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 An abnormal daughter of Aphrodite

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PostSubject: An abnormal daughter of Aphrodite   An abnormal daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitime5/12/2016, 4:34 pm

Detailed demigod form

Name: Elayne Isabel Jacquenette Joella Hendrickx de Wilde
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Elayne's father is Diederich Hendrickx de Wilde. Diederich is a hairdresser, and he has been a model for some magazines a few times. He has short brown hair and beautiful green eyes. A really handsome man. Elayne's father was very young when he met Aphrodite. He fell in love with her at the moment and he never stopped talking about her.
God Parent: Elayne's mother is the goddess Aphrodite.  
Date of Birth: May 6th 2000
Place of Birth: Antwerp, Belgium
Hometown/Last Residence: A big apartment in Charleroi, Belgium
Race/ethnicity: Belgian
Accent: She speaks both French and German, an she has a German/French accent. A mix of both. Elayne can also speak English, or else she wouldn't have understood many of the children at the camp. Her English might sound a little weird since it is not her first language.
Skin Tone: Fair, olive colored skin, with rosy cheeks.
Eye Color: Her eyes are dark blue, like the ocean.
Hair Color: Elayne's hair is light-brown colored. In the summer, her hair get so bleached by the sun, it's almost blonde.
Hair Length: Extremely long, it reaches her to her  hips.  
Height: About 5'6"
Weight: She weighs about 123 lbs.
Body Type: Elayne has an average body type.  
Appearance: Elayne has big blue eyes that often can tell you more about how she feels, than the rest of her face. She has a small nose, rosy cheeks and dark-red lips. Her eyebrows are dark-brown, a little darker than her hair color. Her skin is in a beautiful olive color, like when you've been in the sun for a couple of days. Elayne's body is about average for her age. She is not fat nor skinny, something in between. Her muscles are about the same, not very big, but they're there. Elayne usually wears the camp t-shirt and some blue shorts. Very basic. She has many band t-shirts at home, but she didn't bring any of them here, except a grey and pink t-shirt with the words "ACDC" on it. When she reads, Elayne also needs glasses. Her glasses is black colored, but not many people have seen them since she mostly reads at night.
Weapon: A small celestial bronze sword with a light blue handle. She also has a bow made of yew wood with red arrows that has arrow-heads made of celestial bronze. Elayna prefers to use the sword, but she is also good with the bow.
Armor: Light padded armour.
Pet(s): At her home in Charleroi she has two Chihuahuas named Stella and Zoey. They're both brown-coloured, and very small, mostly like average Chihuahuas.
Skills/Talents: Elayne is good with both a sword and a bow, and she uses both. At the camp, her best way to show what she can, is through archery and close combat. She really enjoys the battle training, even though not many of her siblings have a big interest of joining. If you're thinking of other types of talent, Elayne is really good at drawing. She is also not bad at writing stories, but she is often not able to sit still long enough to finish something.
Flaws: Elayne has a tendency to be really stubborn if someone doesn't agree with her. She loves to be right. Elayne is also very overprotective for her loved ones because she can't handle the thought of losing them. She is really clumsy and might be a little embarrassing.  
Strengths: One of Elayne's strengths is climbing. She is actually really good at it, and she enjoys it almost as much as sword fighting. Sword fighting is also one of her strengths, she is fast and can attack you before you're able to notice anything. Elayne is also a very fast runner.
Weaknesses: Chocolate. Give her a piece of chocolate and she will probably tell you anything or do anything for you. At the camp, her biggest weakness is volleyball. Almost everyone plays it, but Elayne can't understand it. It doesn’t work when she tries to hit the ball. Elayne also have a tendency to get a little extra freaked out when she is fighting a monster, more than the others. But when she first gets started she can kill them fast without closing an eye or scream.
Likes: Elayne is a huge animal lover. She loves to take care of them, cuddle with them and to play with them. Her favourite animals are goats and ducks. Elayne also has a big interest in reading books. She always reads whenever she has time for it. In addition, she also loves rain. The sound of it dripping on the ground is one of the best things Elayne can think of. She's outside almost every time it rains, if she has the opportunity. The two things Elayne loves most in the entire world is strawberries, (she eats them all the time, it's almost like she has an addiction to them) and her boyfriend Lucas. Her favourite colors is forest green and pink.  
Dislikes: Many things have gotten in Elayne's way through her life, and she hates most of these things. Like broccoli, she loves vegetables, but once when she was a little girl, a little piece of broccoli got stuck in her throat. After that, both her dad and herself started hating broccoli and they never ate it again. Another thing Elayne hates, is airplanes. There is no special reason actually, but she just hates them so much. More than anything, even though her biggest dream is to be able to fly.
