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PostSubject: Bryan Lee Boone   Bryan Lee Boone Icon_minitime7/10/2016, 3:56 am

Name: Bryan Lee Boone
Bryan Lee Boone Bryan_11

Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Christopher Boone, a Navy Seal that was KIA
God Parent: Enyo, the Goddess of War
Date of Birth: March 20, 1999 (17)
Place of Birth: Verona, Kentucky

Hometown/Last Residence:  Bryan lived in Verona until age 4, when his father was killed on a classified mission. He now lives with an old teamster of his Dad's by the name of Landon Mitchell, AKA yours truly. Last place of residence was in Louisville, Kentucky.

Race/ethnicity: Despite his name, his family is largely Native American. They are historically of the Aniawi people; otherwise known as the deer clan among the Cherokee. Bryan plays this fact up whenever he can because he thinks it's more interesting than some other ethnicities.

Accent: His accent has a slight southern twang, though it isn't very pronounced. His accent is predominantly midwestern.
Skin Tone: Bryan's skin tone is almost a pale almond color, though he prefers to call himself caramel. Kid thinks he's a casanova in a combat jacket.
Eye Color: Hazel with a slight yellow sunburst just around his pupils.
Hair Color: Very dark black
Hair Length: His hair hangs to his shoulders with no wave or curl, despite my warnings about professional presentation.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145 lbs
Body Type: Mesomorphic. ("I'm a lean, mean, Cherokee fiend!")
Appearance: Bryan looks exactly like the son of a military man should, if you exclude the hair. His back is straight and proud, his shoulders somewhere between relaxed and alert at all times. His face is a bit brutal however. His eyes are harsh, his mouth typically set in a grim, tight lipped smile. His face is marred by shrapnel scars from when he found one of my frags and didn't stand the proper distance away. If you were to see him without a shirt, you would know that these pockmark-like scars traverse the left side of his body, almost to his abdomen. His teeth are crooked, because he attacked any dentist that he was taken to when it came time for braces. ("Only I get to put sharp things in my mouth.") He can usually be found wearing jeans and one of his dad's old vests over his camp shirt. His nose is larger than average, with an upward tilt to the tip, and he hates it.

Weapon: Celestial bronze spear, and a celestial bronze knife made to look like an MK 3 Navy knife.
Armor: Navy Seal Tac Vest with celestial bronze plating, celestial bronze helmet, and standard issue celestial bronze greaves ("I really need better sh!t already.")
Pet(s): None

Skills/Talents: Bryan is a natural runner. Sprinting, cross country; you name it, he does it. And he does it WELL. He has been taught how to track an enemy in a variety of environments, though some of his knowledge hasn't been tested. I've taught him the malaysian martial art of Silat as well. It isn't just a self defense martial art, it is entirely meant to exploit your enemy's weaknesses and incapacitate them as quickly as possible. Broken bones are to be expected, and are a far better outcome than the alternative. You can be left crippled, blind, and bleeding out in less than four seconds with just one of the techniques. He has also been taught MCMAP, the hand to hand combat taught by the Marine Corps. And I'm proud to say he has a natural talent with tactical thinking. He has a natural gift with music as well, and I'm happy with that. Gives him a semblance of normalcy.

Flaws: Impulsive: Bryan often acts without thinking, specifically when angered or upset. When he becomes emotional, he loses a bit of his typical razor sharp focus. Proud: Bryan is very proud of who, and what, he is. Most would say too proud. He can be arrogant about certain things, and it has a habit of making him enemies among those who might otherwise like him.  Harsh/insensitive: Bryan treats others in a way that isn't jaded by how he feels about you. He'll tell you exactly what he's thinking, and he doesn't care if you'll like it or not. Likewise, in a fight, he'll use full power regardless of who is on the receiving end. ("I am who I am. You don't like it, then get the hell out.")  If you make a mistake, he'll call you on it. And he won't forgive it until the mistake has either been corrected, or he receives a genuine apology longer than three words. In a fight, even if you're down, he'll make sure you don't have the opportunity to get back up, and it hasn't helped his social status, except maybe with the Ares cabin and the more violent camp members.

