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Ok so I was listening to a song just now and this happened and I kinda wanna make it a book but at the same time I have no idea if anyone would read something like this. Please lemme know if you want more, I know it isn't much to read right now but this is all I have.

It wasn't long before her heart began to break itself down and fade into nothing but ashes. Holding her close she cried into her hair and felt the last of the life slipping out of her body and soul. They never got to do anything together that Ami wanted to do. They never got to go on a real date, hold hands, fall even more in love, spend the rest of their lives together. There was only so much time she had left with Cammie. Her Cammie Cat, the one person she never thought she would love and the only one who had stolen her heart.
"You can't leave me, Cammie. Not like this," Ami cried even harder.
With the last of her strength the girl rested her hand on the pale teens cheek and gave as much of a smile as she could manage.
"Don't forget to find that house on the beach we wanted."
With that final breath, Cammie had passed on from the land of the living to that of the dead. Ami held her beloved's body closer and cried louder and heavier than she had ever cried before. Even as the ambulance arrived and people tried to pull them apart she fought to be by her side and hang on to her just for a few moments longer.
"I promise I'll set things right Cammie, I will find who did this." Ami told herself as she cried softly in the back of the car to be taken home that dark Christmas Eve.

That's all I have so far, lemme know what ya'll think. Also, please don't steal this. I made these people up as well as the scenario.
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