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 Jasmine Vivian Callaghan

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Name: Jasmine Vivian Callaghan

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Calista Callaghan was born to an upperclass family. They were Irish, as many people guessed, considering Calista’s ginger hair. Of course, the girl’s first name wasn’t Irish, but her last name was. She was shipped off to fancy boarding schools, where she was quite the prankster. Calista was notorious for stealing from the other girls. On occasions she got caught, but Calista managed to talk her way out of them. Calista always wanted to travel the world, and she planned to once she graduated high school. One day, Hermes was delivering a message in New York, and he bumped into Calista. He was immediately charmed by her fun loving personality. It was the summer before her senior year in high school. Hermes remembered her name. A month later, he noticed his company was delivering a present to Calista for her eighteenth birthday. He read the message and realized she was having a party. Taking the form of a boy her age, he attended the party. After that party, he spent time with Calista. They really loved each other, and saw each other frequently.

God Parent: Jasmine is the daughter of Hermes.

Date of Birth: Jasmine was born on April first of 1999.

Place of Birth: Jasmine was born in a small town in Connecticut called Washington.

Hometown/Last Residence: Jasmine lived in Washington, Connecticut her whole life.

Race/ethnicity: Jasmine is Caucasian and Irish
Accent: Jasmine has a standard American dialect.

Skin Tone: Jasmine has very pale skin.

Eye Color: Her eyes are hazel.

Hair Color: She has hair that is auburn and red.

Hair Length: Jasmine has hair that a few inches below her shoulders.

Height: She is of around average size, standing at five feet and six inches.

Weight: The girl is 117 pounds, a bit small.

Body Type: Jasmine is tall and slim with muscles.

Appearance: Jasmine is on the taller side of average. She has hair that is between red and auburn. Her hazel eyes are full of mischief. A sly smile crossed her face. She has the features of an elf. Jasmine has upturned eyebrows. The girl is on the taller side of average, and her figure is average, except for the fact that she is skinny.

Weapon: Jasmine fights with a celestial bronze dagger, as she relies on her quickness.
Armor: The daughter of Hermes has full battle armor for when she needs it, but she normally uses just a breastplate.

Pet(s): A small dog named Tolo, which is Galician for foolish. Tolo earned her name by eating Jasmine’s food. Tolo is a miniature schnauzer. Schnauzers are considered to be clever tricksters, making them a perfect match for Jasmine.

Skills/Talents: Jasmine is extremely skilled at stealing and pulling pranks. She also has great navigation skills. Jasmine is very quick and smart when fighting. She is also extremely good at lying and acting.

Flaws: Jasmine never takes anything seriously. Even in desperate situations, she is still cracking jokes. She isn’t very honest, and tells a lot of lies. Jasmine is also a bit self obsessed. She thinks very highly of herself, and she is her favorite topic.

Strengths: Jasmine is a very likable person. She is bright and outgoing. Making friends is one of her strong points. Jasmine is also very quick and clever.

Weaknesses: Jasmine is not very strong. She is quick, which makes her good with a dagger, but that is the only weapon she is competent with. Her friends tease her, calling her a complete failure with all long distant weapons.

Likes: Jasmine likes playing pranks and practical jokes. She also likes her mother, dog, and many friends. Jasmine likes music, especially pop. She loves TV and movies.

Dislikes: Jasmine hates reading. She absolutely despises it. Another thing she dislikes is fashion. She just wears jeans and a T-shirt. Jasmine despises rude people.

Fears: Jasmine is afraid of heights. It is something she hides and doesn’t like to share. The phobia is quite embarassing to her, and she always has nightmares.

Personality: Jasmine has an outgoing and friendly personality. She self-centered, but is still genuinely nice. People realize that and tend to like her. Jasmine is clever, but certainly no genius. She is street smart, not book smart. The girl is a mischevious prankster. Jasmine is fun-loving and is a liar and a thief.

Abilities: When Jasmine wants to go someplace, a voice inside her guides her towards it. Every lick she touches unlocks for her. She is also super quick and agile. Jasmine has enhanced stealing and prancing abilities. She can speak very language since Hermes is the God of travelers.

Powers: Jasmine has no powers, just abilities.

Social Status: Jasmine is very social.

Summer or Year Rounder: She is a year rounder.

Years at Camp:  She had been at camp for three years.

Life Before Camp: Jasmine’s grandparents wished her mother to marry a man named Victor. The woman did when Jasmine was only 2. Victor was a kind man, and he loved Jasmine very much. He would always play with her and doted on her. Victor was unable to have children, so Jasmine was the greatest part of his life. He was a Doctor and was quite rich. Jasmine and her mother were well taken care of by Victor. It was very sad when he died. Jasmine was only 4. At least he left them a mansion and some money. Calista didn't use the money properly though. They lived a lavish lifestyle until they ran out. Calista and Jasmine were very close. They often watched movies together. The two sold their house and lived on the money earned until Jasmine was ten. Calista had never worked a day in her life. Now they were forced to work as servants. It was the only job available in the small town. Jasmine worked a little in her free time. It was hard for the rich girl to start serving and doing tasks. Hermes visited them a little to see how they were doing. He was horrified at how little they had. Calista recognized Hermes, but never told Jasmine who he was. She just assumed him to be Calista’s boyfriend. When Jasmine was 14, a satyr decided it was time to take her to camp. Jasmine loved pranks, and would have gotten expelled if the principal wasn't a satyr trying to keep his eye on her.

Role-playing Example: Jasmine woke with a start. She was having that dream again. In the dream, Jasmine stood at the edge of a cliff, about to fall off. She begun to lose balance before tumbling downwards. Just before she slammed into the ground, she woke up. Her heart raced as she began to relax. It was over. It was fake. Jasmine pulled a camp shirt over her head and laced her boots. The leggings were to small, and they barely reached her ankles. Luckily, she covered them up with the boots. Jasmine winked at Tolo, who was sleeping on her bed, before grabbing her dagger and heading out to fight. She was supposed to fight against her friend on this morning. Jasmine jogged towards the arena.

Notes: Everyone calls her Jazzy.
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Jasmine Vivian Callaghan
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