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 Dean Basilone Fidelis - Son of Securitas

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PostSubject: Dean Basilone Fidelis - Son of Securitas   5/1/2016, 5:09 pm


Name: Dean Basilone Fidelis; his father, Joe, named him after his (Joe's) grandfather, Dino Basilone, the first member of his family to emigrate from Italy to the U.S. Dean's congnomen, Fidelis, was earned a few years after joining the legion. It was bestowed upon him due to his proclivity to volunteer for tasks within the legion and his unfaltering faith in the Roman way of life.

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Joe Basilone, insurance agency owner, Michigan State grad, and certifiable "frat god"

God Parent: Securitas, Roman goddess of security and stability

Date of Birth: 4/26, 17 years old

Place of Birth: Mt. Olympus (actual), Grand Rapids, MI, USA 
(according to Mist-modified birth certificate)
Hometown/Last Residence: Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Race/ethnicity: Caucasian/Italian

Accent: Has a bit of a nasally Midwestern accent going on. It's been watered down after the years of being in the Legion though, so it's only a faint shadow of what it used to be

Skin Tone: Thanks to the California sun, it's a slightly tanned white tone in the summer, but with a jarring farmer's tan on his torso, legs, and feet.
 As for the winter, the skin is a Caucasian/white tone, only moderately tanned by a persistent but cloud-shielded mid-Cal sun

Eye Color: Sorta a hazelly-green color. The outsides of the irises are a dark green, with the hazel starting to show around the pupils

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: medium-short; normally kept within regulation

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 161 lbs

Body Type: average - very, very average. Despite several years in the legion, not much muscle has been packed on. It's there, just not in the form of a six pack or massive biceps

- Face: An average sized head/face, the sides sloping down a bit at the not-very-defined-but-not-full-either cheeks, flattening out at the base of his chin. Bushy eyebrows sit just above the eyes, between the top of the nose and only a few centimeters of skin between the top of the brows and the ends of his bangs. In terms of facial hair, Dean is usually clean shaven, save for the pathetic stubble that pops up as a five-o-clock shadow on his upper lip and sides of his face.
- Dress code: Outside of the standard Camp Jupiter BDUs of the camp t-shirt and some blue jeans or khakis, nothing much else outside of casual wear. There's a button up plaid shirt here and a polo or two there, but nothing that really goes beyond casual Friday. As for shoes, a pair of black Adidas skate shoes fills all the off-duty roles that a pair of OD green USMC surplus combat boots isn't as fitting for.

Weapon: Dean wields a Mainz-style imperial gold gladius, normally stored in a sheath worn across his back (not wearing armor) or in a sheath located on his left hip (when in armor)

Armor: Just your standard issue set of Imperial Gold lorica segmentata armor and scutum sheild. He keeps his armor and shield back at his bunk most of the time, wearing it only when on duty or if the occasion calls for donning the set.
 He usually wears a pair of khakis or tan-colored cargo shorts and camp shirt with the armor, weather dictiacting which bottom he chooses

Pet(s): None at camp, but Dean has a husky back in Grand Rapids named "Prescott", although the name is often shortened to "Prez"

- Writing, but only in Latin. English just looks...hieroglyphicy...you don't want to see it
- Ice Skating, although that's a skill that's gone rusty from being away from a rink for so long
- Sword-based combat (whether or not he learned it at camp, which he did, it's still a skill)
- Does rolling your tongue count here?

- Dean's got a real bad case of acne. Terrible, actually. Been going on since he was twelve, and neither wolves nor legionaries seem to make good dermatologists.
- Dean isn't the strongest person in the 12th legion. Maybe not the weakest, but certifiably not in the top percentiles of strength in the legion either. Probably the 45th or 40th percentiles.
- Is Dean confident? Yes. Is he fearless? No. Is he able to talk in front of a large crowd (say, 40+ people) without tensing up or stuttering in an embarrassing way? Maybe, with a gun to his head and a cash payout in the end
-  Looking for someone who can just blast ideas out of their head? Can solve problems with only a moment's notice? Can wing an eloquent speech or anything similar on the spot? Keep looking, Dean isn't your guy.
- Please excuse my dear aunt Sally when I say this, but Dean just drops the ball when it comes to math. Outside of the basics (add, subtract, multiply,  divide), there isn't much this son of Securitas can do for you.
- And to top this all off, Dean is a terrible procrastinator. If there's a task he doesn't feel like doing, he'll just put it off for later...and later...and later...

