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 About Amaya dawn Starr

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PostSubject: About Amaya dawn Starr   About Amaya dawn Starr Icon_minitime10/23/2016, 7:08 pm

Name: Amaya Dawn Starr
Eyes:Blue with grey flecks
Body Type:lean
Skin Color:olive
God Parent: Hectate
Mortal Parent: Matthew starr
Country of Origin:America
Pets:A dog named Caos
Talents: painting, sword fighting, running, tree climbing, drawing, exercising, reading
Weapon**:Short sword
Personality:Athletic, caring, courageous, hard working, intelligent, kind, mature, loyal, observant, skillful, strong,
Flaws:Name: Blunt, impatient, reckless
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): control the mist, create fire, generate cold,  sheilding myslef from tracking abilitys from monsters,  levitate objects,
Life Before Camp*: Amaya Starr was never like normal children, she could do things that other kids couldn't, and was often called a freak and was moved around from foster home to foster home because they would find out and send her away. She ran into the wilderness one night, with her stuff packed in a bag and slung over her shoulder. After a while she felt like someone was fallowing her, she turned around with a kitchen knife and shouted " who's there?" then a satyr walks out, and tells her about demigods and leads her to camp half-blood.
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PostSubject: Re: About Amaya dawn Starr   About Amaya dawn Starr Icon_minitime12/17/2016, 1:31 am

Is her sword made of Celestial bronze?

Add some more to her personality.

You might want to remove the "Name" part from her Flaws section.

- You'll need limits for all these powers, including duration and how long she must rest between usages (both in number of posts, formatted as "can use for x number of posts but must rest y number of posts before using again").
- How much can she control the Mist/what's the largest thing she can alter?
- How much fire can she create and how hot?
- How does she generate cold -- does she make the surrounding area drop in temperature?
- Elaborate on her shielding ability some more. Do you mean the monsters can't smell her/sense her power?
- What's the largest thing she can levitate?

- When did her magic powers start manifesting?
- How old was she when she ran away?
- How did the satyr find her? Was he just wandering around, or...?

RP Example:
- You're missing this section, which requires a minimum of 5 sentences. It's like writing a story from your character's point of view. For example:
Kendall wrote:
Dorian, sitting there in his chair with a frown of intense thought, scratched his chin as he watched nymphs whizz past them carrying plates, full of food or scraps and napkins. From what he could smell and see, it was definitely a barbecue day -- which were his favorite days of the week, even though they came fairly often. If there was one thing he could endure monotonous chores for, it was the food at the mess hall. "Maybe some grilled chicken and fries? I don't know, I could eat a pegasus right now -- I would, if Reyna and all the mounted soldiers wouldn't murder me."

Kendall (Ares) Archer (Hecate) Avie (Soter) Stella (Ouranos) Aidan (Pyriphlegethon) Tempest (Aeolus) Bee (Melisseus) Nelly (Apollo) Benji (Thoth) Dana (Odyne) Mason (Hermes) Darwin (Hephaestus) Lucy (Somnus; First Cohort)Dorian (Legacy of Mefitis; Third Cohort)Ellie (Dionysus; Hunter of Artemis)

[4 free slots --> Terra, Kai, Rosalie, and Mina are gone]

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About Amaya dawn Starr
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