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 Sup, Julien (private)

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PostSubject: Sup, Julien (private)   8/7/2016, 3:15 am

Sawyer was in her favourite place again: the forge. She had spent her entire day there. With all the new arrivals, the arsenal was quickly running out of weapons and she had an ever-growing list of personal orders. Her workbench was a mess of tongs, hammers and grease-stained sketches. Scrap pieces of godly bronze gleamed in a bucket. She was plunging a long blade into a bucket of quenching oil, which hissed and released jets of golden steam. Whilst it cooled on a holder she started working on the design of the grip and handle, but a timer beeped and she had to jog over to the third oven, quickly slapping a mask down on her face before opening it up.

A pile of swords had already been stacked on a nearby rack. One of them, for an Athena kid, had a grip shaped like a scroll. Another sword's handle looked like a skeletal arm, a hand clutching a topaz forming the pommel. Yeah, a topaz. Some Thanatos kids were rich and not afraid to show it.

Sawyer came back with a glowing red bronze ingot, put headphones on, and started hitting it into shape with a large hammer.


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Sup, Julien (private)
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