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 Some Impromptu 1 am Inspired Writing

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PostSubject: Some Impromptu 1 am Inspired Writing   Some Impromptu 1 am Inspired Writing Icon_minitime6/22/2016, 5:04 am

One day there was a man. He wasnít the friendliest of sorts, rather the cool and distant fella most people steered clear from. The corners of his lips usually curled down into a frown and the eyebrows that knit together to give him that scowl. Most would assume that by this description he was an elder man, but he was just a youthful git with a beer can and his name was Dan.

Dan thought highly of himself. He sought out to be the man that every woman yearned for, neglecting the beautiful rose that was looming in his presence. This beautiful rose was lost in Danís shadow, although she had such a radiant beauty, Danís darkness cloaked it and she wasnít able to be seen.

The man with the plenty of cans, had put the moves on several Anneís. Most didnít know it, but his beautiful rose was wilting and this made Dan mad. What was a man supposed to do with a wilting rose? He couldnít present that rose to his friends and family, if one rose was wilted, it was sure to wilt the rest of them. This only caused more resentment to grow, and further caused the beauty of the rose to decline.

After the rose was far gone, it dawned on the man, he could just toss her to the lawn. In the pile of beer cans was where the man had let his rose stay so she could decay.

Overnight, a curious mind had wandered by. This mind was a gentle soul and had much to give. This mind wanted to clear the planet of what was wrong, and it would happen one can at a time. Uncovering the cans was when the mind spotted a rare find, it was the rose with a dulled shine.

The mind let the flower into the sun a bit, and was there to nurture the delicate flora. It was going to take time, but the curious mind, didnít mind. Several months flew by, and the rose was full of colour and full of life. After the rose had bloomed, the mind decided it was time to make the beautiful rose his wife.

The man with the beer can, the one named Dan, was furious to see his rose shine. Dan decided that he would fight the mind for the rare find that he should be able to call Ďmineí. The battle was never something for the mind to take seriously, as it was an easy one to win. It wasnít long before Dan was put to rest with his cans, waiting one day, for something like the curious mind to come by, and help him bloom one day.

The mind and the rose worked together, and decided to pick the beer cans up together, only to discover the man and share the light. The mind taught the man to be kind, and the rose taught him to reap what you sow.

Note: I apologize for any mistakes I wrote this between 1-2 am and it was very spur of the moment for me. If you would like you can comment below about it, there's lots of underlying pieces in it, but I'll let your mind think about it whatever you want, beauty of writing. I only want positive things commented below, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!
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Some Impromptu 1 am Inspired Writing
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