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 Peyton Wilde, Daughter of Athena

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PostSubject: Peyton Wilde, Daughter of Athena   Peyton Wilde, Daughter of Athena Icon_minitime5/5/2016, 12:27 am

Name: Peyton Wilde
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Peyton's mortal father is a history and anthropology professor at Oxford University, named Andrew. He met Athena when doing an excavation for his graduate thesis in the Cycladic Islands, focusing on family life during the Bronze Age. Andrew is tall and lanky, much like Peyton, with dark blonde hair and warm, brown eyes. He has a quiet, but lighthearted man who gets along with most people. His laugh is one of his most likeable qualities. Unlike most mortal parents of demigods, Andrew took to raising Peyton alone quite well. They have an extremely close relationship, with Andrew coming to everyone of her grade school talent shows and field hockey games. He also makes the world's best blueberry pancakes (and Peyton is not biased--it's true), which she is treated to on every birthday.
God Parent: Peyton's mother is the Goddess Athena.
Date of Birth: Considering Andrew was never actually there on the day of Peyton's birth, he decided to ballpark it to the day she had shown up unannounced on his doorstep in a basket with a brief, informative message, signed Athena. That day was April 11th, 2000 and it was the happiest day of his life. It was pouring rain, and Andrew had found Peyton after returning home from a lecture at the college. He wasn't sure how long she had been left there, and in fact had almost tripped over her, so blinded by the rain he was. Unfortunately, she must have been sitting there for quite a while, because for the next two days she had a raging fever and was overall unable to be soothed. Andrew spent the weekend on the phone with his mother, Susan, trying to figure out how to care for this child while explaining where she came from in the first place, and in those 48 hours an unbreakable bond was forged between father and daughter. Luckily, she came all right, almost miraculously with how quickly her health returned. It was then that Andrew decided to name her Peyton, after his Grandfather, a veteran of World War II, and because it meant "of great fight", according to his one semester course on etymology at university.
Place of Birth: Again, her place of birth is unknown, but she showed up on her father's doorstep in Wallingford, England and thus spent most of her childhood here. As a young child, she spent much of her time in her father's lecture halls or office at Oxford, reading or listening in on his lectures when she was old enough to understand. Even from an early age, she showed an extreme aptitude for history of war, which her father always found unsettling. She attended a private, all girls catholic school called St. Bonaventure which she was not fond of, but her father insisted on her attending. Unknown to Peyton, the school had protections held by the Goddess Artemis, and thus Peyton's enrollment was strongly encouraged by Athena early on in her childhood. It was one of the few discussions she had with Andrew during Peyton's childhood. Peyton did not have many friends in the hometown outside of some neighborhood and classroom acquaintances, but really her Dad was the only best friend she really felt she ever needed.
Hometown/Last Residence: On Peyton's thirteenth birthday in the midst of cutting cake, the door suddenly burst open and two of the scariest dogs Peyton had ever seen came charging into their small kitchen. In the midst of screaming and trying to fend off the intruders with her trusty field hockey stick (the only weapon within reach), Peyton grew somewhat aware of her father removing the antique 19th century saber from atop their mantle and unsheathe it. Little did Peyton know, that the saber was a gift from her mother, given with Peyton's arrival on his doorstep as a precautionary measure. Andrew also fenced in college, and luckily was able to kill the hellhounds (who were luckily more like puppies) without damaging himself or the fine china too terribly. Afterwards he and Peyton had a long talk about her birth mother and her demigod abilities, and after a lot of shock, screaming and crying over the next few days, the two decided that it would be best if they moved to the States in order for Peyton to attend Camp Half Blood. Therefore now, Andrew has taken up a job teaching at Harvard, and they are living in Boston. Peyton isn't terribly happy about moving from Wallingford, and being so far from her friends and Grandma, but she understands why it's necessary and is trying to be happy about it for her father's sake.
Race/ethnicity: Peyton is a Caucasian female
Accent: Peyton has a British accent that happens to be very pointed and sharp. It comes from a lifetime of growing up at a university, and after coming to the United States, many people often see it as snobbish or haughty before they really get to know her. It's actually something she becomes a little more self-conscious about the longer she lives with the states.
Skin Tone: She has pale freckly skin that burns unbearably easily. Her dad says it's from the Irish side of their family. Peyton curses the fact that her mother couldn't have given her the traditional bronzed and olive skin tone of the Greeks each summer.
Eye Color: Peyton has the trademark, steel grey eyes of all Athena's children.
Hair Color: Peyton has hair in varying stages of blonde. It's extremely thick and often unmanageable, and can be a dark blonde like her fathers in the winter, to the point where it's almost dark. But after spending every day outside in the summer, it brightens to a lovely honey golden hue.
Hair Length: Peyton prefers to keep her hair long, mostly because she finds going to the hair salon tedious. It tends to stay at a length a few inches past her shoulder. It is also almost always tied back in some way, whether it be in a bun, braid or (most often) a sky high pony.
