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 Castor Nelson, Son of Ares

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PostSubject: Castor Nelson, Son of Ares   Castor Nelson, Son of Ares Icon_minitime7/3/2016, 11:35 am

"You think a bunch of seals are gonna scare a son of the war god,
think again"

Castor Nelson, Son of Ares

Name: Castor Nelson
Gender: male
Mortal Parent: Ellie Nelson, a US marine that has recently reenlisted, she caught the attention of Ares during her first combat operation
God Parent: Ares, greek god of war
Date of Birth: 7/21/2001 15 years old
Place of Birth: Youngstown, Ohio
Hometown/Last Residence: Youngstown, Ohio in a large house were he lived with his mother
Race/ethnicity:  mainly American, but has some Russian and Irish aswell
Accent: None
Skin Tone: light with alittle color, like a Latte
Eye Color: light blue
Hair: short about an inch and sandy brown in color
Height: 5.7
Weight: 130 Lb
Body Type: average but muscular
Appearance: His face has many scars and other marks, and he usually has annoyed look on his face.
Weapon: He has a Celestial Bronze Shortsword and a Celestial Bronze Javelin that can compact into a small AXE bodyspray canister
Armor: he wears a Celestial Bronze chest-plate and a Grey and White bandana on his head, how pirates wear them
Pet(s): N/A
Skills/Talents: very good fighter and a great motivator (JUST DO IT)

  • Has a horrible scar on his right eye, it ruined his left eye so he cannot see out of it, he wears a eye-patch with a boar on it to cover the eye
  • Very pushy
  • quick to act
  • can be very annoying/boastful
  • docent take insults lightly

Strengths: happy as long as his friends/brothers or sisters in arms are with him
Weaknesses: boastful, cocky, stubborn
Likes: training, fighting, exercise, the outdoors, telling stories around the campfire
Dislikes: cowards, thieves, and rainy days
Fears: Not being able to save his siblings in arms/not being able to do something
Personality: Helpful, boastful, cocky, often shows off or boasts.

  • very skilled with most normal/nonmagical weapon
  • Quick to learn fighting related stuff (how to properly use a weapon)


  • can bless an ally with improved fighting skill, though this drains him and he cant do anything else will this is active (lasts until shut off recharge of 10 posts
  • can curse a weapon to make it ineffective (makes arrows rubber or swords foam), this drains him severely and can only effect 20 arrows or 2 weapons. (lasts 1 hour recharge 1 topic)
  • can summon a single fallen soldier of a losing side of a war, he requires ambrosia and nectar and a rest after this ability (lasts 5 posts recharge 1 topic)

Social Status: jocks
Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder, because his mom has reenlisted with the marines
Years at Camp: 3 he was claimed during his first year at a sword-fighting tournament.

Life Before Camp:
He lived without his mother for most of his childhood, constantly being cared for by nannies and babysitters. When his mom was at home, she was constantly doing side work. He was a natural wrestler and football jock, his demigod abilities kicking in during these sports. He had a hard time with his grades, constantly bullying nerds so they could do his homework. He meet his satyr, Frenus Rosebud, one day at school. He lifted Frenus off the ground and his shoes popped right off, exposing Frenus's goat hooves. The satyr proceeded to throw a bronze dagger at a fellow student, who was actually a Telekhine. The satyr pulled Castor from the building and they ran for several hours before Frenus told the demigod about Camp Halfblood.

Role-playing Example:
Castor was very excited, it was his turn to show off his combat prowess. He walked into the center of the sword-training area, the Ares cabin cheered as he walked boastfully in. His first opponent a Telekhine, it made reminded him of Frenus and that fateful day he meet the satyr, then he drove his sword right through the beasts gut. The crowd roared as the next monster entered the arena, a pit scorpion. It jumped over him and lashed its tail at Castor, but its tail just snapped against his armor with a "crunch." "Ha" Castor replied as he slashed at its tail, though it darted away. It snapped at him but Castor easily side stepped at cut the claw off. "Time to end this" Castor said as he drove the sword through its head. The crowd roared as he retrieved his sword. Then he woke from the dream in his bunk, no tournament in sight.
Notes: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Castor Nelson, Son of Ares   Castor Nelson, Son of Ares Icon_minitime7/3/2016, 9:51 pm

Yay i finished it Very happy
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PostSubject: Re: Castor Nelson, Son of Ares   Castor Nelson, Son of Ares Icon_minitime7/8/2016, 8:54 pm

[Would you like me to judge this as a detailed form for a reward, or just as a regular one? If you want a drachma reward you'll need to add at least 350 more words. *Drachmas can be used to purchase items from the site store, such as username changes, extra character slots once you use up your regular 5, etc.*]

Everyone has an accent, even if it's faint, so please add one in.

- How did he get this scar? (And... does it extend from his right eye to his left? Or do you mean it only affected his right eye, since that's where the scar is?)

Add more to his personality -- it should be at least 2 lines long.

- When you say he's skilled with most weapons, do you mean he's taken the time to learn how to use them? (And "most" seems like a bit much, since there's a large variety of weapons from around the world.)
- How quick does he learn fighting-related techniques?

- How far can he be at most from an ally to use his blessing power on them?
- How improved would said ally's skills be? 
- You need a duration for the blessing power; lasting until he shuts it off would not be allowed.
- How far can he be at most from a weapon to use the curse on it?
- Would this curse not work on certain types of magical items -- for example, a sword blessed to always be sharp?
- Please change the duration for the curse power into number of posts, not "1 hour."
- Can he summon a soldier from any time period? Would they have the weapons they used for said war (but CB versions)? *Guns aren't allowed.

- How old was Castor when he met the satyr?
- Did the satyr just coincidentally get assigned to Castor's school?
- Why did they run for several hours before the satyr actually explained what was going on? Like, reasonably anyone would get suspicious and ask after, at best, maybe half an hour.

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[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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Castor Nelson, Son of Ares
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