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 Andy Remake

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PostSubject: Andy Remake   Andy Remake Icon_minitime7/5/2016, 11:37 pm

Andy Remake 2ql8kzc
Name: Andromeda Toula Portokalos; she prefers Andy or Ghost
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Eyes: one blue almost grey
Hair: Deep brown and slightly curled
Height: 5í8"
Body Type: athletic
Skin Color: peach
God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: Nick Portokalos
Country of Origin: Athens, Greece
Pets: Two hellhounds, Necro and Nux. Nux is the only one of the who can shadow travel but he can bring Andy and Necro along with him it just reduces the distance. Alone Nux can travel up to two miles per topic but with Necro and Andy only a mile each topic. Andy and Necro are the ONLY people he can bring with him. They're both the size of Laboradores.
Talents: †skateboarding and surfing, singing, guitar, dancing(hiphop)
Weapon**: Stygian Iron scythe and duel CB daggers. She had them bound to her upon arriving at camp and can summon the scythe whenever she wants
Personality: Andy is slightly rebellious to say the least but she does a very good job of keeping the balance between goody goody and rebellious teen girl. That, however, doesnít mean she isn't afraid to throw a few punches when she if offended too often by the same person. Donít be afraid of her tough exterior because she really is a nice person but she grew up with so many brothers that she is a total tomboy. Andy is also very stubborn, she refuses to cry in front of others unless she can't hold it back any longer. cough cough Lena dying cough
Flaws: Andy tends to tip more towards her rebellious side at times which has caused her lots of problems back home in Athens. Andy isn't a total antisocial but she isn't exactly one to be the center of attention at a party. You can usually find her with a few other kids on the sidelines or with a single other person. Sheís also uncomfortable about what others may think of her and thatís why she can more often than not be seen with Necro at her side and her weapons equipped or in hand. The teen also has a bad habit of smoking.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Can see the ghosts that wander the Earth and lost souls of those who have died as well as talk to them, this requires no power. She also has a spell book, published by her ancestors who were blessed to be demigods of Hecate as wel and handed down to her from generation to generation, that she constantly reads and uses for spells. The book can only be opened by her and is written in a mixture of Latin, Nordic, and Anglo-Saxon. There were only a select few who were demigods who created the book, from then on though it was handed down through the women in the family.She also has telepathic communication with the sacred animal of Hecate, the dog(which extends to her hellhounds). She can also see through simple mist incantations like masking a personís figure or hiding a cyclops one eye.
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): All are twice as powerful distance wise with her book but require twice as long of a recharge if cast with spellbook.
-Sphere of Crystal: a sphere with a radius of two meters that she can summon for a total of six posts to protect herself from oncoming attackers. Can be used once a thread. Friendly forces can pass through the crystal but enemies cannot. If she moves the sphere moves with her until she dismisses it or all ten minutes are up.
-Army of the Undead: Andy can summon five undead soldiers to fight alongside her for three posts with a recharge of a six posts.
-Downpour: Can cause a downpour that lasts six post while keeping her person completely dry. Requires an fifteen post recharge. The downpour only lasts a quarter of a mile from where she casted the spell.
-Slash: Three deep cuts, half an inch deep, appear on the victim.This can be done with a †ten post recharge.
-Mist: Once a topic and only for four posts the daughter of hecate can hide a battle outside of camp within a twenty yard radius. This takes all her focus and she has to stand perfectly still in almost a prayer-like stance with her fingers interlocked. This leaves her drained but still able to walk and walk. Demigods and mortals who can see through the mist obviously arenít affected.
Life Before Camp*: †Andy grew up in a very spiritual Greek family so much so that her father told her who her biological mother once she was old enough to understand what that made her. After learning about her mother Andy began to study about her mother, per her fatherís request. However, as she grew Andy became more focused on hobbies than her god parent history lessons and usually skipped them to go skateboarding through the streets of Athens with her six other brothers and their friends. By the time she was old enough to actually attend Camp Halfblood she prayed to the gods that her father would just send her to the camp already. On her fifteenth birthday her father gave her the plane ticket and money for her to go to the camp herself. No wasting any time, Andy grabbed her things and raced to the international airport.
RP Example*: †n/a
Any notes about your characters: Naval, belly and tongue piercing

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PostSubject: Re: Andy Remake   Andy Remake Icon_minitime7/8/2016, 8:42 pm

- Can either of her hellhounds shadow-travel? If yes, put in limits.
- How large are they?

Add some more to the personality.

- Is the spellbook unopenable by all but her because of magic she put on it, or magic her ancestors used on it? Because I don't think mortals would be able to dabble in magic much/at all, which means the story of them sealing it would be rather implausible.†

- Define what you mean by "twice as powerful" -- do you mean the ranges get larger? She can increase the duration of a power?
- Can the sphere be broken?†
- Will the undead repair themselves if some part is destroyed/broken/chopped off? If yes, how many times?
- How much rain will the downpour create? Can it be countered by other kids with weather-related powers?
- Reduce the range for the downpour.
- What's the range for the cutting power?†
- How can the cutting power be avoided?†
- So for the last power... can she hide anything or just battles? Or does she only choose to hide battles?

- Did Andy not get attacked by any monsters? Being a 13+ year old demigod and additionally knowing she was one would strengthen her scent.

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Andy Remake
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