Jeremy the son of Hecate

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Jeremy the son of Hecate

Post by Jeremy Blackwood on 12/9/2016, 3:31 pm

Name: Jeremy Blackwood
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Eyes: change with emotion
Hair: White
Height: 6'2
Body Type: Lean and slightly muscular
Skin Color: light tan
God Parent: Hecate
Mortal Parent: Jason Kuromori
Country of Origin: Japan
Pets: Fox
Talents: Drawing, painting, poetry and crafting
Weapon**: Two Katana
made of celestial bronze a single Wazikashi of imperial gold
Personality: Nice, loyal, silent, odd, responsible and kind
Flaws: Very stubborn and tends to be rude at times
Abilities (must relate to god parent;
optional): Colour
of eyes always change according to mood or emotion
Powers (must relate to god parent;
optional): Magic
Life Before Camp*: Before he came to Camp Half Blood he was a run away and a trouble maker. He would always be involved in fights, fighting either with peers or teachers. He was the type of child that could never stay still for more than 5 minutes and was always distant in class, often day dreaming and tapping on his desk to keep busy. From the age of 8 his father enrolled him into a Samurai Kenjutsu course, learning the art of Bushido and kenjutsu. He became excellent in the art of sword fighting and although he grew tired of this constant training and left the course. As he grew his magic became stronger powered mostly by his imagination, he learned how to control his magic partially learning how change the form of small object by will often using his god power to do pranks earning him a bad reputation. His father often punishing him brutally. One day he finally had enough of it and ran away living of what ever he could find. One day he finally learned how to change objects to what he desired and used this to his advantage. Got himself a fake passport and ID and enough money for him to move to the states. When he got there he met a satyr that told him of his lineage and how he was a son of the goddess of magic. He finally understood why he had never seen his mother before or why his father never talked about her. He decided to make his way to Camp Half Blood along the way he almost got killed by a harpy during this fight he fall on a boulder that damaged his nervous system and connected his optical nerves to the nerves that control his magic making his eyes constantly change color and enhance them giving him the ability to create and control fire,water,snow/ice and air at the focal point of his eye sight from that day on.
RP Example*: I stood at the edge the hill over looking the Camp, I reached inside my enchanted bag and took out my sketch pad and started drawing what I saw: camper busy training, pegesi flying across the sky, another explosion from the Hepheastus cabin a few of my sisters playing around with enchanted fire balls a usual day in Camp Half Blood. I hear a few twigs snap I look backwards to see Shiro (my pet fox) staring at me I smile as my eyes turn blue and I make a small puddle of water that turns into a small dragon that starts chasing the little fox I small and decide to go Chiron to get my next quest
Any notes about your characters: Easily angered
Jeremy Blackwood

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Re: Jeremy the son of Hecate

Post by Kendall on 12/17/2016, 12:56 am

Please select one natural color for his eyes; we don't allow them to change for emotion.

Is his hair naturally white or dyed?

Foxes count as exotic pets, which you need to win in a mystery box from the site store. Please remove/change it.

I'm going to say no to the Wazikashi of Imperial gold since that's only for Roman kids; please change it to Celestial bronze.

Add much more to his personality.

Add another flaw.

- Eye color changing is not allowed, so please remove this.
- Elaborate on "magic." What can he do with it and what are his limits? (Duration and cooldown between usages in number of posts, limit of times per topic)

- When did his magic powers start to manifest?
- He could change the form of small objects? As in completely turn them into something else -- or did he use the Mist to disguise them?
- How did he meet the satyr?
- I should point out that in the PJO Universe there probably aren't specific "nerves" that help him control magic.
- You should list all these spells he can use under his Powers section.

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