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 Dakota Raither - Son of Athena

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PostSubject: Dakota Raither - Son of Athena   8/12/2016, 4:45 am

Name: Dakota Raither
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Captain James Raither
God Parent: Athena
Date of Birth: March 27 1998
Place of Birth: Memorial Hospital
Hometown/Last Residence: Houston, Texas
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: American with a hint of English (Hear it in words like- Been, Cheer, Chariot, No, Monster, etc.)
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Grey-ish Blue
Hair Color: Blonde, Naturally Brown
Hair Length: Short, Sometimes Overgrown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 134 lbs
Body Type: Pear-Shaped
Appearance: Changes A Lot-
Weapon: Sword, with the greek symbol Omega on the Hilt
Armor: Silver Chestplate, Silver Helmet with Golden Headfeathers
Pet(s): Snake named Vodka
Skills/Talents: Knife Fighter, Writer, Detective
Flaws: Terrible Dyslexia, Hand Deformity on Left Hand, Clumsy, Self-Concious
Strengths: Kind, Smart, and Sly
Weaknesses: Being Hurt/Watching Others Suffer
Likes: Music, Writing, Reading, Puzzles
Dislikes: Spiders, Judgingness, Rude-ness
Fears: Spiders, the Dark
Personality: He's very odd, and mentally violent. He has a terrible sense of humor, and laughs at everything. He can be rude by mistake, and he loves to make others feel confident.
Abilities: -He's only done it once, but he can drive others insane
Powers: N/A
Social Status: ???
Summer or Year Rounder: Summer
Years at Camp: 1
Life Before Camp: He lived with his Mortal mother, she's very rude to him. All I have to say.
Role-playing Example: Dakota ran up to [insert name] and smiled, "Hello! How's your morning been?" He asked, hugging [insert name].
Notes: He's very sensitive,
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PostSubject: Re: Dakota Raither - Son of Athena   8/12/2016, 12:58 pm

Hello! Welcome to the site!

First thing I would to mention is that I moved your post from the other persons character topic, so you had your own. You are to make your own topic for your character and so I helped you out!

Now for your character,

I see you are using the detailed character form, however you don't have nearly enough detail for me to consider this a detailed form. You have two options from this point,

1) Add more detail


2) Treat it as a normal form. (You can keep the same fields if you want.)

Let me know and I will revise your form again! (:
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Dakota Raither - Son of Athena
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