Luna Moonlight-Chione's daughter/ a HUNTRESS to be!

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Luna Moonlight-Chione's daughter/ a HUNTRESS to be!

Post by lunamoonlight on 9/5/2016, 1:03 pm

Name: Luna Moonlight
Mortal Parent: Selena Moonlight
God Parent: Chione
Date of Birth: 28 September 2002
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: French and British
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Length: Mid-back length, Waterfall braided
Height: 168
Weight: 52 kg
Body Type: slim
Appearance: Her skin and hair glows at night. She wears a snowflake hairpin
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Armor: made out of bronze(silver coloured) with some shiny moonstones. Bulletproof.
Pet(s): Gray Wolf
Skills/Talents: Archery and athletic
Flaws: Loosing friends
Strengths: Lively, Athletic
Weaknesses: Clumsy
Likes: Music and playing in the snow
Dislikes: Hot places and old music
Fears: Loosing friends, easy to be influenced
Personality: Brave, elegant, loyal, hardworking, mysterious
Abilities: Able to stay in the snowy days for a very long time
Powers: Control snow and ice, freeze anything she wants
Years as Hunter: 2 years but really fit in well
Life Before the Hunters: Studied at Musical Academy. Always been hunted by monsters
Roleplaying Example: I'm late!!! I run as fast as I could so I don't have to pay. As I run a thing stopped me. I never seen anything so big and ugly as that thing before! Without knowing anything I punched the thing and suddenly it freezes into ice.
Notes: Boys are such a waste of times!

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