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 Vino Caesar- Son of Bacchus

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PostSubject: Vino Caesar- Son of Bacchus    6/28/2016, 2:30 pm

My name calling all night
I can pull the wool while I'm being polite
Like, darling calling all night
I can be a bull while I'm being polite
Like, oh me, oh me oh my
I know many women want to be in my life
Like, oh me, oh me oh my
Why can't every woman end up being my wife?

Name: Vino Mitchel Caesar
Age: 16
Gender: Cis male.
Sexuality: Bisexual, Biromantic
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: 5'10"
Body Type: Athletic
Skin Color: Bronze
God Parent: Bacchus; Roman god of wine, madness, ecstasy, theater, vegetation.
Mortal Parent: Morgan Sasha Caesar. Legacy of Apollo living in the real world.
Country of Origin: United States of America
Talents: Throwing parties, dancing, rapping, socializing, singing, basketball, and acting.
Weapon**:  Imperial gold pilum and  pugio by his side.
Personality: Vino can be loud, social, and somewhat crazy when it comes to socializing with his friends. He is known to be the life at the party, always being on someone's good side. Even alone, he has his headphones in, chillin' and just relaxing. When it comes to the legion, he can be a bit lazy, not wanting to clean anything or sometimes not wanting to practicing his fighting skills in the arena. Vino can also be quite the flirt along with gossiping with his friends and even strangers.
Flaws: Bone-headed, lazy, one ear is smaller than the other
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Alcoholic Resistance: He has a high resistance to the effects of alcohol consumption.
Animal Communication: Vino can talk to swine and goats although he doesn’t do this often.
Solar-ing: Vino can look directly at the Sun and as well as telling what time it is.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):
Hangover: Vino can induce the feeling of a hangover on an opponent for about three posts. He will need a five post cool down.
Grapes!: Can summon bushels of grapes every three posts with a four posts cool down
Party time: This son of Bacchus, in a party like setting, can amp up the party by 10% This effects lasts for about four posts with a topic cool down.
Life Before CJ*: Bacchus met Morgan while she was bartending at a club. The god was out partying with his friends (disguised fauns) when she came over to give them their drinks. They had a conversation and that night, Vino was conceived.   Vino was born on August 1st, 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio. Bacchus stayed around for two days before disappearing, not explaining who he was or who their son was. Unfortunately, being a single mother isn’t fun and she had to pick up a daytime job as a waitress  Vino was raised by his grandmother while his mom worked.

As a kid, Vino was always wanted to be a professional basketball player and take care of his mother and grandmother. Morgan explained to him that no matter what he did she would always be proud of him. Around the ages of six and seven, his interest changed to become a DJ and throw parties. His mother never understood why that was until at the age of ten, he disappeared from his bedroom. He was taken to the Wolf House to train for six months. After this, he went to Camp Jupiter. There he was on prabtio for six months by saving one of the legionnaires from drowning in the Little Tiber.
RP Example*: N/A
Any notes about your characters:
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PostSubject: Re: Vino Caesar- Son of Bacchus    7/8/2016, 2:39 am

How much smaller is his one ear, that this constitutes a flaw?

- How high is his alcohol tolerance?
- How bad is the hangover?
- How far could he be at most from a target to use this power on them?
- How can people avoid this?
- Define his "amping up" a party -- what does this constitute? How does it affect other people?

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Vino Caesar- Son of Bacchus
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