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PostSubject: I Notus a storm a'brewing   I Notus a storm a'brewing Icon_minitime7/4/2016, 8:57 pm

Name: Derick Wyman
Gender: male
Mortal Parent: Brie Wyman, a snarky businesswoman who is in charge of the Hawaiian branch of Sencorp, a fancy food company
God Parent: Notus- greek god of the wet and stormy south wind
Date of Birth: 7/4/2002 making him 14 years old
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii
Hometown/Last Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii in a large mansion-like house
Race/ethnicity: Mainly American but is about 1/4 Hawaiian
Accent: Light Hawaiian accent
Skin Tone: Tanned
Eye Color: Sea foam blue
Hair Color: Smokey black
Hair Length: short about 2 inches long and naturally str
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 109 Lb
Body Type: scrawny and thin but not a bean pole
Appearance: Very happy and lively, usually wears smile along with his leather jacket and jeans. He has expensive sketchers sneakers, a flat brim cap, and a pair of aviator shades.
Weapon: He prefers to use a CB spear, but has a set (6) of CB throwing daggers
Armor: he has a leather chestguard that is disguised as his jacket, when he zips it up it changes into the armor
Pet(s): none

some minor skill in paperwork and legal stuff

easily distracted.
makes alot of sarcastic and snide remarks
His nose is small and his eyes are close together


the outdoors
winter and cold
claustrophobia but to a minor extent
Personality: upbeat, arrogant, and happy he usually sees the optimistic side of things.
minor heat resistance up to about 130 F
Can blast a gust of wind, he can shoot one every 5 minutes (or ten if its a strong gust) these blasts can blow stuff around and knock people back/over though the stronger it is the more it drains him

He can glide across air currents this is very slow (about running speed) and he can only go forwards or up (not both at the same time) this drains him a moderate amount (more if hes flying upwards) he can use this for up to 5 posts but it has a cooldown of x+2 (x = the amount of posts it is used for)

He can create fire, enough to create medium burns or he can combine this with his wind powers to blast blazing hot bursts of wind, these drains him the most of all his powers, he can only use this for 3 posts and requires a x+3 post cooldown (x = the amount of posts it is used for)

Social Status: loner
Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder
Years at Camp: 1
Life Before Camp: [wip]
Role-playing Example: [wip]
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PostSubject: Re: I Notus a storm a'brewing   I Notus a storm a'brewing Icon_minitime7/8/2016, 9:01 pm

[If your form is WIP, please add that to the title so we know not to check; for now, I'll address some points.]

You'll need to add a lot more to his personality.

- You'll need to define his limits in number of posts for his first power -- such as "he can shoot one [gust of wind] every 2 posts" or such. 
- You should also define a wind speed for both his first powers.
- Fire powers wouldn't be allowed for a child of Notus.

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I Notus a storm a'brewing
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