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This is War J9sv0m
Name: Kato Jäger
Age: 19
Gender: male
Eyes: ice blue
Hair: brunette
Height: 6’2”
Body Type: athletic, almost football player like
Skin Color: golden
Mother: Bellona- Roman goddess of war
Father: Alexander Jäger
Legacy of: Tellus-Roman God of the underworld.
Country of Origin: Australia
Talents: surfing, skateboarding and DJing
Weapon**: twin swords in Imperial gold
Personality: Kato is a bit of a hard @ss when it comes to training and learning about ways to fight, blame his mother for that. He is a leader amongst his friends and takes matters related to matters of his Roman family and his mortal family very seriously and personally. You won’t ever see him cry and nine times out of ten when he’s upset he punches things, people and pretty much anything else. Another matter that sets him off is when people figure out that he is indeed Bi. It’s become a less sensitive topic but even still he dislikes when people question him about it, it wasn’t something he chose he was born liking men and women. He dislikes his appearance and flaws and in doing so tends to work out way more than the rest of the kids at camp and even some of the adults. In doing so, to try and ignore his flaws, he tends to drink away his problems and for a time he was a hard alcoholic but after going cold turkey he isn’t AS bad as he used to be, with the exception of events in which he drinks a lot. On another end of the spectrum there is the fact that he can be cruel for no reason and typically to anyone he wishes to. He somehow enjoys seeing others upset or angry as well and in turn pokes and prods until content.
Flaws: anger issues, hates being found out as being bisexual, dislikes appearance, bit of an alcoholic, cruel
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): Kato knows everything about any weapon he holds or uses and how to expertly use it as well. He can also see and communicate with any and all ghosts as well as hellhounds.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Prowess in Battle- In one battle/fight per topic, for a maximum of seven posts, Kato has the ability to double his physical and mental skills in combat. So where he hits with 80lbs of force per square inch its now notched to 140 and so on. His speed doubles as does his thought in battle and strength. The only thing that does not double is the number of hits he can take before being felled or seriously injured. In doing so he tends to avoid using Prowess unless something happens to where he feels like it is necessary or he’s showing off in a training fight.
Life Before CJ*: Despite a very Germanic name Kato grew up in Sydney, Australia with his father, his older sister Aya and their dog Max. From a very young age Kato was always a bit harsh with other kids, minus his family, and when they would cry or get hurt he would often laugh or give a very evil smirk. He had a pretty normal upbringing, fought often, got in trouble just as often, and surfed with Aya every weekend of his life. It wasn’t until he was his middle school that he started to really get out of hand and sent one kid to the hospital with a broken nose. After receiving in school suspension for a good while he ended up beginning to take lessons in MMA style fighting and used that, as well a vigorous working out, as a way to channel his anger. From then on he became a bit more level headed but still fought at times. It wasn’t until his sister moved to the US that he began seeing weird shadows and figures when he would be at the beach. After talking to his sister about it she confessed to the same thing. Soon after that a wolf appeared before him and began telling him about his sister and her progress at the training house and that she was there to collect him as well. As it would seem his sister was a demigoddess of Voluptas and he was a child of Bellona, which explained his violence in the past. After a bit more persuasion and a confession from his father the teen packed his things and at fifteen he moved to the states to begin training with his sister and other demigods. Due to his training in MMA before he finished training before his sister, in about seven months, and was then inducted to training at camp Jupiter. Despite other campers treating it both as training and a regular summer camp Kato spent most of his days only training no matter what.
RP Example*: n/a
Any notes about your characters: Zac Efron if the FC. He also doesn't have a legit pet but theres a hellhound he befriended and often spends time with named Grimore.
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This is War
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