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PostSubject: Sydney DavenPort   Sydney DavenPort Icon_minitime8/6/2016, 11:55 pm

Sydney DavenPort CEa73NFWMAADbcW

Sydney DavenPort Tumblr_inline_mn2330eV9x1qz4rgp

Sydney DavenPort Tumblr_inline_mn0n4zYMK41qz4rgp

Name: Sydney DavenPort

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Adam DavenPort

God Parent: Aphrodite

Date of Birth: October 19, 1999

Place of Birth: Malibu, California

Hometown/Last Residence: Minnesota

Race/ethnicity: American, Greek

Accent: American

Skin Tone: White

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: middle of her back

Height: 5'9

Weight: 122

Body Type: athletic, hourglass, muscular, lean

Weapon: Diamond necklace that turns into a sword

Armor: Steel armor encrusted with diamonds

Pet(s): two horses- Polar Express and Knight Call

Skills/Talents: Plays hockey. Recently just committed to the University of Minnesota (UMN) to play college hockey, model, fashion designer,

Flaws: Vanity, Hubris, Ambition

Strengths: Sports, fashion, she is good at sword fighting, hardworking, enthusiasm

Weaknesses: She is too much of a perfectionist, she goes out of her way for the ones she loves, she can be to trusting

Crush: Zach Dalton

Likes: hockey, sports, fashion, boys, jewelry, makeup, nature

Dislikes: furies, weird people, monsters

Fears: tornadoes, spiders

Personality: She acts like a "mean girl/plastic", but sometimes she can be nice. She is very focused and competitive. She is smart,snobby, and athletic. She is popular. She is determined and likes to get her way. But she has a soft side and can be loving. She loves fashion and has great fashion sense. She has a great body and is very fit. She's strong and witty. She's flirtatious. She is also fast and agile. If she likes you, she can be very caring.

*can speak fluent French
*great athlete

*Amokenisis- Control over love and desire
*Charm Speaking
*has high social abilities and awareness
*Possess magical control over clothes,makeup and jewelry

Social Status: Popular

Summer or Year Rounder: Summer

Years at Camp: 5th

Life Before Camp: Sydney was born in Malibu, California. Her parents met in Greece while. Her dad, Adam DavenPort, was on a vacation with a few of his good college friends. Aphrodite just happened to be in a fashion show, that Adam attended. They fell in love. Adam happened is a retired NHL hockey player. He was dazzled by Aphrodite's beauty and charm. She went back with Adam to Malibu for awhile and there They had Sydney. Shortly after, Aphrodite had to leave, Adam was upset at her for leaving him. Sydney grew up happy, except for the fact that she never knew her mother and that her dad would act scared of her because she was a demigod. He would ignore her, because he thought she was weird. He was always away, so Sydney had a nanny. At the early age of 4 she became a model. When she was 5, she moved to Minnesota. She became a talented hockey player. She continued her modeling career and her hockey career. She grew up very rich/wealthy. She did good in school, but has ADHD and  is dyslexic, like all demigods.

Role-playing Example: The warm sun brightly gleamed across Sydney's face, causing her to have a glowing complexion. Squinting, she pulls her designer sunglasses over her ocean blue eyes. The daughter of Aphrodite swiftly walks over to the cafeteria, trying to make it in time for dinner. Smiling, she sits by her siblings at the Aphrodite table. Sydney couldn't help but feel that someone, or something was watching her from the forest. She scans the outer surroundings of the cafeteria, trying to spot anything unusual Shifting in her seat, she ignores her conscience and joins in on the table conversation.

Face claim- Candice Swanepoel
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PostSubject: Re: Sydney DavenPort   Sydney DavenPort Icon_minitime8/7/2016, 4:48 pm

[Do you want a drachma reward for this form? If yes, you'll need to add about 500 more words and adhere to the minimums for the detailed form. For now, though, I'll judge this as a regular form unless you state you want otherwise.]

- Is her sword made of Celestial Bronze?

- Please change her armor to Celestial Bronze too. (I don't think they ever described what would happen if you used non-magical metal armor to defend yourself against regular monsters, but I imagine the supply of weapons/armor made of mortal metal wouldn't be very high at all for safety reasons.)

Did she bring her horses with her to camp/do they remain home, or did she pick two she liked from the camp stables and commonly use them? (The latter option is preferred.)

Describe her ambition flaw more -- does she have too much? How does this affect her?

- Her being a great athlete would be more of a talent/skill, since Aphrodite isn't exactly a patron of athletes.

- Describe her amokinesis more. What are her limits (how long the effect can be maintained and how long her cooldown is between usages, both in number of posts)? What's her maximum range of effect? How can people resist? How much can she increase love (or even decrease it)?
- Charmspeak is not allowed.
- The high social abilities and awareness power should be moved to Talents/Skills, although if you mean she's very good at things like "sensing" love and matchmaking this should be moved to Abilities.
- What can she do with clothes/makeup/jewelry? 
- Add in limits for how long she can control them and her cooldown between usages (both in number of posts, such as "she can control these for 3 posts and must wait 5 to use this power again). 
- Also, add in a range for her power. (Ex: She must be within 10 feet of the object to control it.)

- How did Sydney get to camp?

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[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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Sydney DavenPort
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