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Finn had been trying to find a place to eat for the past few days. Picking up after the passers-by that may have dropped their spare change wasn't easy, and it felt like an eternity, but Finn felt that he had enough money to buy himself breakfast.

'When was the last time I had breakfast?' Finn thought to himself. It had been two weeks ago, with his dad. They were sitting in an IHOP, and Finn got a stack of pancakes. His dad, however, just got a coffee, no cream, two sugars, the way he always ordered it. The two of them were talking about potential colleges, which may seem like a mature topic for a 15-year-old, but not when you're homeschooled and take advanced courses at such a young age.

"Finnegan," his dad said, "You can be whatever you want to be, just as long as you're not going to give up when it gets hard." The fact that Finn's dad had that much support and faith in Finn's decision made it all the better for Finn to accept the idea of college.

The memory brought a smile to Finn's face, but with that smile came the all too familiar pain of remembering the fire...

"No, dad wouldn't want you to cry," Finn said, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Dad would want you to grab something to eat." He looked around and saw no food spot nearby.

"Seriously? Not even a McDonald's?" He said to himself. Then, what seemed like out of nowhere, a coffee shop shone through, like a light at the end of a long tunnel.

It was a small coffee shop and looked almost empty from the outside. In the window buzzed a neon sign saying ‘Open’, so Finn walked over to the spot. As he got closer, he noticed that there was something odd about this place. Although it was very much real, and right in front of him, there was something about it that looked... Augmented, like there, was a veil of fantasy over the reality of just this spot. The name of it, The Barley Bucket, made Finn wonder who would've named a restaurant something that... lame.

Finn walked into the coffee shop, and it smelled of... Well, coffee. There were bean bag chairs arranged around low tables, and people were conversing with one another. Smooth Jazz played softly from the speakers surrounding the room, and the walls were decorated with what looked like an amalgamation of Ancient Greek pottery art and Steampunk contraptions. The decorations weren't just posters or paintings, but they were moving displays, showcasing some of the most historic legends in a stop-motion type of movement: jerky and slow, but still impressive. Finn could've sat all day and stared at the moving wall decorations, but the barista got his attention.

"Hey!" He shouted to Finn, who was startled at the sudden shout. He turned to see a barista standing under a chalkboard with lists of items. The barista was a large guy who looked like he should be breaking mountains and wrestling bears instead of making coffee for a bunch of millennials. He had wavy dirty-blonde hair peeking out from under a green beanie; olive-toned skin; black plastic-rimmed glasses; a nicely trimmed beard; he wore a black shirt, brown cargo shorts, and a green apron with a picture of a bundle of wheat in gold leaf.

"You gonna order something?" Finn pointed at himself, unsure. The barista rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Yes, you, the kid who looks like he hasn't showered in a week. You gonna order, or what?" Finn didn't know how to respond to that comment, but he decided to push it aside and grab something to eat. He walked over to the bar and picked the stool in front of the barista. Finn read the name tag on the young man in front of him.

"Chet?" He asked.

"Yeah, what can I do ya for?" The barista replied. Now up close, Finn noticed that he had a half-sleeve tattoo in a tribal design... Except it wasn't tribal. In fact, the more Finn observed the tattoo, the more it looked Greco-roman inspired, like the decorations on the wall. Chet cleared his throat, and Finn snapped back into reality.

"Uh... Whatcha got here?" Finn asked. The barista chuckled, pulled out a menu, and handed it to Finn.

"Take a look." He said as he turned around to work the coffee machine behind him. Finn looked over the menu and saw some odd selections on it. It had the usual choices of coffee, things to eat with that coffee, and things to drink other than coffee, but right under the Caramel Mocha Latte ("Better than Starbucks" the description stated) was something called 'The Godly Ambrosia Frappe'.

That last option intrigued Finn, and the Chet must've been able to read Finn's mind, or just his gurgling stomach and his facial expression, and had one whipped up and sitting in front of Finn.

"Our world famous Godly Ambrosia Frappe, or as its better known... The Resurrection Coffee." Chet said. Finn looked the cup over. It was in a tall paper cup and had a design of a bundle of wheat in the foam nearly identical to the one on Chet's apron.

"I'm sorry, I can't afford this." Finn protested, but Chet chided him on.

