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Considering Samantha is a 14 year old, she has an interesting bunk. Sense she was a new arrival, she had a small, dark bunk bed.
Under her bed she owns a box filled with her most treasured items. Including: Her papas picture, a small blade, a journal which holds her secret thoughts and her bestfriend, James, bracelet he gave to her after he saved her from a cyclopes, sacrificing his life for her safety. (soon after he died Samantha developed depression, so she cuts herself).
She also owns a small dresser, considering she doesn't fancy clothes as much as some girls, a large, wood desk, and a bookshelf.
Her bunk bed has a purple comforter, gray pillows, and a book light. She prefers the top bunk, because it gives her privacy, and either way hardly anyone even makes an effort to get to know her. Although she suffers depression, she tries to make sure no one knows about it, by always trying to pretend to be happy.
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OOC: Hi! Please wait until your character is approved to post in the RP area :)


Click on the gifs

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for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)
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Samantha's Bunk
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