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PostSubject: saturn novaks   saturn novaks Icon_minitime6/4/2016, 6:22 am

name: saturn changes her name a lot but her name is saturn scorpius novaks

age: she is sixteen and born on the twelfth of november

gender: female

hometown: boston, massachusetts

parents: her god parent is hecate while her mortal parent is arthur novaks

pets: georgie is a saint bernard who stays with her father

appearance: saturn has long, light brown hair that just reaches the mid of her back. she has two different coloured eyes; the left is a vibrant green colour while the right is a much darker black colour. her skin tone is somewhere between pale and tan. she is five foot five inches with a slightly skinny body type.

personality: saturn is... a rather peculiar individual. she comes off as reserved - which she is - if you've just met her. she is bored quite easily. saturn is a bit of a trouble maker when she is bored, mostly burning things. she loves doing anything that's thrilling and exciting and is classified by her past peers as a pyromaniac. she can be seen as obnoxious but doesn't mean to, she just expresses herself loudly. she almost always never finishes tasks, so her room is full of unfinished drawings and art pieces. as well as her loud side, she also has a quieter side where she is more relaxed and honest and mature. and then her very rarely seen side when she's around her dad, where she has no opinion, is quiet and kind of walks around like a ghost.

flaws: bored easily, distracted easily.
lazy, undetermined.
has excema.

talents: despite her not having her license yet she is still pretty good at drag racing, at least for a sixteen year old.
hunting. or maybe just being quiet, able to creep around without being noticed.
drawing, watercolour, a lot of arty stuff.
her accuracy is actually quite astonishing for someone who rarely focuses.

abilities: can sense if there is mist altering reality.
can sense and see ghosts and can also communicate with them (telepathically).

powers: using her power over mist she can create an ''alternate reality'' where what a person sees is altered into seeing either distortions, illusions or an ''alternate universe'' where the environment has changed into one she has thought of. saturn can choose whether the illusion is "private" (only one person can see the illusions) or "public" (where it affects everyone/multiple people). the largest illusion she can create is 2.8m large (2.8mx2.8m) while the smallest can be anything below that (however doing illusions below 5 cm isn't as easy as it sounds). the larger the illusion the less time it will last and the longer she will have to rest. if the illusion is between 1.5m - 2.8m it will last for five posts and she will have to rest for six posts. if the illusion is between 0.5m - 1.5m it will last for seven posts and she will need a minimum rest of six posts. (the power limits may change if she ''destroys'' the illusion before the maximum time of being visible)
can teleport (via mist) a maximum of 2km and has to have an absolute minimum of two posts to rest

weapons: saturn isn't actually much of a fighter but likes joining in every now and again so she owns two stygian iron daggers and a longer dagger also made of stygian iron.

life before camp: saturn lived with her father all her life and sometimes she can remember when her father wasn't so uptight and strict. she used to love school and wasn't a troublemaker before her father was promoted and they moved to boston from nashua, new hampshire, making her upset. saturn missed her friends and due to her difference in name and eyes she wasn't particularly liked at her new school. which was where her trouble maing started. she would break the other kid's crayons and got into a few fights in kindergarten-elementary. her father got stern with her especially when the school began to contact him. after elementary things got less physical and more emotional as people called her names, though she would just call them even worse names and disrupt class every time she heard someone talking about her.
somewhere between 6th and 7th grade she gained an aquiantance by the name of fred who saturn thought had goat legs one time though ignored the thought after a few months of him and her hanging out, especially when she went over to his ''parents'' house (which was really one older child of an ares demigod who understood and saw through the mist and let fred stay at their house) and saw all the cool weapons.
sometimes they would pretend to fight each other using the swords (sometimes saturn accidentally cutting either herself or fred) and fred's ''dad'' - who went by the name aaron - eventually asked if saturn wanted to learn a few skills. she didn't tell her father about it.
when she was thirteen an empousa tried to attack her, however aaron had made her carry a small pocket knife he had made of celestial bronze and out of almost absolute fear she dug it inside the empousa's chest as it pounced at her.
she told fred about it straight away. at this moment fred was still reluctant to tell her so aaron told her for him. she disappeared for five days (she had ran away, camping out in the hills to think about everything). within those five days she met a few older teenagers who she almost messed with - as she was still pretty paranoid - but after they offered her some food and talked she discovered she was actually quite fond of them. and they thought her mis-matched eyes were cool. those group of teenagers are still some of her closest friends.
after her little run away she came back home where her father yelled at her, fred sighing so hard with relief he could've created a hurricane with the same sigh of relief from aaron.
fred tried explaining this ''camp'' to her but she didn't want to leave. mostly, she just wanted to hang out with her new friends and go back to training with him and aaron. aaron gave her her own dagger which was the only one that was made of stygian iron so she could protect herself.
monster attacks happened twice every eight months and everytime she was able to get rid of them, sometimes with the help of aaron and sometimes by having to get seriously injured.
she stayed away from the camp idea, becoming addicted to drag racing with her older friends and burning stuff on fire to get out of class, up until she was in nineth grade when she was walking home to suddenly being right outside her door. (she later learned she could teleport by using the mist) she told fred about it the next day and - fearing she may be quite powerful - decided to get her to camp.
aaron had convinced her father - or, actually, intimidated him - to let her go with them on a ''camping trip'' down to montauk.
so aaron drove them there and saturn found the place almost exciting. they were meant to stay for the summer but saturn slowly grew bored of it and sometimes shadow travelled out of camp and as far as she could to somewhere where it was more fun.
she goes to camp every holidays since then but never really follows the rules...

rp example: burning things was always something that relaxed me. something about the colours and just how fast the flame can turn something from existant to almost non existant. it just satisfied me in a weird way. a few people back at camp were able to create and manipulate mist forms of fire and i wish i had the ability to do so. but never mind that, you don't need to have magical powers to burn the long hair of the up herself girl who sat in front of you in maths. any old lighter could do the job.

notes: face claim is lynn gunn
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PostSubject: Re: saturn novaks   saturn novaks Icon_minitime6/5/2016, 10:38 pm

- Cooldowns for either size of Mist-altering should be equal to/greater than the duration.
- Can she not make anything less than the size of .5m? Or does she just avoid it?
- How much of an alteration can she make at most? Can she completely change the person's surroundings for the time limit, can she alter only the appearance of preexisting things, etc?
- I'm assuming the teleporting is more like shadow-travel?

- Describe the empousa incident a bit more. Where were they at the time?
- Why wouldn't Fred tell her about being a demigod after the attack? It's his job to do so and get her to camp ASAP.
- Did anyone report her missing when she ran away?
- How did Fred get a Stygian iron dagger in the first place?
- What kinds of monsters attacked her? Now that she's 13 (of claimable age) and knows she's a demigod, she'd be in a lot more danger since her scent would be considerably stronger.

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saturn novaks
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