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Name: Cassia January Bevout

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Indigo Paris Bouvet Wilson is a model. She has a very thick French accent, though it only is for show. Her parents immigrated from France, and she decided to copy the accent. Indigo grew up in California, and went to top schools. She was never a good student, and relied on her pretty, delicate face. Indigo had the most beautiful blue eyes, and she always enjoined pointing out her pretty face. Indigo was fifteen when she met Jared. He was a handsome young man, yet her parents never approved. Jared was an artist, and they had other plans for Indigo. She was to become a lawyer. Unfortunately, Jared died in a car accident, and Indigo was so distressed she ran away. Indigo was eighteen, and had recently graduated high school. After running away, Indigo got into modeling. The loss of Jared ruined the girl. Before he died, she was sweet and caring, but now it was as if she never had a heart. Indigo was obsessed with getting Jared back, and constantly tried to communicate with him. She hosted séances and rituals. These caught Thanatos's attention. He grew curious about the beautiful woman who tried to communicate with the late Jared. Indigo lived near the Hollywood sign, near the entrance to the Underworld. He began to visit her constantly. At this point, Indigo had decided to put Jared behind her and forget about him, as much as it hurt. Thanatos truly loved Indigo, though Indigo pretended to love him as she was only interested in the money she believed him to have. He still loves her.

God Parent: Thanatos

Date of Birth: December 27, 2000

Place of Birth: Cassia was born in Los Angeles and lived there until she was 5.

Hometown/Last Residence: Cassia lived in Los Angeles until age 5. When her mother got married, the family moved to New York City. It was her stepfather's decision, and Cassia had no say. She spent a lot of time at boarding school in Connecticut.

Race/ethnicity: Cassia is Caucasian. Her last name makes it clear she is French. Cassia's grandparents immigrated from France when they were in their 20s, so Cassia's mother is purely French.

Accent: Cassia's accent is mostly standard American, but it is a little French since her mother taught her to speak.

Skin Tone: Cassia has very light skin that seems ghostly.

Eye Color: Her big eyes are a bright blue, like her mother's.

Hair Color: Cassia's hair is a dark black. She likes to dye it a super dark blue. You can hardly tell the difference between her natural and died hair. The dye just adds life to it, still looking natural.

Hair Length: Her wavy hair falls to her shoulders.

Height: Cassia stands at exactly five feet and nine inches. She never wears heels.

Weight: Cassia is very skinny. She is only one hundred and twenty pounds.

Body Type: Cassia is tall and lean with an hourglass figure.

Appearance: Cassia has her mother’s delicate features and small nose. However, her eyes are big and blue. With the use of products, her skin is flawless and her eyebrows are plucked to perfection. She has wavy black hair that gets frizzy when brushed. It goes down to
Her shoulders. Cassia has light skin and a round face. Her frame is skinny with an hourglass figure. She is considered very pretty, and even beautiful when she gives a true smile. However, she has tiny and pointy ears that  make her look like an elf. Cassia despises her ears, and constantly tries to cover them up with her hair, yet they are  visible when her hair is up. Cassia wears jean shorts and light blue converse with her camp T-shirt. In the cold, she wears the camp shirt with jeans and black combat boots.

Weapon: Cassia fights with a bow and arrow. The tips of the arrows are Stygian iron. In case she has to fight close combat, Cassia also carries around a small Stygian iron dagger. The handle is covered in jewels like rubies and sapphires. It is mostly for show, as Cassia hates fighting close combat.

Armor: Since Cassia relies mostly on speed and quickness, she likes to remain light. Therefore, she only uses a small breastplate so she isn't weighed down.

Pet(s): Cassia has a small hellhound named Channery. The dog is her best and only friend.

Skills/Talents: Cassia has always been very fast. She came in ninth out of a hundred at her cross country meets as a child. That always helped her in other sports. It takes a lot of union to tire Cassia. Cassia is also good at climbing things. She once had a very active nanny that would take her out to climb rocks and play sports. Cassia can jump very high. She is a very athletic person, and is quite smart.

Flaws: Cassia is unreasonably stubborn. Once she gets it in her head that something has to be a certain way, she makes sure it is that way. Cassia sometimes refuses to listen to other people’s ideas.She insists she can do anything on her own, without help. She also always speaks her mind and doesn't know when to be quiet. Cassia will voice her many opinions, even if they are rude and insulting.

Strengths: Cassia is very good at archery and ok at sword fighting. She can see well at night. Cassia also has fast reflexes.

Weaknesses: Cassia isn't very strong. She is terrible with spears, because her lack of upper body strength. She also isn't flexible. Cassia is also insecure, and won't talk about her elf ears. Most people don't approach her because she doesn't look or act like a trustworthy person. Cassia is terribly impulsive.

Likes: Cassia likes her half-brother and her hellhound. She also really likes her father, even though he abandoned her. Cassia really likes to read. She worked hard to master reading in English just because she really likes reading. Dancing is an enjoyed hobby by her. She doesn't dance with choreography, but just for fun. Like most underworld kids, she likes darkness and the nighttime.

