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It was a couple days after the break up that Dominika had wanted to spend time alone. She didnít want to be around people and she didnít want them consoling her out of pity. She was no charity case and wasnít going to let people just belittle her like that. The only company Dominika had particularly grew fond of was the the horse she met earlier that day.

Dominika had a hunch that she had seen the horse, before and she was confused as to why. After rummaging through the box under her bed, she found the photo she had been looking for. It was the photo she had taken from Dimitriís house the night it burned down. It still created a heavy burden on her, that he had to watch his entire home go down in flames. The fact that, if they hadnít gone there, his house could still be up, it was entirely her fault.

Either way, she brought the picture with her back to the stables that day. She confirmed, that the horse was indeed the same one, there was no mistaking it. This was Star. The horse that had gone missing.

After coming to the conclusion, Nika spent every day coming back to the horse. She was stubborn though, she wouldnít let you ride her, but you could feed her. It didnít matter all that much, Nika would just continue to talk to the horse day in and day out. The horse was slowly becoming the best listener in her life.

ďYou know Russia is quite cold, but I think you have enough stubbornness to survive there, especially if you had a blanket or something. Although you might not like that. I donít think I want to return there in all honestly. The house is kind of just poison. Everywhere I go Iím reminded of that night, Iím reminded of the terrors that man did to me. I want to kill him, but I donít think killing him will end the pain and the suffering from that day. Iím just not a fan of Russia like I used to be.Ē

Nika had been talking to the horse about her whole life story. At this point the horse knew more than most people in her life. Star knew about her stepfather and about her grandmother passing and just everything. Nika had caught the horse up to speed. Not like the horse could run off and tell anyone, it was a horse.

ďI want to leave. I want to get up grab my things and leave. I just hate not being able to do anything. Camp isnít doing enough to solve this Lear problem, if I went out on my own with what I know, I bet I could do it. We could do it.Ē

It was a couple weeks that had passed, and Dominika was ready, she was ready to leave the camp behind. It was late at night and she packed her bag. Two changes of clothes, and food rationed for three days, a blanket, fire starters, compass, map, carrots for star and some nectar and ambrosia. It was a go,

Wearing her jacket and her hair tied up, she walked to the stables to get Star. She had to grab her, this was Dimitriís horse, the one he lost and if she came across him, he had to see her again. She quietly grabbed her and pretended like she was taking Star for a walk in the designated area. Dominika tried to get on the horse, but Star was still too stubborn. ďFine, weíll both go on foot.Ē She mumbled under her breath. Nika knew the two people on guard duty. They were friends and often didnít pay much attention to who was leaving, just more so who tried to get in. It was difficult, but she managed to get out without being noticed. This was the start of her journey. This was the day the daughter of Jupiter went rogue.
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Whiskey For My Men And Beer For My Horses
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