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 James O'Neill [wip, noticed Circe wasn't an available goddess]

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PostSubject: James O'Neill [wip, noticed Circe wasn't an available goddess]   James O'Neill [wip, noticed Circe wasn't an available goddess] Icon_minitime11/22/2016, 4:02 am

Name: “James O’Neill”

Age: “16”

Gender: “male… I guess I mean you can check down there but do you REALLY want to”

Eyes: Brown (though with my mother’s magic I could probably change it)

Hair: I suppose dark brown or black I mean it depends on the lighting

Height: “ 6’00” “

Body Type: “I mean I’m pretty tall, people call me fat but honestly they don’t know that its muscle…. Mostly”

Skin Color: “I mean how would describe a half Korean/half German kid who has tanned in the sunlight? “

God Parent: Circe

Mortal Parent: “Alexander O’Neill, he’s amazing and if you insult him you will have to deal with me”

Country of Origin: “America”

Pets: “my family has a a bad track record with animals we can never keep them healthy or in their correct form”

Talents: “Talents huh. To be quite honest I don’t know, but here are some things others have told me I have. Ever since I was young people have constantly said that I have eyes like an x–ray, I mean that’s cool and all, but I gained this ability after spending a lot of time studying my Dad’s books and watching the people in the ER waiting to be helped. All I did was went up to those who were hurt and guessed their affliction. After being seen, they came and told me the results. Though I never remember being wrong. Another that I think I am good at is unarmed fighting. I mean I know how to use a weapon but my fists feel best and that’s how I fight.”

Weapon**: “these weird bronze knuckles (kind of like brass knuckles) my dad had given me, he said that its materials were the only physical gift from mom that had been given to him. They’re relatively simple and effect with three spikes on each fist in order to puncture the opponent as I punch them.”

Personality: “I would say my personality is FANTASTIC”
Roleplayer’s note (I am going to be switching to third person) : James’ personality can be all explained in one word: Awkward. He is classified, as per the Myers Briggs personality test, as an intj or an (I)ntroverted i(N)tuitive (T)hinking (J)udging person. So as a person in public, he seems to others to be cold and calculating with a stone wall for a face, but actually he is usually thinking about pressing matters or a person. He was given a personal moral compass, and abides by that compass much of the time, usually trying not to stray from what he learned were the norms of society. Unless the people are generally absent-minded or stupid, he'll treat anyone with respect, but not necessarily kindness. Where he shows kindness is with his friends, and he would do anything for them.

A few peculiar things to note about this character, is if he is with a person he likes he will clam up and not speak to them. This is because as he tries to communicate with them, he usually forgets what he wants to talk about and then fails to speak, making his sigh or groan and make some stupid complaint about something in his life. Due to his nature, he then finds it better to become silent and sometimes not acknowledge a person's presence for that reason, especially. He also thinks constantly about a person he “likes”, not always extremely fond things necessarily because he is usually scared that he will be told to stop talking or pursuing them. He even loses sleep due to this fact and at times you will see his eyes bloodshot due to that fact. Despite that, he still will be obsessed.

"Hey don’t blame me ok, I’m a general romanticist, though I can be quite cynical at times as well"

The way he treats other people around him is usually with an original silence to something of a professional talk to them about what they are doing and what purpose in which it seems like he is conducting business with them. Generally, he finds being around people tiring but necessary, thus he has developed some communication skills that he uses to greet friend candidates, which is more colloquial in nature.

Flaws: James is weak mentally. That is, he overthinks things into oddly large proportions, and then worries about it. Thus, causing him to second guess himself constantly. This second-guessing leads to his second mental flaw, his constant self-degrading. He often calls himself an idiot, blockhead, stupid and other derogatory terms as if chastising himself for things. This constantly degrades at his own concept of self-worth, causing him to believe those around him are somehow better than him, and thus he tries to make himself bigger than he really is to compensate for his perceived inferiority.
He also has problems dealing with people. Not the type of edgy problems where a character would assert that he is a “lone wolf” but more akin to that of a shy child who doesn’t like people because he or she is not used to talking to others. This problem resulted from his personal experiences in his dad’s office and how he had spent a lot of time reading books rather than actually going outside to “play with the other kids.” He has one physical issue that annoys the heck out of him: his hair which can never be combed down. It always made him look like someone had just went up to him and messed up his hair, thus ruining any look that he would try to pull off.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
James has three notable physical and learned abilities that he has gained without the help of his godly mother: the ability to see and understand injury even though he can’t heal it himself(which is borne from his understanding of the human body), the natural talent for fighting that the majority of demigods have, and the innate knowledge of compounds and mixtures that allows him to make odd and, in time, slightly scary solutions.
James ability to see and comprehend injuries and knowledge of chemical compounds and their effects comes from his extensive study into his father’s books (even with dyslexia) as well as the amount of time he had listened to his dad’s lectures on the body. His dad intended for James to be at least as successful as himself and as such James’ dad made no quarter for the dyslexia. As a result, James had picked up on many things that his dad wanted to teach him, but being dyslexic and having ADHD was a problem that he had to come to terms with before he was actually able to learn.
The natural talent for fighting comes innate to all of the demigods, so the explanation is relatively simple as it is commonly known that these “mental diseases” are actually assets in order to help the survival of the character.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
James’ ability allows him to either create or enhance potions or mixtures, even mortal ones. Circe’s influence on James can be seen though his potions and their special effects.

