My Experience With Relation To 8% of the Population

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My Experience With Relation To 8% of the Population

Post by Milocross on 1/22/2017, 12:26 am

PTSD is sitting in a dark room with the walls closing.
PTSD is choosing whether to keep your symptoms or take mind-fogging pills.
PTSD is sleeping 3-4 hours a night.
PTSD is remembering more nightmares than good dreams.
PTSD is getting set off, or "triggered", by the dumbest crap.
PTSD is either being ready to fight everyone around you or being scared of everyone
PTSD is being loud and obnoxious and hateful for the sake of building a barrier.
PTSD is sitting in your room all day with full knowledge that you're wasting your life away.
PTSD is having a 2.61 GPA because you've never been able to concentrate in class or on homework.
PTSD is giving up your money to a therapist.
PTSD is experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, etc.
PTSD is being Daria one day and Quinn the other.
PTSD is pushing my friends out of my life.
PTSD is regretting pushing my friends out of my life when they abandon me.
PTSD is sharing your life story with your homeroom by accident.
PTSD is being extremely impulsive.

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