Height: Peyton inherited her height from her father, and is currently a whopping 5'10"
Weight: about 140 lb
Body Type: Peyton also inherited her father's lanky form, with arms, legs and hands almost comically disproportionate for her body. It makes her feel awkward at times, and sometimes her reactions are a little too "aggressive" for her intentions. She's not clumsy necessarily, just forgetful of her body size at times. She's still very coordinated, however, with broad shoulders and an athletic build. She's always excelled at sports from a young age, and has been captain of her town field hockey league for two years in a row, something her father is very proud of by the way.
Appearance: Overall, Peyton is one of those people with a quiet kind of prettiness. It doesn't necessarily scream out at you, but is noticeable the longer you look at her. She has a small, round face with a small chin and high cheekbones. Her eyes are rather large and doe-ish, drooping down at the corners a bit and almost making her look sleepy at times. Don't be fooled though--her eyes may seem innocent enough but in a temper, they can be known to cut like steel and freeze a man in place. She inherited her mother's roman nose, splattered with light freckles, which grow much darker and noticeable in the summer time. Her teeth are a bit crooked, something she was never conscious about in England but apparently in the States its almost unheard of. Her hair, though almost always tied up is also almost always falling out of said style. She also wears thin, wire framed glasses when she reads.
Weapon: Being a daughter of Athena, Peyton has an aptitude for most weapons, which certainly is useful in a fight. However, she prefers fighting with a traditional sword.
Armor: Peyton sports lightweight armor, sticking mainly to arm braces and a chest plate. She prefers being able to move swiftly with agility in combat.
Pet(s): At home in England she and her father had a grey calico cat named Norbert who slept in the rose garden at the front of the house. He was a wonderful reading companion and she misses him terribly.
Skills/Talents: Peyton takes the word "night owl" to a whole other meaning, and whether it has to do with her mother's fondness for the bird is debatable. Regardless, when motivated enough Peyton can stay up for days without sleeping and without coffee and no one would no the difference. As mentioned earlier, she also has an aptitude for weapons and battle strategy, as to most children of Athena. She also takes crafting very seriously, and practically lives on Pinterest searching for new DIY projects to take on in her spare time.
Flaws: Peyton can be too trusting of a person, almost to the point of naivety. She's not necessarily gullible, but having grown up in such a loving home with few hardships compared to some of the other campers, Peyton hasn't had much exposure to betrayal and misfortune. Therefore she sometimes puts her trust and faith in people to easily, leaving her open to backstabbing and possible failure by someone else's hand. She's also extremely stubborn, and has difficulty admitting she was wrong. Given, her track record it pretty good, it can't be perfect and often times because it's so difficult for Peyton to admit that she is wrong or that she doesn't know something, by the time she finally can admit it, it's often too late. She's also prone to acne break outs when stressed, which unfortunately for Peyton, happens to be almost always just simply due to her personality. Peyton can also be very selfish at times, often manipulating situations so that things work out best in her favor. Finally, she has a wild temper that often flares without warning. Though often short lived, that level of anger is shockingly terrifying, and never something anyone wants to be on the receiving end of. More often than Peyton would care to admit, these "flares" are also over rather petty things, that may not even warrant anger in the first place. She can't help what sets her off though, okay? Sometimes, a girl just needs to get angry and slice up a couple of spruces with her plethora of bronze weaponry. As a bonus, she also snorts when she laughs which Peyton finds mortifying though some people find it cute.
Strengths: Peyton is an uncannily fast thinker and learner. She's able to pick up new skills rather quickly, and also very flexible in the face of adversity. She's always the person that seems to be able to talk or work her way out of a "sticky" situation so to speak. Given these "evasive maneuvers" are often times for her own benefit, if your goals happen to coincide with hers, count yourself lucky. She also happens to be quite tall and athletic, making her an imposing opponent in combat despite her age. Peyton, like her Dad, is also a generally well-liked person, and is able to make friends pretty easily after getting to know people. She is also left handed, making her a difficult opponent in combat.
Weaknesses: Sometimes Peyton can get overconfident in battle. Although a brilliant strategist, in the heat of battle she can sometimes lose her head, especially when she starts to gain the upper hand and closes in on winning. If her opponent is patient enough and able to recognize this, they often will be able to capitalize on a careless mistake she makes in her excitement. Another weakness is that Peyton prefers working alone on most things, and doesn't accept help from others easily. This severely limits her resources, and blinds her to possibly strategic opportunities.
