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 Tyler Smith-Hades

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Name: Tyler Smith
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Eyes: blue/green/gray eyes
Hair: Black
Height: 4'11
Body Type: Average
Skin Color: Light skin
God Parent: Hades
Mortal Parent: Vicky Smith (Deceased)
Country of Origin: England
Pets:  None
Talents: None
Weapon**: A sword made from Celestial bronze, its
Personality: He is, smart, and kind of a dork. He likes really "nerdy" things like Doctor Who and Star Wars. He is very imaginative, and loves to me people laugh and smile. He is filled with curiosity and wonder. He is kind, but, because of his Bipolar Disorder, he can have an instant mood changer and can be very rude and offensive
Flaws: He has a stutter. He was bullied extremely so it can be hard for him to trust anyone. He has Bipolar Disorder, so can randomly change moods instantly. He can sometimes be rude without meaning to be.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Able to control the dead
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
Life Before Camp*: He was born in London, England before his family moved to Houston, Texas to live with his Aunt when he was 11. His mom, Vicky, recently passed away due to cancer. He lives with his Aunt Margaret and Uncle Matthew Brown. He goes to school at Lamar High School, where he gets extremely bullied for his stutter and English accent
RP Example*: I'm walking home from school, when all of a sudden I hear a stick snap. I look around but see nothing. All of a sudden, someone taps me on the shoulder, I quickly turn around. "Are you Tyler Smith?" The person asks, walking closer to me. "Y-yes?" I say in my infuriating accent, looking curiously at the person. "Okay, you are to come with me. I'll explain why when we get to the car." The person says, walking closer to me. As he steps closer to me, I can see it's a boy around my age. "H-how do I k-know that I can trust you?" I ask. "Well, if you want to live I would." He says.
Any notes about your characters: He is very self-conscious of his stutter and accent.
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PostSubject: Re: Tyler Smith-Hades   Tyler Smith-Hades Icon_minitime5/24/2016, 7:26 pm

Hades isn't allowed as a god parent unless you buy a Big Three slot from the site store or win one in a mystery box/contest, so please choose another parent. (Thanatos is usually a good substitute.)

Everyone has at least one talent, even if they seem mundane.

Did you intend to add something to his Weapons section? You have a stray "its" at the end.

Has he sought treatment for his bipolar disorder? When did he get diagnosed with it?

- His ability is a power, so it should be put in the Powers section. (Abilities are passive and take little to no energy to use, like speaking to the god parent's sacred animals. Powers must be activated and take up energy, usually like creating fireballs or, as you want, controlling the dead.)
- In addition to moving it, please add in: how long he can control the dead and how long he must wait between usages of the power (in number of posts, cooldown should be greater than duration such as controlling for 2 posts and cooldown for 5), how many he can control at once, and if he can summon them from what time periods they usually are and what they come with (such as weapons).

- How and when did he get to camp?

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Tyler Smith-Hades
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