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 Klyde, The Drunk Satyr

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PostSubject: Klyde, The Drunk Satyr   Klyde, The Drunk Satyr Icon_minitime6/13/2016, 9:17 pm

Name: Klyde Beelzebub
Age: Physically 37  
Gender: Male
Type of Creature: Satyr
Description: He is 6'0, he is pretty Muscular. He has a HUGE scar on his back from a Battle. He has a Japanese Dragon Tattoo on his Upper
Powers: He can make a Vine Shield That takes 4 Hits to Destroy, it takes him 4 posts to cooldown. He can create a Outer Vine Shell that takes 3 Hits to Destroy but it covers his whole body, it has a 3 post cooldown.
Personality: He gets Drunk all the dang time, he is also a Drunken Master. He hangs around Animals more than Demigods. When he is Drunk he can almost make anyone have Fun. He has a strong hatred for Titan Kids though. He cusses in German and when he gets really mad he will speak in German very fast. He laughs in the face of danger and taunts foes when he is Drunk. He can get really Serious really Quick if he needs to. When he isn't drunk he is pretty wise, and he is more ready for battle.
Flaws: Drunkard, Obnoxious, Careless
Weapons: CB Katars and CB Wine Bottles (He Throws Them)
Talents/Skills: Chugging, Drunken Master, Teaching (When he is not Drunk)
RP Example: Klyde woke up, he saw that a Monster had infiltrated Camp he ran out the door with his Katars, he was Halfway Drunk but could still function. He told the Demigods to run that he would take care of the beast. He got into a fighting position swaying back and forth he looked drunk. The monster charged he took one step and tripped the monster it got back up and charged once more. It was about to strike him before a Sword went through its Abdomen, Klyde took his chance and stuck his Katars right through the heart, the blood dripped all over him "Was zum Teufel!" he wiped the blood of of him and went back into the Cabin he drunk 2 Whole Wine Bottles
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PostSubject: Re: Klyde, The Drunk Satyr   Klyde, The Drunk Satyr Icon_minitime6/18/2016, 7:17 pm

- How large is the vine shield? (length/height, width/thickness, etc)
- How strong are the hits it would take to destroy it?
- How thick is the vine shell? 
- How long can he maintain both the vine shield and shell last if it isn't destroyed?

Add more to his personality about when he's not drunk. (Why does he like getting drunk so much? Wouldn't it get him into trouble?)

How many of those bottles does he have?

Define what a "drunken master" is for his skills/talents.

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Klyde, The Drunk Satyr
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