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Name: Thiang  Suttikul

Mortal Parent: Tep Suttikul was raised by a rich Siamese family. They wanted him to be a politician, but he had other plans. Tep became an author. He wrote many wonderful books, and Athena heard of him on her visit to the mortal world. She wanted to meet him. Tep believed her to be a female author named Talap. They bonded as their shared ideas and had intelligent discussions. Athena gave him a daughter, as he had not  found time to settle down and have a family. It was then Athena revealed her true identity.

God Parent: Athena is her mother.

Date of Birth: The girl was born on August 4, 1850

Place of Birth: Her place of birth was Siam

Hometown: Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand)

Race/Ethnicity: Thiang is Siamese/Thai.

Accent: Her accent is a thick Siamese accent.

Skin Tone: Thiang has light skin.

Eye Color: Her eyes are brown.

Hair Color: She has dark brown hair.

Hair Length: Her hair tumbles down to her mid-back.

Height: The petite girl stands at five feet and three inches.

Weight: She is onne hundred pounds.

Body Type: Thiang hort and lean with an hourglass figure.

Appearance: Thiang is a short but very skinny Siamese woman. She has straight brown hair, so dark it almost looks brown. It is neither dry or oily. Her eye are shaped like almonds and are a dark brown. Thiang has bushy eyebrows. Her feet and hands are rather small, and she has an average size nose. Thiang prefers to wear traditional Siamese clothing, though she will also wear leggings, combat boots, a white button up shirt, and a leather jacket. She prefers going barefoot. Thiang appears to be age 15.

Weapon: Thiang has a bow and arrow, with silver arrows. She also has a silver dagger.

Armor: Thiang hates armor, so she just wears a breastplate.

Pet(s): Thiang has a Hudson Bay wolf named Wongsa.

Skills/Talents: Thiang is good at archery, swordplay, weaving and writing. She is very clever. Thiang is also good at learning languages, and is fluent in Thai/Siamese, English, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Flaws: Thiang has a nasty temper, and is quite vengeful. The temper will get the best of her if someone offends her. She overthinks every situation, putting her cleverness to waste. Thiang is also prideful. Anyone who hurts her large ego should beware.

Strengths: Thiang is a very nice person, and will be kind as long as she doesn’t feel threatened. She looks, and is, approachable if she doesn’t approach you first. Thiang is also very clever, and she figures out riddles easily.

Weaknesses: Thiang is to protective of those she cares about. She also has trouble facing her fears, and has to be comforted to gain courage.

Likes: Thiang likes almost everyone, and easily makes friends. She enjoys fighting and solving puzzles. Another thing she likes to do is weave, sew, write  and make crafts like jewelry.

Dislikes: Thiang doesn’t like mean or rude people. She also doesn’t like liars. Thiang doesn’t like the performing or visual arts. Technology is another thing Thiang dislikes.

Fears: Thiang is afraid of death and getting injured. She is also afraid of being a failure.

Personality: Thiang is a kind person if you are on her good side. She is friendly and welcoming. However, she is short tempered and easily takes offense. Thiang knows how to behave like a well-mannered lady, but she has tomboyish traits. Thiang is a very clever and crafty person, who enjoys writing. She is very loyal and protective and is a horrible enemy. She isn't the best in crises because she freaks out and overthinks everything. Finding courage is hard for her. Thiang is a bit of a nerd and will always share random facts. There is a desire inside her to hang onto her old life, but still live her new one. Thiang is a person enjoys small moments and deals well with change.

Abilities: Thiang has above average intelligence and craft skills. She also picks up weapons quickly. Another ability is battle strategy skills. Thiang can also heal herself or gain strength from her mother’a statues or sacred places (like temples and olive groves) and it takes ten posts to recharge.

Powers: Thiang can give herself and people fighting with her strength and speed for up to five posts. It takes eight posts to recharge.

Years as Hunter: Thiang was a hunter for 151 years.

Life Before the Hunters: Thiang was brought to a loving father by Athena. Some men of her time and place had many wives, but not her father. Instead, he spent all his time doting on his daughter. Tep would always ask his daughter for advice when writing, and she would sit by him and write and draw. They were very close. Tep would often take his daughter to the theatre to see the performances. She even met King Mongkut and his brother, Wongsa, whom she named her wolf after. Wongsa was kind to Thiang, and she remembered him. Tep knew who her mother really was, but he told everyone else she was adopted. Only Tep and Thiang knew that he didn't find her alone and abandoned in the streets. Thiang was never told of her true identity. They lived near a dirty fish market, though their house was nice. They had a few servants and lived rather comfortably, though they were never like royalty. Tep educated Thiang himself and she was a fast learner. It was not an easy time for women. Tep also wanted his daughter to be more than a wife. One day, Thiang and Tep were walking through the market. The Hunters of Artemis were tracking a monster who was disguised as a salesman. They slaughtered the monster, and Artemis immediately recognized Thiang, who witnesses the whole thing in horror. Artemis offered Thiang a spot in the Hunt, and Tep proudly encouraged her so she could do something with her life. Thiang misses him, and has been sure he is dead for a while.

Roleplaying Example: Thiang stroked Wongsa as she sat by the fire. The girls were playing songs and sharing stories. Eternal maidenhood is worth the sisterhood it brought. Who needed men when you had your sisters? It was Thiang's turn to play. She pulled out her wot. The wot was a Siamese instrument made from Bamboo. It was like a flute in sound. There were poles that went around in a circle, all of them hollow and different sizes. Thiang began to blow on the top side. Each pole she blew on created another note. It was beautiful. Most of the other girls had never heard such an instrument. Thiang glanced over a Artemis. She turned her attention back to the instrument. It was hard to play by memory. Thiang tried to remember what her father taught her. Forgetting the song would mean forgetting her father. As the song came to an end, Thiang came up with a story to tell. "There is a story of a man who gathered animals to put on a boat. On that boat, the Siamese cat was created. A monkey fell in love with a lioness, and the lioness bore the Siamese cat. The cat was a sign of royalty. Only the royals could have them. When a King died, they believed he was there through his cat. Therefore, the cat was treated well and was present at special events. There are many stories about them. In one story, two cats were left to guard a sacred artifact. They mated, but then the male, Tein, left to find a human who could take care of the artifact, leaving the female, Chula, all alone. She wrapped her tail around it and didn't stop staring at it. Time came for her to have her kittens, and they were born with crossed eyes and tail kinks. Therefore, if you see a cat like that, it is a descendant of Chula." Thiang smiled. They were used to hearing Greek legends, so she hoped it was okay that she told a Siamese story.

Notes: Thiang appears to be 15.
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Thiang Suttikul
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