Fears: Elayne's biggest fear is to lose someone she loves and never be able to get them back. She is also afraid of drowning and of scissors. Her fear of scissors occurred when some bullies tried to cut off her long and beautiful hair.
Personality: Elayne is a very nice and humoristic girl with many different sides of herself. She is not shy at all, and can come up with really crazy stuff she'd like to do and also many stupid jokes. Something is probably wrong if Elayne is not laughing or jumping around like a crazy gorilla. If she happens to be found in full silence, you should worry. Elayne hates it when people are sad and she is always ready to cheer her friends up. She loves to make new friends and to hang out with them. Her love for others is big and she is very forgiving. Sometimes maybe too forgiving. Elayne isn't exactly a typical daughter of Aphrodite, but she is good friend with every of her sibling. She thinks that she is more like her father than her mother, and that it might be how she can be a daughter of Aphrodite, although she doesn't seem much like one. At least not mentally.
Abilities: None, except that she speaks French like every child of Aphrodite. But since she is Belgian, French is one of her main languages.  
Powers: None
Social Status: Elayne has many good friends. She isn't exactly popular, but most people like her.
Summer or Year Rounder: Both, it varies. She prefer to stay at the camp, but she needs to visit her father sometimes.
Years at Camp: She has been at Camp Half-blood for two years. This year is her third year at the camp.
Life Before Camp: Elayne's life before the camp isn't something she loves to talk about. Not because something bad happened. Only because her whole life has been so embarrassing. Just like almost every demigod she had big problems at school. She had lost count of how many schools she was thrown out of. The worst part was that the boys around her seemed to like it. Elayne didn't like all the attention and asked her father about it. Diederich told her that she was a daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. He told her that all the boys were attracted to her because she was so beautiful, not because she created big problems. This made Elayne very angry. She didn't want boys to love her because she was pretty, in fact she didn't want boys to love her that way at all. Elayne didn't like boys that way, and she couldn't imagine being the daughter of a beauty-goddess. She wasn't interested in such things like beauty and makeup. Her father continued and told her about the Greek gods, the other demigods and Camp Half-blood. He said that Aphrodite gave him all this information when Elayne was born and she had said that he should bring Elayne to the camp when she was ready. Some years passed by and Diederich brought Elayne to Camp Half-blood. She made many new friends at the camp and met a really special guy. This guy was so interesting and nice that Elayne couldn't help falling in love with him. Elayne's siblings had told her that children of Aphrodite was meant to dump people brutally, but she wouldn't listen. She was madly in love with him and couldn't stop thinking about him. Elayne started talking with him and it didn't take long before they were friends. After a few more weeks they ended up as a couple. Now Elayne has started her third year at Camp Half-blood.
Role-playing Example: Elayne walked through the forest. Slowly, so that she could enjoy the rain for as long time as possible. Her hair was wet after only a couple of minutes outside. Elayne was wearing a grey shorts, converse and the camp t-shirt. The clothes were wet too. She started running and felt the adrenaline rush through her body. "I could do this all day", she whispered to herself and continued running. She ran for about ten minutes before she stopped. In front of her there was a little rabbit. Elayne took a step forward and laughed. "You are cute", she said and smiled. She stood at the exact same spot for a long time, watching the rabbit, before she heared someone screaming her name. "I've got to go, we'll meet some other time", Elayne whispered and started running back to the cabins. Once again she felt the rain in her hair and the adrenaline in her body.  
Notes: Elayne knows very well that she has an extremely long, and maybe a little weird name. Most people choose only to call her Elayne, but everyone is free to use which name they want, since she has that many names. Elayne is in a relationship with Lucas Goldwood, son of Athena.
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PostSubject: Re: An abnormal daughter of Aphrodite   An abnormal daughter of Aphrodite Icon_minitime5/13/2016, 1:12 pm

What does her armor comprise of? Breastplate, helmet, etc?

If you want a drachma reward for the detailed form, you'll need to add in a natural cosmetic flaw to her Flaws section. This includes things like bad acne, birthmarks or features she's insecure about (ex: thinking her nose is too big), etc.

- When Aphrodite told Elayne's father about her parentage, how did he react? Why did he believe her?
- How old was she when her dad brought her to camp?

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An abnormal daughter of Aphrodite
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