- Humor. What can I say, kid's got a sense of humor. Might be a bit dull for some people, maybe a bit insensitive for others, but it's humor in his eyes, and that's all that counts here
- Believe it or not, Dean's actually good a teaching the probies a few things. Now, it's nothing major, but if a probie needs some help mopping the floor or can't figure out where to go to have an arrow removed from their knee, he will gladly show them what they need.
- You wanna know what else he's good at? Remembering things. Kid's got some memories from back when he was 5 still stuck in that head of his.

- Oddly enough, the son of Securitas can be a bit too serious- if he doesn't know you all that well. He'll lighten up over time, but don't expect him to do anything spectacular in your first meeting.
- While he is skilled at sword fighting, Dean's defense could use some work.

- Writing (in Latin, lest he feels like scribbling down some chicken scratch)
- Reading (in Latin, otherwise it's just one big glob of gloop to him)
- Being in the legion (gives him a sense of pride. It feels good knowing that you're just apart of a larger, greater picture)
- Cars, motorbikes, ATVs - Dean is just fascinated by this kind of stuff. And the since they're so elusive (no motor vehicles in NR/CJ), they are stuck in his mind as the wondrous tools or something. Really makes them a bigger deal than they truly are.

- Killing other humans (he'll do it in battle, but not without a thousand yard state and a boatload of regret afterwards)
- Routine medical checkups
- Probatios who either A) think they're hot dung because their grand/parent is an ancient diety or B) think they're John Rambo and go running off into battle.
- Fellow legionnaires who lack pride for their role in the legion (he understands it's an acquired taste for probies, but he doesn't understand an anti-Roman legionnaire).

- Hospitals
- Blood
- Infection
- Needles/Syringes
- Cyclopes
- Giants
- Death/Dying
- The total annihilation of Camp Jupiter and the Roman way of life

Personality: Dean's personality is best described as having two parts: normal and battle. The reason it's being described like this is simply because Dean is, regardless of mood, is able to set his mind on a particular goal, whether it be just hanging around or making sure the guy in front of you doesn't kill you, the guys next to you, and every other friendly Roman around you. Whether he gets the goal done now or later depends on his attitude towards the task, but he will eventually complete the job.

In "normal", Dean is very laid back and sort of carefree. He doesn't take things too seriously and will often slip a few unclean words into his speech (unless he doesn't know a character, then he straightens up and watches what he's saying). He's more willing to engage in a conversation and will even start one if need be.

In "battle", Dean goes from being an overall cool dude to a nasty d!ck. He is focused on taking out the enemy, and won't put up with any nonsensical crap from either the enemy or his allies. He's very succinct in what he needs to say and keeps his filter to a minimum, nor makes much small talk. In fact, he's pretty much mute in these situations, and only opens his mouth to say something that will possibly intimidate his enemy. And breath, he also opens his mouth to breathe.

But regardless of mindset, there are several things about the son of Securitas that are pretty set in stone. Things like how he won't lie, rather taking the dishonor of owning up to his shortcomings/wrongdoings than the dishonesty of fibbing their completion. Another thing is his undying support of Rome and all Romans, regardless of his opinion on the person. If his worst enemy was being roasted by a group of Greeks, Dean would be the one to step up and make sure those damn Graeci eat their words.

Overall, Dean tries to be a positive influence on the legion, and has an interest in the way things are run around New Rome, especially in the political sense. He has aspirations of progressing through the ranks of the Roman military, the ultimate goal being him earning the title of a tribunus angusticlavius, but this is going to take some time - something he doesn't have much more of.

Abilities: No abilities. Oh well, what can you do?

Security, Roman Style - Since Securitas is all about the security of the mind (aka confidence), Dean has the ability to boost the confidence for those within a fifteen foot (15ft) radius around him for three (3) posts. However, this only works for nine (9) characters at the highest, has a four (4) post cool-down per affected character, is not limited to allies (enemies can have their confidence boosted if the power is used in battle), and it seriously tires him out.  

