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 Achak, Son of Melinoe

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PostSubject: Achak, Son of Melinoe   Achak, Son of Melinoe Icon_minitime2/27/2017, 8:28 am

Name: Achak Payne. He was named after his great great grandfather.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Eyes: He has gray eyes which feel like they are staring into the soul.
Hair: He has messy curly black hair.
Height: 5'8
Body Type: He is skinny but he has visible muscles from working with his father.
Skin Color: Corpse-like pale.
God Parent: Melinoe
Mortal Parent: John Payne. A ex. police force man who dedicated the rest of his life to his son and paranormal investigation.
Country of Origin: The United States of America.
Pets: A gray Scottish Deerhound named Wraith. His father trained the dog in sniffing various things, corpses, sulfur, and some others.

‣He knows a great deal about technology, it helps him make stuff for investigating paranormal entities.  
‣He is better with ranged weapons than ones that rely on close ranged combat.
‣Although he likes to keep this hidden, He has learned how to play the piano pretty well, it was due to him going to expensive piano lessons before camp.
‣ He is quite versed in social skills and social adequate.

‣Any ranged weapon would do, but when having to choose he uses his celestial bronze tipped arrows in his well-crafted bow fit with him and his mother's name carved into the handle.

‣ He does well in tense situations and is hard to scare or shake.
‣ He isn't hyper, he is actually quite the opposite.
‣ He enjoys the company of the dead more than the living.
‣ He is a demihomosexual.
‣ His favorite movie is: Queen of the Damned.
‣ Likewise, his favorite song is Forsaken from the soundtrack of the Queen of the Damned.
‣ Through everything he has experienced he considers himself a skeptic.

‣ He can get himself into unwanted situations by saying things he didn't mean to because he wasn't paying attention.
‣ Angrophobia
‣ He gets crushes with serious intensity.
‣ The cops are in a semi-hunt for him and his father because during their ghosts hunts they broke a few laws.
‣ He has very dry elbows and knees, he has to constantly moisturize them which gets on his nerves a bit.

Children of Melinoe are innately able to talk to and command ghosts, they can also help ghosts with any unfinished business that is keeping them tethered. They can also use this ghost to spy for them, or gather information.
Children of Melinoe make the people around them uneasy and sometimes fearful as a result of their ghostly aura; they can turn this off for a long time if they desire.
Children of Melinoe have the ability to become intangible for short periods; making them immune to attacks but also unable to attack naturally.
Children of Melinoe can send shockwave-like blasts made of solid ectoplasmic energy which feel like a very powerful punch on contact, also momentarily stunning whoever it contacts.
Children of Melinoe can create weapons made of solid ectoplasm in order to aid them in combat. Only one weapon may exist at a time ,the longer the weapons are maintained, the more energy is drained. They can also coat their existing weapons in ectoplasm in order to temporarily strengthen them. (3 post cool-down, 5 posts max.)
Children of Melinoe are able to manipulate the tangibility of ghosts around them to form a shield, that is no larger than the user, to protect themselves. (4 Post cool-down)
Children of Melinoe, while intangible, can travel in this manner as a ghost would, disappearing and appearing in another location, however the longer the travel the more it drains the user. (Will get a little tireder after each use until eventually he drifts to sleep)
Children of Melinoe have the ability to summon a banshee, which will instantly begin wailing and stun anyone who is not intangible for a short time before vanishing. (1 post)


Life Before Camp: Achak grew up traveling on the road with his father. He had retired from the police force and had now started to make a living hunting ghosts. Achak never really knew much about his mother growing up as his father had always told him not to worry about it for now. When Achak was nine his abilities started to show more and him and his father made a breakthrough on ghost-hunts. One day while in a abandoned mine-shaft, the cops which were looking for them found them and they had to leave in a hurry. His father lost control of the wheel and the car flipped, critically injuring him. A blur of stuff happened and it eventually came to Achak sitting beside his father who was hooked onto life support. A satyr who was assigned to watch the hospital whisked him away and brought him to camp. That twas when he was nine, he is now fourteen.

RP Example:  The night was cold and had a slight breeze which blew across camp, it didn't bother Achak much though. He had a hoodie and scarf on to hide his face because he didn't feel like social contact. He put his earbuds in before a young woman materialized in front of him, she had blood across her white dress. She held out her arms and ran towards him before a slashing sound was heard and her head fell off, there was no swordsman or  blade. The decapitated head laughed before disappearing into the night, Achak shrugged. "Why do they have to be so creepy?" He said while walking back to his cabin.

Any notes about your characters: None
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Achak, Son of Melinoe
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