Strengths: Charismatic: On the flip side of his brutal honesty, some like how open he is with his opinions, and despite his rough and tumble attitude, he actually has a way with words that resonates. He speaks from what he knows. Courageous: Bryan will never back down from doing what he has to do, even in the rare event of being scared out of his wits. He's the type of person to charge at the source of his fear, rather than cower from it. That being said, he isn't scared of much. Humorous: Almost as a way to temper ("Ha, puns.") his harsh attitude, he doesn't mind joking around with his friends. One of his favorite ways to calm down after a fight is by finding something to laugh at. Creative: He writes music in his spare time. The music he writes ranges from Rock to electronic to instrumental. He claims it's so he has music to train to, but really, he just likes making something last instead of destroying all the time. ("Don't tell the Ares Cabin, they'll be so disappointed in me.")

Weaknesses: Bryan has a small issue with anger, and still has property damage bills he needs to pay at my house from the last hotel we stayed at. ("Wasn't my fault. You'd think they would keep the TV's a bit more secure.") He's terrible at talking to girls, because he really doesn't understand how fluid their emotions seem. It leaves him confused and disoriented, so he avoids it when he can. He's not shy, just doesn't like feeling like he's not in control of a situation. He is absolutely awful when it comes to book learning. He knows the basics of most of the required school subjects with a focus on only history and math, and in his opinion, that's all he needs.

Likes: Guns, camping, ("Gun ranges."), hiking, ("Pistols."), Music, ("Rifles."), Poker, most sports, ("Long walks on the beach."), Eatin-("With guns"), Are you done? ("No... Yes. Sorry Landon.") He also likes homemade food and campfires. Oh, and he likes his beater of a thunderbird.

Dislikes: Staying silent for too long, dirty weapons, @ssholes, people that try to coddle him, people that lie to him, people that betray him, people that- You know what, if he likes you, he'll let you know.

Fears: ("If you say a thing here Landon, I'll turn your bed into a spike pit trap.") He's afraid of... Not a lot actually. Although the thought of ghosts seems to scare him plenty. He hates the idea of something that he doesn't know how to kill if he needs to. He's also scared of being poisoned, which is a slightly irrational fear, but then again he certainly lives a stranger life than I do.

Personality: I like to say he's a pain to be around, but he's actually a pretty good kid. He's impulsive when he gets too caught up in his emotions, but he truly does try his best in whatever he does. He'll kick himself when he's down, the same way he kicks his enemies when they are. He's fair with everyone. Just because someone is his friend doesn't mean he'll back them up if they do something he sees as wrong. He also expects that it shouldn't matter what he does in order to do what he sees as right. All this boils down to him having a good grasp on the type of person he is and how he relates with the world. He's harsh, stern, and sometimes erratic. That's just one aspect of him though. He's also strangely thoughtful. He'll spend hours on a laptop writing music, or hours outside just thinking. He'll even try to hide it sometimes. He's got a great sense of humor, and he likes to joke around when he can, because he knows that serious situations come all too often, and he has to make the most of his time. He's proud of who he is, and sometimes that gets him into situations where he's in the wrong. There's a lot of pain his heart and he hides it exceptionally well.

Abilities: Forced march: He can keep moving long after a young man in his shape would be too tired to continue, albeit at a speed almost a quarter of his normal rate. Eye of the Scout: He has some of the best vision I've ever seen, no pun intended. The doctor says his vision is 20/10. What is means is that he can clearly see almost double the normal distance. Hawks, as a way of clarifying, are theorized to have around 20/2 vision, or ten times a normal human's clarity of vision.