Social Status: Dean's a bit of a social neutral guy, although a bit more introverted than most around those he doesn't know/trust. He also doesn't do a whole lot around camp outside of hanging with friends and the legion's tasks for him, but he gets around.

Years at Camp: 7 months at the Wolf House, 1 week of traveling from the House to New Rome, 1 year as probatio, rest as a legionarie; ~7 years with Wolf House training, ~6 at Camp Jupiter alone.

Life Before Camp:
Before birth: Back in "the day", Joe Basilone was quite some guy. Through his high school days, he was able to hook up with every worthwhile piece of "female talent" and spent whole weekends partying, sometimes so hungover from Sunday he'd just skip school on Monday.
However, this meant he cared little for his studies, and a 2.6 GPA and 19 ACT isn't gonna get you into any schools. Luckily, his lawyer dad and surgeon mom were able to pay his way into Michigan State University, where he would join a frat and wind up as a legend on East Lansing's "Greek Row".
Once again, his days were spent partying and Joe focused heavily on hooking up with as many sorority girls as possible, leading to his GPA becoming a terrible 1.4 at the lowest. (For those who don't know, you have to try to get a GPA that low.) But since one of his brothers was willing to hook him up with a job at his parent's insurance agency in Grand Rapids (which he would later go on to own), a low GPA was no problem.
Flash forward 20 years, and Joe now has a wife and a baby boy. As for his wild partying, well, that usually ends when you're 38 or something. But he was still a cocky little frat boy, even after stepping off of Greek Row for two decades.
One night, Joe was out of state and over in California for one of his fraternity brother's weddings. He and a few of the guys from the frat were out bar hopping, which is where an intoxicated Joe met a much less intoxicated Securitas who was disguised as an average Jane Doe. Impressed by the drunken man's confidence, she was able to take Joe away from his friends and...well...you know what happens.
Joe never remembered any of this, which is why he was confused when a golden cradle popped up outside of his apartment several months later. Even to this day, Joe Basilone can't recall his meeting with the goddess of security.
Regardless, Joe the child in as his own and, after reading a note left inside of the cradle, began composing a list of achievements he had under his belt (see "Mortal Parent" for what was included) in case the boy had to go to this "Camp Jupiter" the note spoke of.
(As for why he believed the note, Securitas was smart and included several items that would ring a bell with Joe. These include a hotel key, shot glass, and an embroidered handkerchief that she took from Joe after they had their...thing.)

After Birth: Shortly after she noticed a new child in the family that was not hers, Mrs. Basilone filed for a divorce and gained custody of the child she brought into the world, leaving Dean with Joe and moved to Nashville to take a job working for a record company there.
Not wanting to do the whole parent thing alone, Joe set out to find a new wife. And he did, remarrying when Dean was 5 and having another child, this one a girl, while Dean was 7.
When Dean was 11, Joe took the family out on vacation to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. While they were out west, Lupa's wolves found Dean and took him to the wolf house, where he was trained for seven months before being given the directions to the Caldecott Tunnel.

Life at Camp: Upon reaching Camp Jupiter, Dean was sponsored into the third cohort by Tiberia Flavia Scipia (Morgan Landry) and assigned the rank of probatio, which he kept for the one year period before becoming an official member of the 12th Legion. As a legionnaire, Dean has fought in all major conflicts that Camp Jupiter has been involved in, including the Battle of Mount Othrys and the Battle of Half-Blood Hill.

Role-playing Example: Has 4 approved characters; we're good here.

- Dialogue is in #660066/dark purple
- The symbol of his tattoo is a woman leaning against a column, the column being at an angle due to being under the woman's weight. This design is taken from a Roman coin featuring Securitas in this position.
- Dean's assignment to the third cohort was possible by using the "select your own cohort" option from the store. The sale was made with Morgan Landry.
- Face claim is Nat Wolff.

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Approved! Standing ovation Welcome to the 3rd Cohort!


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Dean Basilone Fidelis - Son of Securitas
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