James can enhance mortal drinks because he uses his knowledge of chemical compounds and their effects allows him to use his powers in order to advance the effectiveness of these mixtures. One example of these powers in action is when it is used on a redbull. What he is able to do is allow people who consumed the draught do actually preform feats of strength, stamina, and speed that are portrayed in their commercials as well as other abilities that can be used with enhanced strength, stamina, and speed for a short period of time. The drawback to this method that there is a time of “tanking” where the demigod who used this draught will experience a large drop in their ability after the effect wears off.  “There will always be an equal yet opposite reaction.”

James’ second ability that he has gained as a result of his mother’s influence is the ability to make more traditional potions that can be seen throughout the stories that have included potions and draughts. One prime example of this is his own mother’s potion that was designed to turn Odysseus and his crew into pigs. Of course, his potions are never permanent but they do have the same effect. Another potion he can create is a potion that has effects similar to ambrosia (actually it was derived from ambrosia) and allows for demigods to heal faster, though not at the pace at which the nectar of the gods would have healed them. These abilities are currently what James knows but he isn’t limited and tries to find new potions to create constantly.

Life Before Camp*:
James’ life before camp was extremely difficult as he was held to mortal genius level of standards and was expected to perform as such regardless of difficulty or his own mental “setbacks” as his dad called them. His typical day started with him waking up at around 7 O’clock and starting his studies in his room. His father, who was scared of potential monsters, didn’t send James public school but instead decided to homeschool him. James would usually continue to study until lunch where he would take a break for lunch and then get back to studying. After he finished studying his materials for the day he tended to go and visit his dad’s medical practitioners office to understand what his father did for a living. James found it amazing that even though he knew the different things that were used; he didn’t know how they helped to heal the body.

This lifestyle went on for many years of James life until what all demigods had to face reared its ugly head. The day started like any other, his alarm went off at 7:00 and he went about his regular routine. Math…. English…. Science… History…. Chemistry….. biology….. done. James checked the clock and right as he looked away he saw his dad struggle with a large…. Hellbeast? Why would something as abhorrent to science actually exist? Why was his father fighting it? Why…? James didn’t have time to ask these questions; he grabbed his only weapon (the weird bronze glowy brass knuckles) and donned them as he raced down the stairs. His father barely fended off the beast as it advanced on the house, so when James came out his father naturally looked over at James and told him silently to run. James made a pivotal decision, he ignored his father’s advice and attacked. James punched hard and eventually was able to make the hound…. Disintegrate? James didn’t understand, but he saw his father shed a tear. “why do you cry dad?” James asked. “because I am going to lose you to your heritage, I am now going to send you to a camp, and it is likely that we will not see each other for a long time, so I want to say… I love you son, and I was too hard on you” James’ father trudged inside and called a number. “James pack your bags you are going to New York.”

James did as he was told and eventually ended up as a year rounder in camp half blood.

RP Example*:
"I hate boats......I hate boats..... I hate boats...... boats are hellish pieces of poop."

If Alex had known that he would have had to have been on a boat he would have packed some medicine, but sadly he had been misinformed. As a consequence, as he rode to foresta he felt that each wave was a mountain and each slight breeze would knock the boat over. He imagined the waves that were around the boat would crash upon him and carry him out to sea, which would cause (as he thought) any sane person to have a uneasy stomach and a throbbing brain. Sadly, his uneasy stomach forced him to extricate his food through his esophagus and over the side of the ship. This hellish ride (at least in his mind) continued for hours on end until he saw the land in front of him.

"Thank the lords the land is here!"

Alex endured, just barely, the rest of the boat ride as it pulled into a place near the port. While Alex, who was still very seasick, didn't like the boat, he wasn't quite ready to get off yet so he stared at the Port area admiring the sight of the first land he had seen in a while. Alex breathed in after he had collected himself and stepped off of the boat and fell sideways

The combination of his seasickness and (for lack of a better term) sea legs, which is a common occurrence after being on a ship, caused him to lose balance. After he felt that he could get up, he slowly brought himself up and followed a sign that pointed to foresta. This sign lead him through a forest and to the front gates of the school.


Thats when Alex realized a crucial fact. He didn't know where anything was or how to get anywhere. Alex, not knowing what to do just stood there looking puzzled, hoping that he would see someone and they would get him acquainted with the school. Alex then saw a boy with odd pink and gold eyes, and as he called out the the person, Alex was ignored. Due to this, Alex didn't know what to do and eventually just sat down his bags and hoped someone would actually help him.

Any notes about your characters:
He’s a bit sensitive and wants a girlfriend ;)

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James O'Neill [wip, noticed Circe wasn't an available goddess]
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