Powers: Call of Valor: In the face of an enemy or event that would make fellow soldiers, or campers as the case may be, flee in terror; Bryan lets loose a yell that seems to inspire absolute bravery in all within 10 yards. The effects seem to diminish the farther away they are from him ("I'll explain. I do my thing, yell, war cry, whatever. It starts working as soon as they hear me. [OOC: 1 post initiation time. At five yards, the effect halves, and at 7 yards, the effect is one fourth] I can keep it up for a while, but the longer I do, the more their fears backlash on me, and trust me, it isn't fun. [OOC: Minimum length 3 post usage, including initial post, with a 5 post cool down. Each post extra adds another two posts to the cooldown, and after 6 posts including the initial post, he is forced to stop. Any longer and he will face severe mental damage. At 6 posts, he collapses and can black out depending on the amount of allies.]) It seems that he inspires about twice the normal amount of courage a person has at its most effective range.

Aspect of the Ram: He has this thing he does where he clears his mind and puts all of his strength into a blow. It takes him a bit to focus enough to do it, but when he strikes, the results are devastating. I've seen him punch holes in brick walls, and dent steel. It would be impressive if it wasn't for the massive damage it causes him. [OOC: 3 post warm up during which he may be distracted, third post initiation. Cooldown is 6 posts. The almost tripled strength he gains for one strike is offset by the damage. Punching a hole in a solid brick wall will break every bone in his hand, with fractures up his arm, and possibly a dislocated shoulder.] It's quite simply a last resort power, and I've told him repeatedly to never do it again. Some things the body just can't recover from, and I didn't take him in just do he could kill himself showing off.

Social Status: Outcast

Summer or Year Rounder: It depends on when I'm on deployment ("Landon, you're almost always deployed, just say year round.") The point still stands.

Years at Camp: 5
Life Before Camp: Bryan was born in March of 1999 to Christopher Boone, who was the very essence of a military man. Respectful, determined, honorable, brave, and strong in body and mind. Christopher had just come home from a brutal deployment, when he met Enyo. She didn't disguise who she was, as she knew he needed to hear some hard truths about war, both the costs and the reasons. Their talks ended up with the birth of Bryan. The first four years of Bryan's life,  Christopher managed to stick around for, never being gone more than a couple months. Sadly, shortly after Bryan turned four, Christopher was killed in action during a classified operation. One of his closest friends in the seals, a teamster named Landon Mitchell, yours truly, took it upon himself to adopt the toddler and raise him as his own. It was an odd childhood, certainly. Instead of being taught how to tackle for football, I taught him how to take down armed opponents. I raised him to be a good kid. I raised him to be strong. I didn't want to lose him the way I lost his father. He took to physical activity like a Seal to water, didn't matter if it was a sport, didn't matter if it was just exercise, he loved it. I taught him weapon safety and maintainance, survival skills, taught him to read and write. I taught him responsibility and personal accountability. We always stayed in the same place, unless I took him with me on less dangerous deployments. The kid has spirit, and a fire in him. It took me a long time to believe the note Christopher had given me when Bryan was born, but watching him grow up confirmed it for me. He thrived under pressure, loved the challenges I set for him. What some kids would consider thrill seeking was just another activity for him. I've seen grown men behave more like cowards.

When he was 12, I took him to New York. The note had given specific instructions on where to take him, and to take him there before he turned thirteen. Now, Christopher liked a good joke, but something along these lines was a bit far. He never would've made a joke that involved Bryan like that. Never. So did I do exactly what the note said? Hell yeah, I did. I explained the whole thing to Bryan, even let him read the actual coffee stained journal paper it was written on. He took everything pretty well I suppose. After looking at me like I had betrayed his trust, broken his heart, and ruined his father's good name anyway. Gotta hand it to him though, he didn't cry. Not even after reading the personal note to him on the bottom. Hell, even I cried the first time I read it after Christopher's death. It's not that Bryan doesn't remember his dad. He does, and in pretty good detail. He's just made of stronger stuff than mere mortals, I suppose. He would go to camp every summer, and then come home in the fall so we could continue our backwood shenanigans. Well, unless I was on deployment anyway. Every time I saw him, he was a little stronger, and a little more grizzled. He's become a veteran like me. I'm not sure if I should be happy for him or scared for him. I am proud of him though. More than I think he'll ever know. He may not be my blooded son, but Bryan is my little soldier. And I'm the proudest d@mn drill instructor in America. ("I hate you so much right now. Quit being lame.")

