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Name: Oliver Ji
Gender: Transgender - FTM
Mortal Parent: Rosie Ji
God Parent: Apollo
Date of Birth: May 13, 2002
Place of Birth: Torrance, California
Hometown: Torrance, California
Last Residence: Long Island, New York
Race: Asian
Ethnicity: Korean
Accent: Californian with a slight British Accent
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black, dyed with a shock of lavender
Hair Length: Short, (overgrown) crew cut
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Body Type: Oliver is a mix between a mesomorph and an endomorph - he has a muscular build because of years of swim and marital arts but his body retains some fat.
- Face: Oliver has a small face and a round jaw. He has an overgrown crew cut, sad eyes, and slightly larger-than-average lips. He also wears black glasses and has a gash-like scar on his right cheek.
- Wingspan: Oliver's wingspan stretches to 4' 10.9".
- Shoulders: Oliver has narrow shoulders.
- Arms: Oliver's hands cover the top 1/3 of his thigh. He has smaller hands than the average 14 year old.
- Chest: Oliver wears a binder to flatten his chest.
- Waist and Hips: Oliver has love handles on his narrow hips and a bit of chub on his belly.
- Legs: Oliver has short legs and can't cover a lot of distance but walks fast to make up for that.
- Feet: Oliver has a size 4 in men's and a size 6 in women's.
- Overall Body: Oliver has some muscle and some chub and isn't skinny nor is he on the overweight side.
Weapon: Still has yet to find his weapon.
- Gauntlet on his right arm.
- Oliver Ji Kanan_10 On his left arm
Pet(s): N/A
- Excellent Memory: Oliver has a naturally good memory.
- Quick Learner: Oliver can quickly pick up on how to do things fairly quickly.
- Basic First Aid: Being the son of Apollo and an avid reader, Oliver has learned how to apply basic first aid such as CPR.
- Cooking/Baking: Oliver used to help his mom out with cooking and baking and is now very good at the two.
- Excellent Swimmer: Growing up in California, Oliver learned how to swim fairly quickly and could have joined the high school swim team.
- Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Oliver was first-degree Black Belt in tae-kwon-do and was a practitioner of kendo and jiu-jitsu
- High Pain-Tolerance: Oliver has developed a high pain tolerance because of his bullied past and martial arts.
- Easily Annoyed: Oliver become easily annoyed by most people.
- Blunt: Oliver doesn't usually sensor his words and is blunt, hurting people's feelings in the process.
- Aimless: Oliver doesn't really have a purpose in life, he often neglects his personal health and zones out.
- Emotional: Oliver is very emotional and usually follows his heart instead of the logical path.
- Pessimistic: Oliver is very real about things and always points out the bad things when everyone tries to focus on the bright side of things.
- Big Lips: Oliver has bigger-than-average lips (which he dislikes about himself) but puts up with it as it lets him play the trombone and other brass instruments.
- Intelligence: Oliver has a high IQ and EQ and has a quick brain.
- Selflessness: Oliver is selfless and always makes sure everyone is okay before himself.
- Patience: Oliver has an eternal store of patience and can wait out things longer than others can. However this patience doesn't work with people.
- Social Situations: Oliver becomes extremely anxious during social settings and starts to stutter or in extreme cases, has panic attacks.
- Being on Time: Oliver is never on time and is horrible with time.
- Loyalty: Oliver has an undying loyalty to the people who he is loyal to which can get him in some dangerous situations.
Likes: Ironic to his godly parent, Oliver hates sunshine and prefers gray skies ripe with rainy clouds or the dark skies of the night. But he likes music, specifically alternative pop and that keeps him occupied before the next existential crisis sets in. Oliver also loves his friends and would do anything for them.
Dislikes: Oliver hates the bright sun and blue skies. He also dislikes the company of people as everyone frustrates him, except for a select few.
Fears: Oliver fears his friends and mother dying as they are all Oliver has in his life.
Personality: Oliver Ji is an introverted boy who is easily annoyed by most people, so just going straight to him and talking isn't exactly the best way to approach him. But he doesn't exactly worry about the companionship of people as he usually repels people away with his bluntness and anger that arises from the fact that he is easily annoyed. He loves to listen to music and read as it comforts him; he also does these things when afraid or frustrated.