"Don't worry, this one's in the house." He said. As Finn picked up the cup, slowly bringing it to his lips, Chet pushed the bottom of the cup higher.
"Down the hatch." He said. Finn almost choked on the warm and creamy beverage, but the concoction slid down his throat so easily that he didn't worry about choking... He worried that he was going to die from the flavor overload.

To say it was the best thing Finn had ever drunk would be an understatement. This drink activated tastebuds he thought didn't exist. It gave him a warm feeling on the way down his throat and awakened every cell in his body. His senses felt heightened, and he felt like he could take the entire world by storm. However, the feeling slowly subsided and vanished with the complete consumption of the drink. Finn was gasping for air after he set the cup down, sweat beading from his forehead. When he finally calmed down, he looked up and saw Chet with an oddly cheerful smile on his face.

“What?” Finn asked defensively, “You get a kick out of seeing starved kids eat something for the first time in–”

"No, nothing like that.” Chet interrupted, “It’s just… what you just drank isn’t any normal drink.” Finn sat there wide-eyed as fear slowly crept up into his throat. Was he poisoned? Did this Chet guy have plans to kill him?

Chet saw the worry on Finn’s face and continued his thought.

“When someone drinks our Ambrosia Frappe, one of three things happen to them. They can either pass out due to the heat, die right where you’re sitting, or feel rejuvenated.” Chet picked up Finn’s cup and continued to talk as he brought it over to the sink.

“You didn’t pass out, so, you’re not a mortal.” He washed the cup and grabbed a towel after he finished.

“You didn’t die, so you’re not a monster either.” He said, drying off the cup. He set the cup down and returned to Finn.

“So since neither of those things happened, you must feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life… Right?” Chet asked, his beefy arms crossed over his sizable gut as he did.

“I… I guess I do feel better now that you mention it,” Finn replied, wearily. Chet chuckled, reached under the booth, and grabbed something that Finn couldn’t see.

“Well, since you feel that way, you must be a demigod,” Chet said. Finn was slightly taken aback by his comment.

“I’m sorry… a demi-what?” Finn asked.

“A demigod,” Chet repeated, only, this time, slower. “You know, the result of a mortal and a god… gettin’ it on.” He said, bluntly.

‘This guy must be out of his mind…’ Finn thought to himself.

“I don’t think you’re receiving this information… Let me explain.” Chet then proceeded to support his claim. The more he spoke, the more Finn started to believe what he was saying. When Chet finally finished, everything seemed to make sense. The constant moving, the secrecy about his mom, the sudden death of his father… Finn knew why everything was happening, and it brought him to tears. This new-found knowledge brought so many new questions with it, but one question stuck out from the rest.

“If my dad was mortal… then who’s my mom?” He asked, choking back tears. Chet met his eyes with a look of understanding and experience behind them.

“Kid, I don’t know, but I do know a place where you can find out.” He said. “Not too far from here, there’s a camp located on the Long Island Sound. It’s called Camp Half-Blood, and it’s where my godly parent claimed me.” That last part caused Finn to perk up.

“Godly parent? That means you’re–”

“Yeah,” Chet interrupted, “I’m a demigod as well. Son of Demeter, and whatnot.” He continued, with a sense of causality that was odd in Finn’s opinion.

“You sound almost disappointed. Why is that? Didn’t you say being a demigod is awesome?” Finn asked. Chet sighed and looked away.

“It is… but it’s also lonely. When you’re the last one of your friends still alive… it’s not so much fun.” He said. Finn wanted to know how the rest of his friends passed, but he decided not to. Chet wiped a tear from his eyes and looked at Finn.

“So, when you’re ready to head on over to camp, just let me know and we’ll leave,” Chet said, taking off his apron.

“Woah, wait, we’re leaving now?” Finn asked.

“Well, if you’re ready to leave,” Chet said. “Get ready to enter the only place on the east coast that have been, as they say, ‘Keeping young heroes safe from harm… mostly… for over three millennia,’ and–”

“Will I learn who my mom is?” Finn asked, interrupting Chet.

“You know, I had a whole speech planned out, and everything but you kind of ruined it. Yes, you’ll learn who your mom is.” Chet said, slightly annoyed.

“Then that is all I need to know,” Finn said. “Let’s go.” He said as he jumped off the stool, and headed to the door.

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Origin Story
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