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 Sora - Son of Hecate

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PostSubject: Sora - Son of Hecate   Sora - Son of Hecate Icon_minitime6/23/2016, 2:41 am

Name:  Sora Gold
Age:  14
Gender:  Male
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Brown
Height:  5'8"
Body Type:  lean
Skin Color:  Tan
God Parent:  Hecate, goddess of magic
Mortal Parent:  John Gold
Country of Origin:  United States, New York
Pets: Small hellhound named "Skia", meaning "shadow".  One of the only living things he truly trusts.
Talents:  Wielding blank, communicating with Skia wordlessly.
Weapon:  Pure black Stygian Iron long-sword.  Sora is very skilled with this blade, an extension of himself, as he believes it to be.  He has given it the name "Blank".  It is always with him, in it's sheath on Sora's back, unless he is wielding it.  Sora can instantly tell when his blade is not with him.
Personality:  Hates anything to do with war.  Though he usually prefers not to get into fights, he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.  He is usually a loner, and rarely opens up to others.  When Sora does open up, it means that he believes that whoever he opens up to is trustworthy enough to hear the information.  Sora rarely gets along with children of Ares, and finds the very thought of a god of war horrifying.  Other than them, he usually tries to get along with people, avoiding unnecessary fights.  He also never does anything he believes to be pointless.
Flaws:  If he does not have his sword, he is in grave danger.  He is completely unable to fight without it, unable to use any other weapons, and is very unskilled in hand to hand fighting.  Has very little trust in others, rarely opening up.  This causes him to be alone in most situations, which has led him to face dangerous situations.  Loses interest in things he deems "unimportant" quickly, causing him to miss important details that he could have seen had he waited longer to observe the things he sees.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):  Can infuse his sword with magical power, causing it to glow a certain color, and gain an effect of his choosing  for 5  posts.  After using an effect, he has to wait 5 posts to use it again, or another effect. The effects are:
-Causing the blade to become more powerful, and much sharper, enabling it to cut through almost anything, with the blade glowing red. 
-Causing the blade to become longer, and depending on the amount of energy used, the blade can reach farther, eventually enabling it to grow to double it's normal length, causing it to be about 50 inches long.  The blade glows blue with this effect.
-Causing the blade to heal when it cuts instead of harming, though it takes a while for the effect to work, taking 30 slashes just to heal small injuries. The blade also glows green.
-Causing the blade to create a magical field that can protect Sora and anyone close to him that he deems trustworthy, usually only being Skia.  The magical field surrounds Sora, and is about as large as a hellhound.  The blade also glows yellow.
These effects also severely drain his energy.  Using more than 3 in 50 posts is deadly to him.
Life Before Camp*:  Sora was always a loner.  He was always betrayed as far as he could remember when he was very young, causing him to refuse to allow himself to trust any living thing.  His father was never around.  Sora's father was always traveling around the world, trying to learn as much as possible about some strange myths of Ancient Greece.  When he turned 13, he started noticing strange things about two of his classmates.  A few months later, he was nearly killed by one of the strange ones, who ended up being a monster, but thankfully the other, who just so happened to be the school's satyr, was able to rescue Sora.  Sora was then taken to Camp Half-Blood.
RP Example*:  "Don't even think about it."  I said, glaring at the camper who was trying to take my sword.  A Hermes camper, most likely.  Skia started growling, which scared the camper away.  "Thanks, girl."  I said, as I walked away from the area.  I then saw an Ares' camper saying something to a child of Hypnos.  I sighed as I listened to the conversation, even though I already knew what was happening.  The Ares' camper was not letting the Hypnos camper to the Hypnos cabin so he could sleep.  I stepped over to them and said "Would you please leave this poor guy alone?"  The Ares camper glared at me, and gestured towards the arena.  "Alright, fine.  Let's go."  I sighed as we went to the arena.  We fought for a few minutes, but it wasn't really a competition.  The Ares camper wasn't a match for me in swordplay, so he lost quickly.  "Hey, Hypnos camper.  You can go now."  The Hypnos camper was already falling asleep.  I had Skia help him get to his cabin.  Afterwards, I went to my bunk to read one of the many books I brought when I came here, though I had already read them all.  Oh well, guess I'll have to find a way to get more, without leaving the camp.
Any notes about your characters:

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PostSubject: Re: Sora - Son of Hecate   Sora - Son of Hecate Icon_minitime6/24/2016, 8:07 am


- When you say the blade becomes more powerful when glowing red, what exactly do you mean?
- I can't approve it to grow to any length. Choose one maximum length, please.
- How much slower (in percentage of normal speed) does it take to heal up?
- How large is this magical field?

Rest looks good. Well done!


Click on the gifs

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for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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Sora - Son of Hecate
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