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 Jaydan Son of Vulcan, Legacy of Aesculapius (WIP)

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PostSubject: Jaydan Son of Vulcan, Legacy of Aesculapius (WIP)   6/11/2016, 4:34 pm

Name: Jayden Barrett
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Mother: Aurora Moon Daughter of Aesculapius, Aurora was a Small Woman who took care of Injured Demi-Gods
Father: Vulcan
Legacy of: Aesculapius.
Place of Birth: Camp Jupiter
Race/ethnicity: Caucasiuan
Eyes: He has Heterochromia, One of his eyes are Blue and the other is Green
Hair: Reddish Brown
Height: 5'9
Body Type: Burly
Skin Color: Tan
Appearance: He has
Skills/Talents: Karate, Blacksmithing, Demolition.
Weapon: His Hands and Forearm are infused with Red Stone Gauntlets (Like Hellboy's Hand of Doom). He has a Imperial Gold Hammer that comes up to his Neck, Its Head is Heavy and Blunt.
Flaws: Bloodthirsty, IED Disorder, Lazy, Scars all over Body
Abilities: He can Sense Automations. He is a little better with medical supplies.
Powers: He can Forge a Automaton his height in 4 Posts (5 post Cooldown). He can cloak himself in flames for 3 Posts (4 Post Cooldown). He can heal Small Bruises and Burns (5 Post Cooldown).
Life Before CJ:
RP Example:
Any notes about your characters:
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Jaydan Son of Vulcan, Legacy of Aesculapius (WIP)
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