down from his father are a lovely set of pure ivory feathered wings, a result of a recent growth spurt. They are strapped tightly to his back, and hidden under a thick black motorcyle jacket. Very rarely is he seen without this jacket, and he tends to wear sweatpants.
His toned body comes as a result from his father (Cratus), his inherited power and strength causing him to be extremely active.

Weapon: He is accustomed to hand to hand.
-When he settles into camp, he’ll begin training with celestial bronze swords, and spear throwers, one of the weapons he greatly admired and has always wanted due to their amazing leverage.

Armor: A dull mossy green worn out metal breastplate and metal arm gauntlets/bands. Leather armor underclothes, as well as scale-like short leg armor. Accustomed to wings.

Pet(s): A male Czechoslovaskian Vlack named Titus.
Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus Czechoslovakian-wolfdog-puppy-3-months-7509951
Archardes was being sent off to boarding school by his mother, she worried that he would be lonely if he was all by himself. They stopped by a local pound, and adopted Titus, a surrendered puppy. His mother wanted to change the dog’s name, but Archardes was reluctant, saying that if was very fitting for his dog. Little did he know, that the dog’s name would be a constant reminder of Charlotte’s painful past, a reminder of the son of the titans that she once loved.

A Male Doberman/German Shepherd Mix named Maximus.
Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus 3fd82a66c4ebfb9b8850d84fe980542b
Maximus was also picked up at the pound/shelter. He was the runt of the litter, who had been kicked aside from a litter of puppies and left on the shoulder of a highway. He had been picked up and brought to the shelter and be nursed back to health from there.

Archardes is skilled in craftsmanship, a favorite pastime of his. He tends to do things like carvings, and small tinkerings. He also likes to make candles.
A slightly random pastime, he likes to cook. He cooks things that you’d find in a bakery, to something that you’d eat for dinner.
He tends to be very instinctual, often times using emotions of the moment instead of logical reason or planning to make his decisions. At least he’s got brute strength to back him up.

-Archardes is very headstrong, and often times believes his idea is the only way, which can cause him to miss out on very important suggestions.
-He prefers to be in a leader or dominant position, and tends to be aggressive if feeling challenged.
-His right eye is slightly milky (he can still see from it), causing a slight blindside, a result of long scar runs down his right side of his face, reminding him of a past that he would rather forget…
-Archardes is socially introverted, and tends to push away people he could possibly befriend.
-Archardes suffers many insecurities, but refuses to share them with anyone, claiming “no one is trustable”. He tries to keep his emotions bottled up, and suppresses them into the darker corners of his mind.
-Since he has never used his wings in his life, he doesn’t know how to fly.

Strengths: Physical Activities, Cooking, Craftsmanship

Weaknesses: Coping with Loss, Fears

Spending Time By himself, to clear his mind.
He is your neighborhood night owl, but also an early bird. He doesn’t sleep much.
Quiet Company- He doesn’t like being alone, although he won’t say it, but doesn’t like incredible sociability.
Character Traits- He secretly admires those with the traits of courage, honesty, justice, and sincerity. Especially sincerity.
Success- He becomes greatly discouraged when he fails.
Candlemaking- He has weird quirks like that. Sometimes, there will be a pillowcase of wax and strings in his bed, and a small melting pot.
Givers- Selflessness draws him to people, but he never really approaches them.

Discriminators- He knows what it is like to be singled out, so he doesn’t tolerate it from anyone else.
Excuses- He hates people who can always find a reason not to do something, but never one to do something.
Pollutions- He is very earth related, and it angers him to when someone harms the Earth.
Overcooked meat- Don’t ask. He prefers red meat.
Drunkards- His step father was a drunk. It brings back bad memories.
Rude People- A lot of people stare at the scar on his face, and he never reacts well to it, often responding that “all people have scars, either physically or emotionally. Some just hide them better than others. And some just can’t.”
Broken Promises- They’re just another void in the ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, etc.’ hole.
Child Abuse/Domestic Violence- He believes if you commit to someone, you need to prove it, every single day. This is not proving it, in his eyes.
Helplessness- He absolutely hates this feeling, as he prefers to be on top of everything, not off on the sidelines, or unable to help. Feeling powerful plays a big role in his confidence.

His fears include gephyrophobia (fear of bridges), ochlophobia (fear of crowds), spectrophobia (fear of mirrors), Claustrophobia (Fear of tight spaces) and trypanophobia (fear of needles and injections).

Personality: Once outgoing and confident, Archardes is now very cold and aloof, and tends to pretend he doesn’t like being social, although he does prefer quiet company. (Due to the death of his satyress friend Alex.) His confidence but guardedness can make him seem incredibly arrogant and egotistical to others, but really he fears making any type of bond with someone. He’s ‘learnt his lesson’ before. He tries to keep his emotions under lock and key, but at times, they slip out, but often times with the people he trusts most. He tends to trust very few, and will often times observe people, and admire them from a distance, but can never work up the nerve to actually engage in friendly conversation. It’s not like he’s silent, he talks to others, but he tends to be blunt, and distant. He is inexperienced in having conversation, or pretty much most social factors, and tends to be socially awkward. He prefers to be a leader, as he doesn’t like to be bossed around.

