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Morgan's AUs

Post by Morgan Landry on 7/27/2016, 11:42 am

I love writing AUs so I guess I could post a few here. The characters are all from this site -- if you see me writing an AU about one of your characters and you want to me to stop doing it, please say so. Yeah, it's like fanfics. From RPs. You get me.

Miles/Maddy college AU:
Miles/Maddy first college party and they don't know each other yet AU

"Wow this tequila tastes like I'm not getting up tomorrow," Maddy told her roommate over the music. First night of fresher's and she was mindlessly downing drink after drink -- let's be real, no great story ever started with a glass of apple juice.
Her mind was not that blurry yet but she was feeling the moment, bouncing on her heels whilst grinding against a random blonde who kept whipping her hair into her face. A lot of people were really drunk already. This one guy kept shouting "THIS IS MY JAM!" at every song that came on and it gave her a headache, but he was cute so she let it slide. It was around two or three am when she finally broke out of the sweaty crowd to get some fresh air, away from the speakers. There was a little balcony on the first floor and Maddy absently twirled her cup of booze whilst trying to keep her balance against the railing. Dang, she was having a good time. She looked at the street, then at the sky, and giggled for no reason. Swayed back and forth. Suddenly, her phone dropped to the ground. "Oh coconuts!" she loudly said and bent down to pick it up.

"She speaks!" Someone yelled back. "Oh speaketh again bright angel, for thou art... art as glorious..." Maddy looked down, seeing a tall guy with messy hair cling to the wall for dear life. He had the goofiest grin she had ever seen. "As glorious to this night o'er me head as a winged messenger from the heaventh!" He dramatically clenched his hands over his heart and just kept reeling off more Romeo and Juliet quotes in a slurry Irish accent. Maddy was fascinated.

"Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their -- YO! THIS IS MY JAM!" And he ran back in.

Daeseung/Emily neighbour AU:
Daeseung Emily neighbour AU (femslash?) (Age: 14 somethings so hormonesywonesy teenager)

Oh my god, oh my god it was that time of the day again and Daeseung wasn't ready at all. Oh wow. What should she... Should she have a teensy little look?

Yeah, f~ck it.
God almighty there she was again. So she had this new neighbour Emily who loved flowers and she had a little garden Daeseung could see from her bedroom. She took care of it at least ten minutes each afternoon, which was really not that interesting, but ever since June had rolled in she started doing that in her bikini and Daeseung just... she just couldn't. She didn't even know she liked girls but Satan have her soul, Emily was just so smoking hot. Plus she was always wearing those cute bikinis too, with frilly little fringes that looked like candy strings, everything coordinated in sweet colours, and her hair just looked like raw honey and...
She stared down at her math book, then pushed it away and pulled her beanie down her face. Welp. That's me done for the day.

Spencer/Phil 1st year Hogwarts AU:
Right -- not here. Phil closed the door on the snogging fourth years and hurried in the other direction. (Who even snogs in empty classrooms when lessons are literally about to start? Merlin knows.)

Okay what had the prefect said again? Take the stairs down to first floor, then turn right, watch out for the aggressive suit of armour and take the shortcut behind the tapestry. He had done all that. Why was he still not in the Transfiguration corridor? Phil looked around, completely lost and grabbed his hair. That's it, I'm never gonna find this thing. I'm gonna fail all my classes and --

Suddenly, he turned to the right. Someone was sobbing. After a bit of squinting in the torch light, he saw a kid sitting behind a statue, wiping their face with the back of their hand.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

The girl gasped and looked up. She had a cornrows and knobby ears, her face gleaming with tears. When she saw him, she quickly rubbed her eyes and sniffed. "Nothing."

"Doesn't look like nothing." Phil put his bag down and calmly walked over to her. "If it's too personal, you can tell me to go eat my toad, I won't mind, but I'd rather try and help out."

She took a deep breath and pushed her palms against her eyes. "It's just... I really, really wanted to get sorted into Gryffindor. It's always been my favourite house and my whole family went there and I'm the first to..."

Phil glanced at the yellow crest on her robes, "... to get sorted into Hufflepuff."

She sobbed harder. "I've been looking forward to that moment my whole life! And now it turns out I'm not daring or brave enough so I got sent to stupid Hufflepuff."

"Hey." He crouched down next to her. "Hey. Just because you didn't get sorted into Gryffindor doesn't mean you're a coward or an idiot. The Gryffindors aren't the only brave guys out there. And you can be just as gutsy as them as a Hufflepuff. Maybe even more."

She hugged her knees and sniffed.

"And Hufflepuffs don't have to be boring old gnomes. Hard work, patience, loyalty, that probably sounds dull to you right now but those are actually really cool values."

"Easy for you to say, you're a Ravenclaw."

"Yeah knowledge and brains, all that jazz, but frankly those would be nothing without some hard work and dedication put into it. Ask any inventor." Phil spread his hands. "Okay, the other houses have cool sounding traits like creativity, ambition and stuff. But you guys' values are the ones that really make a change. You can be creative and chivalrous all you want, if you're lazy and can't get off your bum, nothing will ever happen. That's why you Hufflepuffs are so important. You get stuff done."

She looked at him, her eyes still a little glossy. "You think?"

"Of course." He smiled. Slowly, she smiled back. "Now listen to the Ravenclaw and eat this," he added, taking a Chocolate Frog out of his pocket. He had planned it as his morning snack but she looked like she needed it more than him.

"Thanks," she dabbed her eyes. "You... you wouldn't know where Transfiguration's at, by the way, would you?"
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