Likes: Peyton loves the ocean despite her Mother's adversity to it. She and her father would take trips to Scarborough to visit her grandmother every summer, and though the waves always got a little too rough when Peyton got too close, she would still brave the dangers just to feel sand between her toes and smell the salt in the air. She also likes to garden, and takes special care of the roses in front of her house in Wallingford. She's no child of Demeter, but her roses are nothing to scoff at nonetheless. She also likes 80s cinema much more than any other decade and could argue at length as to why the Breakfast Club is the most beautiful piece of film ever made (for your sake, please just don't start her on it). She also loves her father's leather jacket which he gave to her before she left for the states, and she wears it almost everywhere despite how oversized it is. And although she's always loved history books, her secret love is for poetry. She's a sucker for Tennyson, and Keats, and Maya Angelou and Margaret Atwood. She has a whole stack of them hidden under her pillow, and her father gets her a new poetry book every year for her birthday. She has a special oak tree in her back yard that was bigger than all the others where she would read. Sometimes a shy, but beautiful girl would appear from behind the tree, and Peyton would read to her. Her name was Evelyn and she was Peyton's first real friend besides her father. She also deeply loves tea, and will never understand the American fascination with coffee no matter how many times people here try to get her to convert.
Dislikes: As stated above, she has a strong distaste for coffee. It's far too bitter to bear, and really can't compare to a nice cup of chamomile or earl grey. She also cannot stand liars. In her experience, people who lie are always found out, and there are always repercussions and set backs which in dire situations, can never be afforded. She also, in general, does not like being out of the loop on things, and therefore expects people to be upfront and honest with her from the start. She also dislikes social media in a way, or rather has a distaste for it. Mostly she finds it too tedious to keep up with, and rarely can find the effort to put into it that so many of her friends too. That and it all just seems rather silly to her. Finally, she has a deep dislike of split pea soup which her grandmother tries to feed her every time she gets sick, and every time Peyton is sure it just makes her more sick.
Fears: Like all Athena's children, Peyton has a deep and paralyzing fear of spiders. She also has a fear of the dark, mostly (she thinks) because the dark is really a physical embodiment of the unknown. And Peyton HATES not knowing things.
Personality: As stated above, Peyton hates being "in the dark" about most things, and never wants to appear unknowledgeable about anything. Therefore, to people who don't know her, she can come across as a know-it-all in a lot of situations, but really it's all with good intentions. And according to her, it's really not her fault if she knows so much, and it really wouldn't be fair to keep all that knowledge to herself--to her it seems unthinkable that some people wouldn't want to be educated on things they didn't know about by someone who does. The British accent probably doesn't help in this regard either, but that really can't be helped. The know-it-all factor really boils down to Peyton's helpful nature though. She always is the first to volunteer in a crisis, big or small. Even when she was six she fell from a tree and broke her wrist while trying to rescue the Dobson's cat. And although she's not the friendliest person at first glance, she's really very sweet and likeable at the second or third. She also doesn't laugh easily, but when she does it's always a big, hearty laugh that's infectious to everyone near her. She tends to keep to herself mostly, with very few close friends whom she is extremely loyal too. She also has a fairly imposing presence that can make her a little difficult to approach at first, especially without knowing her beforehand.  
Abilities: Peyton doesn't have any special abilities other than aptitude with weapons and a sharp mind for both battle and everyday life.
Powers: Peyton has no special powers, but rather relies on her skill as a warrior to succeed and stay alive.
Social Status: Peyton isn't necessarily one of the mot popular girls, but she certainly commands a presence and people look up to her, even from a young age. She's the kind of person who naturally stands out as a leader amongst the group.
Summer or Year Rounder: Peyton is only a summer camper, considering she couldn't bear to be so far away from her father.
Years at Camp: Peyton has been at camp for three years now, and despite being extremely skeptical at first, has truly found a second home here at Camp Half Blood.
Life Before Camp: I've explained most of Peyton's life prior to camp in the entries prior to this.
Role-playing Example: (Here's how I imagine Peyton's first arrival at camp): Peyton arrived at the archway and stared up at the imposing marble letters: CAMP HALF BLOOD. Well it certainly wasn't summers in Scarborough, but in the distance she could see a lake of sorts, and they had to be somewhat close to the ocean (if her knowledge of American geography was somewhat correct). It would have to do. She gulped and briefly regretted saying goodbye to her father at the car, making him leave without walking her in all the way. She was already the new girl, and didn't want to seem weaker than any of the other campers. Brushing any thoughts of uneasiness from her mind, she took a brisk step forward and followed the other new arrivals down the hill, ready to start her new life as an official demigod. Whatever that actually meant...
Notes: None to speak of, but thank you for your consideration of Peyton!

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We don't allow gods to interact with demigods (before camp) or their mortal parents, so you'll need to edit out everything related to Athena discussing things with Andrew (ex: Place of Birth about her school) or giving her a gift (the saber from her Hometown section, for example).

Place of Birth:
- What protections had Artemis given her private school, exactly?

- Does she have a sword she regularly uses/owns? If yes, is it Celestial bronze?

- This section is required, so you do have to fill it out despite putting some details of her life into the other sections. Minimum of 10 sentences.

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Peyton Wilde, Daughter of Athena
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