Flight- He has the capability to fly, but has never tried before, as his mother urges him to never try to fly, that it is just a mutation and that scientists would come to take him away. Unable to find a different reason that he would have wings, he just gave up trying to figure out where his wings came from, and follow his mother’s instructions. His wings are often stiff, and must be stretched before his use if they have been strapped to his back, as they have always been before.
Inhuman Strength/Abilities- As a result of his father Cratus, the god of power and strength, he has unusual strength and power. However, his mother has also forbidden him from using his strength. The few times he has, his movements have been awkward and painful, as he is unused to his abilities.

Powers: Archardes doesn’t have powers, as much as abilities.

Social Status: Archardes comes from a middle-class family, where they have enough money, due to his mother’s constant working to cancel out his father’s gambling obsession. Since he has been jailed, the money has begun coming faster, enough for him to be sent to boarding school.

Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder

Years at Camp: 0, this is his first year.

Life Before Camp:

Archardes’ life is mostly trying to stay away from his step-father, but protect his mother from him as well, while trying to figure out who and where his dad. However, some of the more important instances include:

First Monster Attack- A principal in his Middle School had called him to his office, and accused him of beating up a 6th grader in his school. When he refused to confess, as he had done no such thing, she led him to a back room, and told him he had been very bad, and she needed him to sit down in a chair by the nurse’s room. She came out with a needle, and told him to stay still. When he tried to struggle away, she roughly held him down. Her face changed for the briefest moment, becoming something frightening, but beautiful at the same time. She attempted to inject him, and terrified, he screamed, punching the principal in his spasming, knocking her out and ran from the room. However, the needle dug into his skin, but there was no effect. From then on, he got developed a severe phobia of needles. His principal didn’t return.

Father’s Attack- When he was 14, his father came home in a severely drunkenly enranged mood. He began to attack his mother, and Archardes went to intervene, trying to help his mother, who had been pushed to the ground, and was being fiercely berated. His father turned on him, attacking him with a broken beer bottle. His father slashed at him, with the bottle, catching his face, slicing him over the face. Archardes, unconscious, crumpled to the ground, and his father left the house, claiming he “wanted to get away from the crime scene.” Archardes was taken to the hospital, and received stitches to close the deep wound. He never got the stitches out, as he was too terrified to get a shot for anesthetics to have the stitches removed.

Hellhound Attack- When he was 15, Archardes had agreed to take one of Charlotte’s friend’s daughter to the zoo. He was quite fond of the girl, named Cyrus, had wanted to go see the wolves. Reluctantly, Archardes went to the wolf territory, although something felt off. Wearily, he watched as the seemingly dominant wolf asserted dominance to a young male, pinning him by the neck. Not liking where the fight was going, he shielded Cyrus’s eyes, and called out to the wolf, trying to get it to let the young male go. It sniffed the air, then looked directly at him. With that, it seemed to change, becoming larger, and darker, and scarier. Cyrus screamed, as the wolf braced itself, and leapt over the enclosure fence, and slowly approached the pair. Archardes screamed at the wolf, holding the 4 year old to his chest, backing up slowly, as the wolf continued to advance, before leaping at Archardes, aiming for Cyrus, intent on eliminating the younger ally before Archardes. Archardes turned, clutching Cyrus, and dropping to the ground, shielding her. The wolf attacked his back, trying to get to his spine, before the crack of a got ripped the air, and the wolf fell. Archardes, stunned, fled the zoo, never letting go of Cyrus the whole time.

Boarding School- When he was 16 years old, his mother sent him off to boarding school, but with his two new companions, Maximus and Titus. He’s not been there for long, but is with a new friend, Alex, who is secretly a satyr.

Role-playing Example:
“Alright, Archardes, you’re not going to believe this, but I think I know who your father is.” Alex looked him in the eyes solemnly.
“Who?” Archardes asked, desperation lacing his voice. He had been waiting for this for forever. He couldn’t let this slip through his fingers.
“Well, I don’t exactly know,” Alex paused, glancing at Archardes, but continued despite his disappointed face. “Here comes the non-believing part though. So you know how we learn about Greek Mythology every Friday? With Mr. Pextrin? Well, we work together. We needed you to know a little about some Greek stuff before we tell you you need to leave. There are things called demigods, you know, the children of gods and a human. And I think you’re one of them.”
As Archardes tried to open his mouth to respond, she forged on, not letting him respond, hurrying as his face darkened. Her words became rushed, as she continued on. “And there’s a place where you’ll be safe. That principal in Middle School? She was a monster, and so was that wolf attack that you told me about. They were trying to kill you. They’re sent to kill you. And I’m sent to save you. I need you to come with me.”
Archardes frowned. “Seriously, Alex? What kind of cruel joke is this? You expect me to believe you?”
It was Alex’s turn to be desperate now. “Don’t you see? Where do you think you got those wings from? And if I were lying, would I have-” He kicked his shoes off, and then removed what Archardes had realized had been fake feet. Underneath the ankle of his pants, Alex had furry legs and hooves. “These?” Alex said.
“Oh gosh. Alex-”
“No time. We need to go.”
“Wait. I need to bring someone else. Her name’s Cyrus.”
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PostSubject: Re: Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus   Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus Icon_minitime3/19/2016, 11:33 pm


- Characters are not allowed to have wings.
- What do you mean by satyress? There are no female satyrs.
- Due to characters having to be morphologically human, please edit out the flying part of his abilities.
- How much stronger does his second ability make him?
- Are you sure you don't want any power, eg strength boosts?
- What kind of monster was the principal?
- Who killed the hellhound and with what godly metal?

Rest looks good to me (:


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Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus Tumblr_oh5m9mlVOv1sz4dg2o4_540

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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Archardes Laitikratus-Coale: Son of Cratus
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