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PostSubject: Adrienne Fabron de la Cruz   Adrienne Fabron de la Cruz Icon_minitime6/23/2016, 8:51 am

Name: Adrienne Fabron de la Cruz
Gender: Demigirl
Mortal Parent: Amédé de la Cruz is a chef that currently lives in Spain. He lived and trained in France and America (when Adrienne was born), but then moved to Spain to rejoin with his family.
God Parent: Hermes
Date of Birth: July 14, 2000
Place of Birth: She was born in New York, New York, but her father soon moved back to Europe with her.
Hometown/Last Residence: For the majority of her life, she lived in Logrońo, Spain. She moved to America very recently for a foreign exchange program.
Race/ethnicity: She is Spanish. Because of her father’s work and some family in France, she has slight French ethnic influences.
Accent: Adrienne has a very strong Spanish accent, and some people made fun of her for speaking with a lisp.
Skin Tone: Her father claims she has skin the color of “cafe au lait.”
Eye Color: Brownish/hazel
Hair Color: Very dark brown
Hair Length: Messy shoulder-length bob
Height: 163 cm/5’4”
Weight: 56 kg/125 lbs
Body Type: She is pear-shaped. She has very narrow shoulders and wide hips. She could be described as having a petite figure.
Appearance: Adrienne’s coffee-colored skin is dotted with many birthmarks all over her body. She has two on her face (one on her left cheek and one above the right side of her lip) that she is insecure about. Adrienne’s eyebrows are thick, but they still have the signature arch that all Hermes kids have. She has full lips that aren’t very wide. Her nose is small and a bit round. Her style is generally tomboyish, but in a very chic way.
Weapon: She has a kopis sword made of Celestial Bronze. Its curved hilt has runes in it that she has yet to translate. Adrienne has a necklace that allows her to teleport over short distances as well, although it does exhaust her.
Armor: She has a Corinthian helmet that she loves because of how cool it looks. She has a cuirass with a cape and leg armor as well.
Pet(s): She has a ball python named Houdini.
Skills/Talents: She is a very logical thinker, so math comes naturally to her. She is very good at the piano.
Flaws: Adrienne has a two-faced personality. She appears sweet and perky towards most people, but towards some she is cold-hearted and untrustworthy. She has a hard time making friends and is more likely to have a group of minions than friends she treats as equals. She is a pathological liar, and a very good liar at that, which is how she got away with long excursions to other countries by herself back when she lived in Europe. She like being in control of whatever situation she is in. She also collects extensive information on people “just in case.” Adrienne has asthma, so unlike the other Hermes kids, she isn’t very athletic. She often uses her persuasion skills to get other to do her work for her. Her fatal flaw is that she prioritizes having power over others.
Strengths: She’s a good leader and is capable of being authoritative.
Weaknesses: She isn’t very empathetic.
Likes: She likes music. She enjoys composers like Saint-Saëns and Tchaikovsky. She also likes artists like Prince, Marina and the Diamonds, and Panic! At the Disco. She enjoys shopping, and she has been guilty of shoplifting more than once. She loves going to museums.
Dislikes: She dislikes olives and capers. She also dislikes being out of the loop of things.
Fears: Adrienne is afraid of being seen naked by others (traumatic school incident) and of public humiliation in general. She is also afraid of elevators and escalators.
Personality: Adrienne can be a nice person. She is very polite. She is manipulative and cunning, but often her subjects are unaware of her scheming. She is very possessive of her things and her personal space (which makes the Hermes cabin living hell for her). She’s very flirtatious but she rarely has feelings for anyone.
Abilities: She is good at stealing and tricking people. She is also capable of unlocking just about anything. She is highly persuasive (may or may not be a form of charmspeak). Adrienne also has the ability to hide in many places.
Powers: Teleportation - Adrienne is capable of teleporting over short distances. Whenever she does, she feels exhausted, as though she had run the distance, so she hardly ever uses it.
Social Status: She hasn’t started American school yet, so N/A.
Summer or Year Rounder: Summer and possible winter.
Years at Camp: She has only been a camper for a few weeks.
Life Before Camp: Adrienne lived a generally unremarkable life before going to Camp Half-Blood. She lived in Spain with her father, her grandparents, her aunt, and three male cousins. She cooked and cleaned and did most of the chores. Her family would often tell her what a great wife she would make and that she would serve her husband well. This frustrated her, so she was determined to do anything she could to avoid that life. She often went on lengthy excursions to zoos, museums, and parks in other countries. She spent a whole week in Germany on her own. Her family does not personally care about her, so she was able to get away with it with a fairly weak excuse. She eventually applied to a foreign exchange program in America. The family she was staying with got attacked by monsters while she was there. She and the girl who already lived there were taken to CHB because they were identified as demigods.
Role-playing Example: Adrienne stepped out of the Hermes cabin and walked down the little steps in the front. She turned around to look at her cabin. Someone needs to paint this, she thought to herself. She had already begun thinking of color schemes that might fit her godly father’s personality. She then turned to the task she had meant to start. As she made her way to the arena, she thought of possible strategies for her plan. She wanted to convince a strong fighter to complete a… personal task for her. She sat herself down to watch the two boys sparring in the center. They were very well matched, and she was sure she could at least convince one of them to help her out. After they ended the fight, she walked up to the boys exchanging pleasantries.
“Hi, there. I was watching you, and you seem like really great fighters. I was wondering if maybe you'd help me with that? I'm pretty new, after all…” she trailed off, laughing flirtatiously. Her eyes sparkled as she put on her most charming smile. There was no way they'd say no.
Notes: Adrienne is mostly into girls. She might find an interest in a guy, but it usually doesn't work out.
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PostSubject: Re: Adrienne Fabron de la Cruz   Adrienne Fabron de la Cruz Icon_minitime6/24/2016, 7:48 am

Hey there!

- I'm sorry, I can't approve the necklace. Those things have to be god parent gifts.
- Do the runes on the hilt do anything special?
- She's a good liar but is she also rich? Cause it is pricey to travel, even in Europe.
- From the way you painted her in the flaws section, I doubt she'd be a good leader. A powerful leader, yes, but a good one?
- Weaknesses are things she's not good at, eg if she doesn't draw very well or if she's a slow runner, put that there. Lack of empathy would more go to flaws, as it's a personality thing.
- Kudos for music taste. (I love Saint Saens and Tchaikovsky <3)
- Charmspeak is not allowed anymore.
- "She is also capable of unlocking just about anything." >> No to that. She can have the ability to sense locks and traps, but actually unlocking them would have to be a power. And it has to have limits on what she can open (eg a lockpad vs a Goldman Sachs bank vault).
- For her hiding ability, do you mean something like camouflage?
- I'm unsure whether or not we allow teleportation anymore. Lemme check with Kenny.
- How did she get all that money to travel?

Rest looks good to me. It's a very nice and polished form, good job :)


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for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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Adrienne Fabron de la Cruz
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