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(Jolted up wicked early. Had some gross muse in me. Needed to write. Enjoy. WIP, but only because I haven't colored the text or proofread. Way too tired. Title is supposed to be a stupid pun, so trust me, it isn't a typo. I will probably change because it suggests that this story will be punny.)

There were very few things in life that Andrew would say he loved. Sleep was one of them, his step-dad was another, and then there was his ex-girlfriend and his best friend. Two of them were dead. After all, Andrew hadn't slept well at all lately. The sun was hardly beginning to rise. Even as a son of Apollo, Andrew didn't care. Apollo was an a**hole.

He had spotted a stag, but that felt like it was over a mile ago now. Andrew didn't feel any particular mercy lately, he'd taken family from animals. Mates, parents, children, they had all been killed even though he lived in a world where it wasn't relatively necessary. He never questioned it before, but now it was a coping mechanism for the demigod. He'd always wanted to be a better hunter than his sister, it was his inspiration to move faster and shoot straighter. It didn't feel that way anymore. She'd left all her family behind to go be immortal with Artemis's girl band. Abigail was an a**hole.

Another splotch of blood made itself visible to the hunter, this one was more abundant than the last few. If Netha had been there, the hunt would have been over far earlier. Andrew didn't want Netha to be there, he had to be able to do it alone. He passed through some shrub, and surely enough, there she was. The doe was on the ground, her breaths were short and quick, absolute terror filled her eyes. Andrew and her both knew she was on her last few moments of time out of Hades.

He looked into her eyes. This happened everyday, everywhere. There was nothing more scary in this world than what he was putting her through right now. Then, just as quick, without a prayer or second thought, Andrew put a knife in the doe. It promptly let out its last exhale, leaving Andrew above a body far too big for him to simply carry back on his own. The real value was in the skin and 'edible' venison. Not that Andrew actually needed more money.

There were crickets in the far distance, but it was otherwise dead silent around him. Looking down at the corpse didn't bother Andrew; he'd done this at least a hundred times before. He would skin it before he left, as he always did. He hadn't ever killed an animal alone before. His youngest years hunting were spent with his step-dad, and the second he left home to attend that stupid camp, Netha had already taken over for him. He rarely spent time apart from her. He hated that people would call her his wolf. He didn't view her as something that could be owned. She was loyal, agile, intelligent, and as independent as they came. Netha was his friend, not his property.

Suddenly, the kill hadn't felt like an accomplishment without Netha around. He wasn't about to starve to death; he didn't need the meat. He certainly didn't need the skins. She was just another dead being now. There were a lot of reasons hunting was a bad idea right now, but Andrew wasn't nearly educated enough to listen to any of them. The demigod squatted, and then let himself fall back onto his behind, his back against the shrub he'd passed through earlier. Silence continued its reign over the area, and Andrew couldn't take his eyes off of the body of the doe.

"It happens to us too." Andrew said, after what must have been minutes of silence. "We have a wall, an impenetrable one apparently, but that's all that separates you and I. When we leave that wall behind we're prey. Some of us will fight back; sometimes dolphins kill sharks, right? But that's what this is. All it would take is some... ****ing Canadian lumberjack with an axe, and our wall becomes worthless." As long as that tree continued to stand, nothing would ever make it into Camp Half-Blood. It was the perfect birds nest, so to speak. "I have to go back there today, and pretend things aren't the way they are. Out here, I'm just prey for the monsters when they find me. I think I like that better than what I am back there." Andrew confessed.

The deer obviously couldn't reply, even if it had still been alive. Andrew dug around his belt for his skinning blade. To leave the valuables behind would be entirely disrespectful of an animal. "They eat us crude, I'd imagine. Maybe some just eat us raw." Andrew continued to talk to the deer, for whatever possible therapeutic sensation it gave him. A shaky breath hit the demigod, and he began to hold back the tears. "Come on, be a ****ing man." Andrew silently scolded himself, he gave himself a few violent slaps to the face to turn his emotions away. It seemed to do some sort of stabilization for him.

"I remember how stupid it was. At the time, that's all it was, was stupid. It was all just one night gone horribly right to turn it into something else completely. Just one night at a dance, and boom, suddenly you're dating someone you used to argue with. Then nine months later, after you're invested, they dump you over a wolf being close to you. I thought that was all that would happen, I really did. I was okay still, I really was. Yeah, I was mad and unhappy, but I was still the same snarky kid people either loved or hated. Better to choose to be disliked than to be forced, but, that's just something else entirely." Andrew took a deep breath, the longer the deer was there dead, the harder his job would be. "Then, when things looked like they were going to work out. She goes and dies. Dies thinking I hate her. All I was was mean to her her last month on Earth. I hope you were more kind to your kin." The demigod held his emotions in check once more.

Andrew leaned forward, there was a lot to take from the doe. At least he had some crack of sunlight, he had a lot of work to do.
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