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 Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate

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PostSubject: Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate   Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate Icon_minitime10/17/2016, 8:40 pm

Name: Leonard Hallows
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Albert Hallows
God Parent: Hecate
Date of Birth: 1997
Place of Birth: America
Hometown/Last Residence: Boston
Race/ethnicity: German
Skin Tone: noticeable pale
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 138.3 lb
Body Type: Lean,

Appearance: he has a lean, pale body underneath his fancy clothing, he wears white gloves, and fancy suit with a nice, green tie

Weapon: His weapon of choice is a Celestial bronze rapier with a heavy gemstone on the bottom of the hilt, he often disguises it as a cane and uses it as a cane. The gemstone is actually also a disguised vial for some form of poison or a concoction that he wishes to test, his blade is poisoned with the vial.

Skills/Talents: Fencing, manipulation, utilizing charm, pretending, alchemy

Flaws: Major superiority complex, often throws fits when nothing goes his way, sociopathic tendencies

Strengths: Manipulation, composure, analyzing information, gaining favor from others,

Weaknesses: ignorance towards his comrades, very frail loyalty, paranoia, too much faith in his own abilities

Likes: loyalty from others, sparkling apple juice, dark chocolate, concocting, learning about minor gods and their stories

Dislikes: being ignored, everything going against his plans, Gum, Pomegranate juice, milk and cheese

Fears: Being forgotten, dying before he completes his goal

Personality: Leonard gives off a persona of being considerate, charming, and a very social person, this is all a front, as he is actually only looking for pawns to fight with him. He has an incredibly analytical mind, analyzing whoever he meets for their strengths and weaknesses in combat, he is incredibly confident in and out of combat, thoroughly believing himself to be destined for godhood, he refuses to believe he could die before reaching this goal. He acts as though he firmly believes that combat is pointless when he truly desires some form of war in which he could arise as a war hero. He doesn’t really care about anyone other than himself, and sees anyone or anything else as a means to achieve his aspirations, one way or another. He prides himself in being able to find a use for anyone he meets, no matter how useless they seem. He also dislikes whenever those he considers useful feel down, and he would try to cheer them up, his personal motto is “Every cog in a machine is important, whether you take center stage or if you just rotate with the rest of the gears, without one cog, the whole product could collapse in on itself."

Fencing: He is proficient in Fencing, and specializes in defensive parries and counterattacks,
Perceptive: He can accurately guess what kind of person he’s talking to in 6 posts of conversation.
Alchemist: He has advanced knowledge on various poisons and their antidotes. His own concoction, an effective hallucinatory stimulant, takes hold in 4 posts after administration from his blade.

Mist Manipulation: He may manipulate the mist to his will, but he noticed it had limited potency, as he could only make the opponent see what they wanted to. He often uses hallucinatory drugs to amplify its properties.
Summer or Year Rounder: year Rounder
Years at Camp: 1

Life Before Camp: He was raised by a high-ranking family until he was 17 and officially an adult, to where he was abandoned, as he wasn't an explained child, seeming to appear, he wasn't abandoned until he was an adult because his father wished to avoid legal issues, as he was a child, he slowly learned how to manipulate and blackmail his father, and also learned how to show people what they wanted to see. He also took private classes in fencing, until he was incredibly proficient with an epee which he uses in combat, as well as his skills in alchemy, which he learned through research and large amounts of trial and error, often testing the results on a range of small rodents all the way to his own pets. After he was abandoned, his father was courteous enough to inform Leonard of Camp Half-Blood, as well as its whereabouts, which he learned from Hecate when they met.

Notes: He is allergic to dogs. They give him hives.
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Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate Empty
PostSubject: Re: Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate   Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate Icon_minitime12/17/2016, 1:25 am

Typically how strong is the poison he uses for his weapon? What are the effects of some of them and can they be healed by antidotes/effects fade over time?

- This section is preserved for supernatural abilities like speaking to your god parent's sacred animals, sensing certain things, etc, so fencing and being perceptive would belong in the skills/talents or strengths sections. If the "Alchemist" ability is something he picked up through his own study this would be the same, although as goddess of witchcraft he could possibly have some innate talents with this.
- For reference: How effective is the hallucinatory stimulant? Will the effect fade after time or is an antidote required?

- How long can he maintain his Mist manipulation in number of posts?
- What's the largest thing he can alter through this/how much at most can he alter surroundings or objects?
- How long must he rest in between usages of this power?

- You seem to use commas quite a lot when not necessary; if you go back and replace a lot of them with periods you'd meet the minimum of 5 sentences quite easily.
- Describe his life before being abandoned -- how did he do in school? Did  he make any friends?

You're missing an RP Example (minimum of 5 sentences). It's like writing a story from your charater's point of view. For example:
Kendall wrote:
Dorian, sitting there in his chair with a frown of intense thought, scratched his chin as he watched nymphs whizz past them carrying plates, full of food or scraps and napkins. From what he could smell and see, it was definitely a barbecue day -- which were his favorite days of the week, even though they came fairly often. If there was one thing he could endure monotonous chores for, it was the food at the mess hall. "Maybe some grilled chicken and fries? I don't know, I could eat a pegasus right now -- I would, if Reyna and all the mounted soldiers wouldn't murder me."

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Leonard Hallows, son of Hecate
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