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 Nightmares of a Demigod

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PostSubject: Nightmares of a Demigod   Nightmares of a Demigod Icon_minitime6/6/2016, 4:49 am

(The following is a compilation of dreams and nightmares from various demigods.)

Dimitri's slumber had taken over relatively quickly, considering how long he had stayed up to this point. He'd found shelter at the bottom of a lake, finding it cozy enough to take refuge and get some sleep to rejuvenate. Under the ocean was silent, far different from the surface, and its darkness cooed gently to the demigod, until he fell into a blissful sleep.

At least, it was at first.

Mere moments into his sleep, Dimitri began to have a demigod night terror. He was standing in a dark cave, unable to see anything. The smell was rotten and vile, unlike anything he had ever smelled before. The heat in the cave felt intense, like it was a scorching summer day, but all the heat came from the floor, as though there were vents. Dimitri covered his nose, and tried to move forward. It was very bumpy, and he couldn't see anything because it was too dark. The only sound throughout the entirety of the cave was a low hum, and his footsteps. To say Dimitri was terrified was an understatement, but sitting and waiting was just a death sentence. He was mildly aware he was dreaming, but his actions were as though this was his reality.

Every now and then, Dimitri would step on something that clearly wasn't a rock, and his foot would jet back up, but he could never identify exactly what it was. He kept venturing forward, and the cave never once took a twist or turn, it was just one straight line with a wretched smell and intense heat. He finally hit a wall, and couldn't seem to find a way around it or passed it, surely that meant the exit was the opposite way then.

Before Dimitri could react, that wall suddenly lit up, but didn't illuminate any part of the cave, only that wall. The wall turned into a plane of glass, and behind it, a scene came to life. Dimitri immediately pressed himself closer to the glass to see it play out in front of him. He recognized the room as a Roman barracks, and there were two figures in there. One was laying down, a girl, who looked mildly upset, and a boy stood over her, looking as though he was having a great time. Dimitri hardly realized they were two people he knew well, his ex-girlfriend and one of her better friends in the world. Why were they here?

"You know I'm sorry, right? I didn't mean for him to talk to you like that. You deserve better than that." Dominika had said to her friend, a warm smile appearing on her lips, despite the sadness in her voice. Seeing the smile sent emotions flying through the demigod that was watching from an eternal cave.

"Look, that isn't your fault. He's slipped too far, he isn't coming back. You couldn't have done anything about it, Dominika." Heath assured her, he squatted down to be on eye level placing a hand on her shoulder. He gave her a shoulder a squeeze, in an attempt to make her laugh.

"I know. I was stupid to think he was important. At least he's gone now." Dominika had let out a chuckle for Heath. Dimitri wasn't angry, this is what he had said was best, and if Dominika felt this way, no matter how much it hurt or how much he regretted it, it was what he had wanted. He would respect that.

"You weren't stupid, it's only human nature to trust someone, to want companionship with someone." Heath explained to her, his voice got lower as he leaned towards her. Dominika gazed back at him, with a caring look in her eyes. The two shared a stare together, and didn't talk for a few more moments.

"He cost me my leg, Heath..." Dominika said, tearing up now. The tears that were dwelling up hurt Dimitri to see. He couldn't get her leg out of his mind. He would always blame himself for what happened that night. Even though it was, sadly, Dominika who payed the ultimate sacrifice, he had screwed up. Dimitri only watched in a silent horror now.

"Shh, don't cry, love, it's okay." Heath whispered to her, and the two leaned in. They shared a kiss in the moment, full of heat and passion. Dimitri's head jerked away, and he couldn't bring himself to look again. He felt like he was going to be sick. When he managed to open his eyes again, the glass was gone.

"I love you, Heath." Dimitri heard echo endlessly throughout the now pitch black, once more, cave. It only got louder and louder, until his ears rang, and...

The demigod jolted out of sleep, only a short time had passed and he had washed up on a shore. He knew he was at the bottom of a lake, he must have been flipping and flopping. Sweat pooled down the face of the demigod as he tried to gain composure. He stood up and rubbed his eyes violently, trying to get his mind off of the dream.
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Nightmares of a Demigod
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