To the few that Oliver can get along with, Oliver is a kind person who has an undying loyalty. He is openly who he is around these people and often becomes anxious because he believes that he is not a good enough friend. Oliver tends to display mother-like tendencies around his friends and those in the Infirmary and hopes to be a teacher one day, just like his mother.
- Musical Aptitude: Oliver can easily master any musical instrument in a short time.
- Vitakinesis: Being within 30 ft of Oliver can help speed up the recovery of physical wounds, but not at miraculous rates. Because of this, Oliver tends to linger around the Infirmary.
- Audiokinesis: Oliver can emit a sharp ultrasonic whistle-like sound that can temporarily stun his opponents which makes them clutch their ears in confusion. This does not work on the deaf and other Apollo children and partially works on those with hearing impairments. Lasts seven posts and takes a cooldown of fifteen posts.
- Photokinesis: Oliver can emit a ball of bright light that temporarily blinds and confuses his opponents. This does not work on the blind and other Apollo children. Lasts eight posts and takes a cooldown of twenty posts.
Social Status: Geek, Band Nerd
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder
Years at Camp: None yet!
Life Before Camp: When Oliver was born, Rosie had a lot of mixed feelings. Sure, she was happy, but how was she going to take care of Oliver on her own? She didn't give Oliver up for adoption but instead, did her best to give him the best childhood he could have. But Oliver was bullied by the other children because the most minuscule of reasons such as his clothes or books.

Noticing the bruises on Oliver and his optimistic personality on the fall, she made Oliver take tae-kwon-do to learn self-defense and introduced the world of music to Oliver. That made Oliver's life a bit better because now he could fight back against the bullies and life. Ever since then, he has taken to music as an escape.

This continued for a while until Oliver turned 13. Rosie had gotten a new job opportunity at New York and there was a good deal for an apartment nearby. They moved to Long Island, New York and life was going along perfectly well: Oliver had made some friends, he was top of his class as no one was sabotaging his work, and he was getting noticeably happier. One of his friends, Eli, was a bit different - he had a noticeable limp and seemed to be hiding something. This didn't really bother Oliver as he knew that along the way with a little bit of patience, the truth would finally reveal itself.

And the truth revealed itself. But not in the way Oliver expected it to. One day when Oliver was walking to school he was confronted by a Sphinx. Running away, he was cornered into an alley where he threw a trashcan lid at the Sphinx and ran away. He threw the Sphinx off of his trail, ran away, and ran into Eli who then in turn, revealed himself as a satyr and also that they needed to run. So they nicked a bike and were nearly to Camp Half Blood before the Sphinx caught up to them. But Eli managed to delay the Sphinx to give them enough time to run into the borders of Camp Half-Blood...
Role-playing Example: Pacing the hallways of the Infirmary, Oliver's head was spinning. Demigod? Satyr? This isn't Greek mythology for God's sake... should that be Gods' sake now that I live in a polytheistic world? When he finally tripped on his heel, the cold linoleum floor shook him awake from his rambling mind. His dark brown eyes watered behind his glasses as he looked out the window. Mum... where are you? he thought to himself.

Then it wasn't just the linoleum floor that shook him awake when Eli's words echoed through his head, 'They caught your scent - we have to go!' Scent. His mom was in danger - she was living with him for all his life and if it wasn't him that his scent was going to be on, the next person with the most amount of his scent was going to be his mom. Oliver inwardly cursed himself for pacing the Infirmary's halls instead of going to check if his mom was okay. Pulling himself to his feet, Oliver took a deep breath, running to the exit.
Notes: Oliver is panromantic and also a Slytherpuff.
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