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 Raz and Taryn

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PostSubject: Raz and Taryn   Raz and Taryn Icon_minitime12/26/2016, 6:07 pm

Name: Sharazad "Raz" Amaria
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: She's about 5'8"
Body Type: Average, a little bit on the model side due to sheer luck
Skin Color: Darker brown.
God Parent: Tyche, the Greek Goddess of Fortune
Mortal Parent: Her father is Jamshid Amaria.
Country of Origin: Her father was from an unnamed Arabic country, but Raz considers herself to be fully American.
Pets: No.
Talents: Raz never worked on improving herself, so no.
Weapon**: Raz uses a Celestial Bronze spear.
Personality: Raz is as easy-going as they come, and never fails to find the easy way out.
Flaws: Because things just naturally fall into place, Raz has never worked hard on something in her life. She drifted through school and scored all A's without bothering to learn a thing. She lets fortune take over instead of actually working. Thus, her fatal flaw is Lack of Ambition.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): N/A
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): If Raz doesn't really try at something, then chances are she'll do it pretty well.
Life Before Camp*: She was raised by her father, Jamshid Amaria, who pretty much let her do whatever she want. After all, she couldn't seem to hurt herself if she tried. She drifted through school, scoring all A's without bothering to learn a thing, and had a more or less normal childhood save for the fact that she she had a goddess for a mother. When a rogue harpy attacked her and her best friend, Taryn, her father decided it was time to take up on Chiron's offer and send Raz to camp.
RP Example*: Raz balanced perfectly on a curb as she ran home from school, deliberately not thinking about anything she was doing. It was harder work than someone might give one credit for, Raz noted. People who don't even try ought to be respected more. She was in a bit of a philosophical mood, which was hardly a good thing. She needed Taryn there to keep her from being so serious. Of course, it's difficult to not be serious when one is being chased by a harpy.
Raz slammed into a wooden gate, sneakers pounding on asphalt as a harpy squawked angrily from behind her. Panting heavily, the demigod ran up the fire-escape of her apartment. She knew what was coming next. She was going to be sent away from home, away from her best friend, away from everything.
Dang Harpy.
Any notes about your characters:

Name: Taryn Makos
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'10"
Body Type: Taryn is muscular and sporty, with almost no curves to her body.
Skin Color: Pale
God Parent: Mania, the Greek Goddess of Insanity
Mortal Parent: Drake Makos, a well-meaning but mentally-ill man.
Country of Origin: America, although Drake had Danish ancestors.
Pets: No.
Talents: Taryn is a pretty sporty person, although she could never stick to a single sport. Her real talents are coming up with brilliant plans (in her opinion) and rubbing people the wrong way.
Weapon**: Celestial Bronze spear, just like Raz's.
Personality: She refuses to ever take anyone's help, save maybe Raz from time to time. But she also insists on helping those she cares about or considers to be innocent. In her own mind, she's a shepherd, a guardian of the helpless. And when it comes to wolves, she has no mercy.
Flaws: Self-Reliance. Dunno if insanity could count as a fault. It's been rather a pleasure in her opinion.
Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional): N/A
Powers (must relate to god parent; optional): She can cause people to make decisions they normally would not and, if they have enough exposure to her, can even cause bouts of dementia/schizophrenia/all sorts of pleasantry.
Life Before Camp*: Taryn was raised by her father, Drake Makos. He was nutty as a dadgum fruitcake, which is what attracted Mania in the first place. But he was relatively well-meaning in his disillusions, which is why Taryn preferred to not let him know about monster attacks, getting in trouble with Raz if they ever got caught, her terrible grades, etc. When Raz was sent to Camp Halfblood, Taryn told her father that she had been accepted into a gifted school, a lie he happily believed.
RP Example*: Taryn tapped her fingers on the car's door handle, looking impatiently out the window. The rhythm was never the same, which would have driven anyone other than Raz nuts.
"Are we there yet?" she demanded for the seventh time.
Suddenly, the car flipped forward. Taryn saw it all in a strangely calm slow-motion.
Ah. We're here! she thought happily before the car slammed into the ground.
Any notes about your characters:
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PostSubject: Re: Raz and Taryn   Raz and Taryn Icon_minitime12/26/2016, 7:04 pm

[Next time, for easier organization for form-checking, please put each character form in a separate topic.]


Add more to the personality.

For both Flaws, LBC, and Powers, her being able to do things with minimal effort and happen to do them well is a bit much even for having Tyche as a mother; please change this.

- How old was she when the harpy attack happened?


- Define "insanity."
- Add another flaw.

- How does she cause people to "make decisions they normally would not?"
- How long can she use either power for (in number of posts)?
- How long can either effect last (in number of posts)?
- How can people resist either power?

- How exactly did she get through life with her father's apparent mental illness? What did he do for a living, did no teachers notice her grades and try to see what was going on in her personal life, etc?
- How common were monster attacks in her childhood, and at what age did they start?
- What kinds of monsters attacked?

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Raz and Taryn
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