Role-playing Example: Bryan sat in the driver's seat of his old thunderbird, listening to some Motorhead as he cruised through town. Landon had told him to spend the night doing what he wanted. The older man would be meeting up with some war buddies at the hole in the wall bar Landon always went to. The long haired native had the windows rolled down, the fresh Kentucky air pouring into the cabin of the American muscle. He rarely ever got the chance to drive, and he wasn't going to miss the chance for anything in the world. His hazel eyes lit up as the previous song ended and the radio flipped to some Aerosmith. There wasn't anything he would trade this car for. He could feel the eyes of several girls on him as he roared through an intersection. He debated pulling a U-turn to go talk to them, but with a bit of a frown, he decided against it. He would only end up confused, and he hated feeling out of control in any situation.

The sun was already setting over the hills, and the colors were blazing across the sky. Bryan finally reached the edge of town and grinned. This was where he wanted to be. From here on out, it was all winding roads among hills and valleys. It was one thing to race through town, but another thing entirely to brave the country roads of Kentucky at 80 miles an hour or more. His grin grew harsh, his eyes focused on the road. He gripped the wheel, waiting for the light he was waiting at to turn green. It was the last stop for ten miles. Switching the radio over to his auxiliary cord, he turned on one of his own songs. It was a galloping beat, with heavy riffs that reminded him of a charge into a giant battle. He let the music stir him into a frenzy, his palms smacking the wheel in time with the beat. When the light turned, he popped the clutch and went off like a shot. The tires squealed and the engine roared as Bryan yelled his defiance at the whole world. This was the life. His life. He wouldn't trade a charge for anything. As the trees shot by him faster and faster, becoming a blur, he thought to himself. Betting that you feel the same way, ma. That moment right before a charge... There's nothing like it. Love you dad. I'll try not to visit you too soon.

Notes: This has been Landon Mitchell reporting on my godson Bryan Lee Boone. I understand this is meant to be sent to Chiron, I apologize for the damage he's caused recently, I understand that a mess hall isn't a good place to practice with controlled explosives. Bryan's been reprimanded for it, and I decided to send you this audio report as a way of helping you understand where he comes from. I've forgotten to mention quite a lot, just know that it hasn't always been easy for him, as I'm sure you see all the time. He may be a near perfect soldier, but he's still dealing with not knowing his father or his mother, and I know he can't relate well with many others. If he causes any more problems, just let me know. Landon Cole, signing off.

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- You'll need a physical flaw if you want a drachma reward for the form.

You're missing the entire Personality section?

- I'm gonna say no to his wounds healing in half the time as normal, since his mom isn't really a healing god.

- Reduce the range for the battle cry a bit.
- Reduce the amount of courage he can inspire with the first power. (I'd allow up to double.)
- How much does the effect diminish the farther his allies are from him?
- During the warm-up for the second power, can he be distracted to prevent him from concentrating enough to use it?

RP Example:
- Yes; RP Examples are generally about/in the point of view of the character you're applying for, so you'll still need one to give a feel for how Bryan would be played.

Kendall (Ares) Archer (Hecate) Avie (Soter) Stella (Ouranos) Aidan (Pyriphlegethon) Tempest (Aeolus) Bee (Melisseus) Nelly (Apollo) Benji (Thoth) Dana (Odyne) Mason (Hermes) Darwin (Hephaestus) Lucy (Somnus; First Cohort)Dorian (Legacy of Mefitis; Third Cohort)Ellie (Dionysus; Hunter of Artemis)

[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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He has crooked teeth, and a large nose with an upward tilt that he hates.

My bad on the personality section, I must have missed it. It's filled out now.

Removed the healing ability.

-Battle cry range has been halved to 10 yards, and I went with the recommended inspiration of double.
-The effect diminishes by half at five yards, and at seven yards it halves again. 1.5x at 5, and 1.25x at seven
-He can be distracted during the warm up, though he's fairly disciplined. I would think it would need to involve pain, fears, or emotional situations; otherwise it would have to be fairly startling.

I've included an RP example now as well.

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Bryan Lee Boone
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