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 Helena Kingston - Daughter of Thanatos

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Name: Helena (He-Lee-nah) Evangeline Kingston
Age: Appears 16, is actually 116.
Gender: Cis female.
God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Ainsley Kingston.
Country of Origin: England
Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow. Arrows have a celestial bronze tip.
Flaws: Helena knows nothing about how technology works. She doesn't even understand the concept of the internet. She has burn marks all up her right arm and trails all the way up to her shoulder and onto her neck and to her shoulder blade. She also has multiple scars on her body in multiple areas.
Talents: Her accuracy is very good. She get usually hit her target from a far range. She has a creative mind and always enjoys writing of some of her adventures and some of the adventures she'd love to take. Picking locks is her other talent. It was something she practiced with her father in secret all the time.
Height: 5’5”
Weight: A hundred and twenty three pounds.
Personality: Respectful, obedient, and charming were often the words used to describe the eldest daughter of Richard and Ainsley. She was their first born and their pride and joy. She was always respectful and had the proper manners that every young lady should. Making sure she was using the right fork when, and spoke in proper turn. The young girl never spoke out and was most certainly well behaved in all situations making her the most praised of the three children, besides her younger brother Walter when he was born.

Helena was taught from a young age to respect your elders and that the older you were, the wiser you were. You were to listen to those whom were older and to those whom were male. They had the real authority and that made her quite sought out for a wife among family friends for their sons. Helena never pleaded against her family’s wishes and just did as she was told. She never had the heart to let down her family. Save for her deepest desire, which was to have adventures and feel the adrenaline rush, to be uncertain around every turn. It thrilled her.

The daughter of Thanatos was charming. She always had a smile on her face and listened real well to those talking to her. Growing up in the Kingston house she was taught by her father and she was well educated in a variety of topics, which made for her being interesting to talk with. The girl has always had a knack for being able to talk to others, and she’s not shy at all. Considering the fact she’s been thrown into social outings basically she was born.

History: Helena was born into the Kingston family in the year 1900. She was born to Ainsley and Richard Kingston in England. The family had a status of nobility and it was to be passed on, so you could understand the disappointment in finding out that your first born was a daughter, but Richard had planned to have more kids regardless. Ideally he wanted three kids in total and at least one son in the mix to carry down the family name.

Richard and Ainsley were wealthy and had a good chunk of money. They were well off and had no problems with raising a family. It was when Helena was the age of four, when Ainsley was pregnant again. Unfortunately they had another daughter who would later be known as Bronte Kingston.

When Helena was at the age of eight years old, that was when they first sailed to America to look for a spring/summer home. The couple were growing bored of spending all their time in England that they wanted a new breath of fresh air. They decided to get a place on the east coast of America where they could look out onto the Atlantic. It was a smaller house than they were used to, but it was still decently sized at five bedrooms and it would be the home they returned to every April.

Around eight years old for Helena was when her baby brother was born. Walter Kingston was the last addition to the family and would be the one to carry on the noble title for the family. Richard was over joyed with the fact that he finally got a son, so much so that his daughters began to get neglected a bit. He still loved them, but was only interested in preserving their purity and innocence. He made sure they knew, that he would hand pick the two their husbands and that they didn’t have much say. They had to obey by his rule, or their future husband’s rule.

It was about the year 1914 in April that the family decided to go over to their home in America. Although before their time was out, that was when the unraveling happened that led to the world war. It was a scary time for the family and they were unsure on what to do. They decided to stay in America until it was safe to travel back across the waters.

This led for the family to spend a lot of time in America. This would be alright, however generally after it hits August, the family grows bored and wishes to return to England. However they couldn’t do that. In 1916 just after Helena’s sixteenth birthday, they decided to take a trip across America. It was then that they ended up near the west coast. Helena got to see the pacific ocean for the first time and got to feel the warmth of the water in comparison to the cold of the atlantic.

On their travels back they did plenty of looking around and decided that Helena could explore a little on her own at places nearby. However Helena grew a little rebellious and decided to go out of the area a bit, and she found her way to a casino. Wanting to know more about it, she walked into the casino and began to see just how many people were there. She ended up wasting time away playing games and eating the lotus flowers.
A hundred years later in 2016, and Helena was able to get out. It finally sank in when she talked to someone who was dressed oddly different from her. She commented on it, and hard them mention it being around the time of 2016. She got confused about it all and swore it was still 1916.

Upon coming to the conclusion that she needed to see outside, she fought her way out into the real world and what she stumbled upon was a much more modern world. Everyone was in the weird clothes, even the girls were, there was a lot more people around, and no one seemed scared.

She left the casino around June of 2016 and she has been travelling across America since. Along the way she has been found by someone called a satyr and who offered to help her to camp. He explained what year it was and all the time changes, and Helena knew there was no use in fighting the satyr as she had nothing else to go to. However she did request to try and find her old family home first.

It was roughly about the end of July when she finally got to her family home. It was run-down and old, still out of the way. No one had torn it down or had plans to. It was boarded up, and Helena decided to climb in through the window. She clutched the bag that they had bought along the way, and decided to grab some family heirlooms that she knew were hidden in the house very well.

After that, Helena was kidnapped and was prohibited from even making it to camp in the first place. The Satyr was also kidnapped, but was later slaughtered, for attempting to escape. It was around the start of August.

It was near the end of August when she was saved by a group of demigods and she was brought back to camp. She’s been adjusting just fine as of recently.
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Helena Kingston - Daughter of Thanatos
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