Dislikes: Cassia dislikes her whole mortal family, except for her stepfather. Liars and cowards anger her. She also hates it when people try to make her decisions. Movies and television shows annoy her. Cassia would much rather read.

Fears: Cassia is afraid she will waste her life. She knows her time is limited and wants to spend it having fun. Cassia also afraid of being useless. She wants to be remembered as a great hero.

Personality: Cassia is somewhat vain. She tries to look good, but isn't too obsessed with appearances. She inherited her mother's stubbornness, and somehow has leadership skills. Cassia is good in crises. She's asses the situation and brainstorms for solutions. She is very opinionated and to outspoken. Cassia doesn't know when to shut her mouth. She isn't very friendly and avoids social interaction. Instead, the clever girl reads books. Cassia doesn't follow trends, just does her own thing. She has never listened to pop or rap music, or watched YouTube. The demigod shuts herself out from the world around her, and just focuses on herself. Cassia is free-spirited. She does whatever she wants, but she will also protect the few people she loves. Cassia doesn't see the world as how it is, but how she wants it. The girl knows what she wants and chases after it. She is a persistent dreamer. Most people don't like her, but they just don't understand her complex personality.

Abilities: If someone she knows dies, Cassia becomes aware of it. It is as if a voice inside her whispers that the person died, where and how.
When Cassia visits a place where someone has died, she immediately realizes it, and knows the person's identity. If Cassia sees a weapon, she immediately knows who it killed. All she knows is the person's name and face, and she would have to do research to learn more about the person.

Powers: Cassia can summon skeletons. She can summon them for up to five posts, with a ten post recharge time.
Cassia shadow travels. It takes one post to travel, and it takes five posts to recharge for one to five miles, and seven posts for six to ten miles. If she travels eleven to twenty miles, it takes ten posts to recharge. When she travels twenty one to fifty miles, it takes twelve posts to recharge. Traveling fifty-one to one hundred miles takes fifteen posts to recharge. One hundred to one hundred fifty miles is nearly impossible, but she can do it on rare occasions. It takes twenty posts to recharge. Cassia can also carry objects under fifty pound and five people, though it is three more posts to recharge per person.
If Cassia is in a place where someone died, she can see the death. It is like a vision where she sees and hears everything without being noticed. It takes 3 posts to recharge.
Cassia can communicate with the dead. She can speak to two at a time, and it takes 5 posts to recharge.

Social Status: Cassia isn't very social. Her only friend is her hellhound.

Summer or Year Rounder: Cassia is a year rounder.

Years at Camp: 4

Life Before Camp: Young Indigo was not happy to welcome her first daughter. She was a rich model who didn't want to take care of her. Cassia was raised by a number of nannies and shipped off to boarding schools. In fact, she hardly spent time with her mother. Cassia's mother had married another man when Cassia turned 5. Indigo took the last name Wilson. The marriage was not a happy one. Carson was only interested in Indigo because she was pretty. Indigo married Carson for fame and attention. After all, he was a famous actor. Cassia had to learn to live with Arabella, her stepsister that is 8 months younger. Carson hated Cassia because she wasn't his child and Arabella constantly made fun of Cassia. They constantly ridiculed her. Carson was always happiest when Cassia was at boarding school. Cassia was happy at boarding school too. There, she could escape the stepfamily, and the constant fighting. The girl played many sports. She played  soccer, basketball, cross country, swim, tennis and volleyball. Cassia didn't have any friends though. When Cassia was 8, they welcomed Kai into the family. Kai was a bratty and spoiled child, like Arabella, and Cassia was indifferent towards him. At age 10, Cassia was suprised when someone seemed interested in being her friend. Thayne was a satyr in disguise, and Cassia’s best friend. When Cassia was twelve, one of her teachers turned into a monster, but Thayne protected Cassia. He took her to Camp Halfblood. She felt betrayed that he was her friend by duty, and hasn't spoken to him since. Cassia was glad to go to camp and is a year round camper.

Role-playing Example: “I just don't understand where the pirates came from!” Cassia complained to her hellhound. The two sat on the grass, Channery’s head resting on Cassia’s lap. She scratched behind the dog’s ears, knowing how much the hound liked it. “The book kept getting boring, so the author kept having to add something interesting. Yet it was all over the place! A mess!” Channery wasn't paying attention to anything Cassia was saying. She was watching squirrels. Channery stroked her dog and only friend. “Did you hear about the new campers?” Cassia could care less about the new arrivals. Some people wanted new friends and others wanted new people to fight and bully. Not Cassia. She slammed a book on the grass. Cassia had just finished it and she hated it. The story was horrible. She pulled out a small leather notebook that was full of strategies. “I really want to win capture the flag tonight,” Cassia whispered. She was really competitive. The sun’s rays hit her skin. She smiled. Cassia was getting hungry and the position of the sun spoke to her. “Time for dinner,” she said to Channery.

Notes: Nothing.
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Cassia January Bouvet
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