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 Giovanna's bunk

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PostSubject: Giovanna's bunk   10/19/2016, 7:52 am

Giovanna's bunk was pretty neat - scruffy here and there maybe, an arrow sticking out from under the bed and the leg sticking out of a pair of skinny jeans that hadn't quite made it into her chest of drawers, but still - in general, pretty neat. The most meticulously organized area had to be, of course, the vanity with her stores of makeup, sorted, sorted and triple sorted by colour, purpose, brand, you name it.

On the floor was a soft woollen rug, and a bow and a quiver of arrows were propped up against the bed; a set of custom armour, made herself with a dove beautifully engraved across the chest piece, was as terrifying as it was beautiful, resembling its owner quite well. Above the bed, on the wall, was pinned a collage of photographs; they.mostly portrayed her with her friends at CHB, training and having fun together, but there were also a few pictures of a middle-aged couple and a small, perpetually grinning boy with dark hair just like hers.
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Giovanna's bunk
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