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 Samuel Peterson, child of Nike

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Samuel Peterson, child of Nike Captur10

Name: Samuel Peterson
Gender: male
Mortal Parent: Carlos Peterson, a mechanic/street-racer that would do anything for sam
God Parent: Nike, Goddess of Victory
Date of Birth: 9/21/2002 (age 14)
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Hometown/Last Residence: A hotel in a backwater part of Ohio
Race/ethnicity: American, but his grandma (dads side) was mexican
Accent: American with some Mexican
Skin Tone: slight tan
Eye Color: jade green
Hair Color: light brown with bright red dyed tips
Hair Length: medium (2 1/2 inchs)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 114 Lb
Body Type: slim
Appearance: His face usually wears a confident expression, with a little scar on his left cheek, he has a very wispy mustache and a few freckles. His light brown faux hawk gleems from the excess amount of hair gel he puts in it. he usally wears a grey hoodie and black athletic pants, fingerless gloves, and nike shoes.
Weapon: a Celestial bronze knife (Scottish dirk) with silver detailing and a Kalis dagger made of Celestial Bronze, he looted them from a dead emposia

The Kalis is magic (if allowed)
Name: κόλαση λωτός (translated to Hell Lotus)
it emits heat when it touches flesh (about the heat of a warm bath)

Armor: prefers not to where any but if need be he has a suit of leather
great at hockey and basketball and football
most rogue-ish stuff (thievery, hotwiring, lockpicking)

"The world values a champion...I must avoid failure.  -  he will give up almost anything to succeed in his goal (fatal flaw)
recklessly impulsive
competitive to the max (if it means winning a football game, he will get kicked off the team to do so)
his side (the left one) is horrible burned (permanent Scar)

respects authority
respects were it is due/earned

Bad at making friends if they don't do stuff he likes to do

sports, parkour, and breaking rules

Arrogant people

jail and losing his dad

Rebellious - Cool - primarily a verbal pacifist (gives the death eye alot)

20% faster that the average person at his age
10% faster reflexes than an average human

when fighting a very strong opponent, a hydra for example, he can channel his need for victory into one attack (a pinpoint arrow shot, a insanely quick and hard sword swing) after this he is highly drained (trying to fight would be like moving through tar) [usable once per fight, fights must have at-least 3 hours in-between each other]

He can recharge him self from fatigue (can't be fatigue from his power) with a burst of energy lasts for 15 mins, then the amount of strain/fatigue he had before he used it is doubled [usable once a day for 15mins, must be in one shot]

Social Status: loner, except when hes hanging with the Hermes or Nike kids
Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder, his dad thinks its safer for him hear
Years at Camp: 3, claimed at the second year winter solstice

Life Before Camp:
(Narrator: lets go back to where it all began)
  His dad met Nike at a street race, he fell in love almost instantly. They dated for about a month and then married, 11 months later she left. Sam was left in the care of his dad and step mom, Patrisha. Sam went to a normal school and joined the football team in fourth grade. He played football in the summer and fall, and hockey in the winter. He had friends, but his best friend was Darren Oakley (a satyr), he was a trumpet player in the band. At the end of the year program for his sixth grade year, a photographer tried to kill him and another halfblood named Jack, Jack died, but Darren saved Sam. Darren took him straight to his dads home where the both got plane tickets to as close to Camp halfblood as they could. they ran the rest of the way, only stopping once for supplies and twice for monsters, once a hellhound ponced ontop of Sam, Sam slashed the beast like a madman with the knife he had, but Darren killed it with his spear. Then, another emposia attacked them and Darren was badly wounded. They finally made it to camp after 5 days of trekking.

Role-playing Example:
{Ok, go up on the stage, smile, get your certificate, and get off the stage} Sam thought to himself as he waited in line. It was the end of his sixth grade school year, he was ready for summer, because summer meant football. Darren just stepped off the stage, it was his turn. He walked up on the stage, smiled and the photographer took his picture, grabbed the certificate and briskly walked off stage and over to Darren. "So you ready for the party?" Sam asked Darren. They have been planning an end of the year party since the school year started. "I, I think so" Darren said skiddishly. "Whats wrong" Sam said. "Nothing, its nothing" Darren answered. The photographer walked over to them, in the sun her red hair seemed to be smoldering, Darren grabbed his favorite pen and unscrewed the cap. Darren pushed Sam to the ground, Sam hit the ground with an "Uhgh" and when he looked back at Darren he noticed something strange, little horns sticking out of his hair, then he glanced at the pen, well where the pen was a second ago, now it was a full length spear, impaled through a demon lady with a goat leg and a metal leg.

"Whats going on" Sam said fearfully. "Bathroom" Darren replied. They ran off to the men's bathroom, that's when Sam noticed how Darren ran, it was more of a canter mixed with a skip.
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Samuel Peterson, child of Nike
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