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and i swear
we could be gigantic, every thing i need
lenore mcgarrett.17.demeter
lenore sat on the bank of the lake with her knees brought up to her chest. her eyes were focused on the small ripples the lake would produce when she threw the smooth black pebbles into the water. she was waiting for her brother, alex. he was bringing some flowers and she brought the shovels. lenore was not the best example of a daughter of demeter. she liked looking at plants, not actually planting them. the mess of the dirt unsettled her, but she was able to ignore it for a moment of sibling bonding. lenore barely spent time with her siblings. barely any of them wanted to talk about books with her, and she didn't want to talk about the billions of different types of flowers.
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Alex hadn't been to the lake in ages! Mostly because he preferred the beach over the still body of water and the Demeter cabin over it, but that was still no excuse. He was wearing a simple green and white stripped tanktop, blue swimming drunks, brown flip flops, a sunhat and glasses. Along with him was a black bag with bottles of water, a few pieces of fruit, and a couple of magazines inside. There might have been a half eaten Milkyway bar somewhere inside, but Alex was unsure.

Turning the corner, he came across what seemed to be one of his siblings. "Lenore..?" Alex slowly walked up to her, peering around to make sure it was in fact his half-sister.
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