Rowan Lemanski - Hephaestus (WIP)

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Rowan Lemanski - Hephaestus (WIP)

Post by Rowan Lemanski on 7/28/2016, 2:51 pm

Name: Rowan ‘Ro’ Lemanski
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Amanda Lemanski - A woman with polish ancestry that is employed at an oil field in northern Alberta as a boilermaker. A part time hobby of hers is poetry and singing. Blonde in hair color, fair in skin tone, and dark green in eye color. Taller than the average woman.
God Parent: Hephaestus
Date of Birth: December 29, 1999
Place of Birth: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Hometown/Last Residence: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Race/ethnicity: European
Accent: Not noticeable at first, but every once and awhile a Canadian accent can be heard. (Central Canadian)
Skin Tone: Mid- Beige or Tan
Eye Color: Dark Copper Brown
Hair Color: Medium Dark Brown with hints of Copper and chunks of Chestnut Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder Length. Thick and wavy, sometimes even curly. On the odd occasion her hair is sometimes singed due to failed or explosive experiments.
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130lbs
Body Type: Ro has a pear shaped and muscular body. The muscles come from being an active individual.
Rowan doesn’t have an overly feminine appearance as most of her facial features are actually quite strong. Such as things like her eyebrows, jawline, and nose.  Her eyes are round and very expressive which can make it hard for her to hide her emotions. She has a rather wild expression about her which can unnerve others. Freckles are splashed across the bridge of her nose and under her eyes. On her right brow is a faint scar caused by a pet in its early stages of programming. She has a studded piercing on the bridge of her nose. Ro refuses to wear makeup so her face is quite plain- there may be the occasional oil smudge though. Her hair is an untameable mess and does what it pleases. Sometimes she’ll hold it back with a headband or goggles which creates a silly little puff near the back of her head.
Being someone who works with their hands, her hands are calloused and a bit rough. Her shoulders and arms are well toned as she is often lifting heavy objects and other things while working. Her frame is actually quite sturdy, if not beefy, compared to most girls her age. There are days where her muscles are noticeable and days where they aren’t, they aren’t normally defined.
For clothing she will usually wear a T-shirt (usually the Camp Half-Blood one) with a brown, cropped leather waistcoat. Her pants are either baggy jeans in medium blue colors, or a grey pair of cargo pants. On occasion she will wear baggy overalls instead of pants and a vest, with an orange CHB crop top. Footwear is either steel toed boots or combat boots in either brown or black. On her wrists are leather wraps that hold small tools so that she can tinker away from the workshop (or pick locks). Ro is rarely seen without her steampunk styled goggles, they serve as a magnifier when she is working on her smaller projects.

Weapon: Ro usually uses a javelin with a celestial bronze tip as she is rather good at throwing. The javelin also doubles as a boe staff. The staff can work as a defense and Rowan will use a xiphoi as an offensive weapon. When the javelin is not in use it can be compacted into something similiar to a police baton. It hangs loosely from her belt.

Armor: Rowan wears the typical greek armour set. Her helm has a plume made of flames instead of horse hair (a tribute she made towards her father as he is the god of fire).
Flare is a very energetic individual, never seeming to stop moving. He enjoys collecting things and stashing them in places that can get in the way of other people. Similar to a parrot, he can pick up on words or phrases and will repeat them. (Careful what you say around him, he has gotten others in trouble before.) On occasion he will throw tantrums, which can result in the destruction of property. Flare is a fairly loyal creature, once someone has proven themselves to him. If he does become loyal to someone, he can be quite clingy.
Ro’s companion is the size of a small house cat and will often try to ride around on her shoulders (this causes problems as her hair will get caught on the creature). He was shortly created upon her arrival to Camp Half-Blood and is responsible for her facial scar.
Flare is capable of blowing fire, usually only small spurts. Due to having four eyes, his vision is excellent and he is capable of scoping out areas from above. The creature can turn into a backpack when not in use.

-Burping the alphabet
-Driving, she has a natural ability for figuring out how to operate transportation of all sorts
-Great at doing impersonations
-Quick learner
-Quick and fluidly moving hands while working
-Understanding complex blueprints
-Effective at making people uncomfortable
-Able to think of living organisms in mechanical terms
-Great thrower
-Able to create living mechanisms and compact devices/ weapons
-Sword play
-Working a forge and tools
-Accuracy in aim and projects
-Acting (she’s a bit of a theatric)
-Efficient at destroying things
-Doing detailed drawings, it took her forever to work a drawing utensil nicely
-Pyrotechnics (who doesn’t love a light show?)
-Picking locks, both magically and manually
Fatal Flaw: Too territorial of both people and property. If Rowan takes a liking towards someone (platonic or otherwise), she can become very defensive of them and will disregard her own well being. Example: Someone or something insulted her friends or her work, she will lose her cool and either insult/ lecture them or become very aggressive.
-Overly sarcastic
-Poor Communication Skills
-Thicker frame means less agility
-Hyperopia, this is why she wears magnifying goggles when working
-Duck footed, can cause her to be clumsy

-Too honest (can put her in a bad situation)
-Easily distracted
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