(OPEN) Two Ryders Are Better Than One

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(OPEN) Two Ryders Are Better Than One

Post by QTheRevolution on 8/4/2016, 10:08 pm

Emma had just finished a short jog and had decided to finish up with some relaxing by the lake. She was wearing a hot pink athletic tank top and a pair of black workout pants, along with a pair of white sunglasses. Emma found a nice soft patch of grass and laid back, closing her eyes, determined to make herself look a little less ghostly. Emma had spent a lot of time alone lately. Allison had stopped by her bunk a couple times, trying to get her out, but Emma just wasn't feeling it. She hadn't heard from her brother, MIles, in a very long time. Then again, no one had seen him in a while. He was probably asleep in the Hypnos cabin still. That's why she was excited to be seeing him that day. They'd planned on meeting at the lake that day. Emma sat up, waiting for him.

Miles came over the hill to see Emma sitting by the water. He was tired, but, then again, when wasn't he. The son of Hypnos was wearing a salmon t-shirt and a pair of light jeans, with a pair of white tennis shoes. He hurried down the hill, sliding up behind Emma wrapping his arms around her. "Hey, muskrat." Miles smiled. Emma jumped up, wrapping his arms around Miles back, "Miles!" She squealed. They sat across from each other, catching up with each other.

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