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 Raniero 'Nero' Ennio - Pyriphlegethon

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PostSubject: Raniero 'Nero' Ennio - Pyriphlegethon   Raniero 'Nero' Ennio - Pyriphlegethon Icon_minitime2/27/2017, 3:57 pm

Name: Raniero 'Nero' Ennio

I look like this :P:

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Eyes: light brown
Hair: Orange Red
Height: 5' 6"
Body Type: scrawny
Skin Color: latte

God Parent: Pyriphlegethon - God of the infernal river of fire
Mortal Parent: Clementina Ennio, an ex-circus performer. Her fire spitting got the attention of Pyriphlegethon. she is now a waiter at a large restaurant

Country of Origin: Italy

Weapon**: a single edged long knife made of Celestial Bronze, by shouting flóga (the english form of the greek word for blaze), the knife re materializes in his hand with a burst of fire

Stabb!, Stabb!, Stabb!:

Personality: friendly, Likes to be around others, slightly cocky
naive, he trusts most people as soon as he meets them and falls for things that others wouldn't
Penny-Pincher, he and his mother never had much money, Nero hates spending money and will not spend any unless he has to
blunt, Nero says what is on his heart, even if it isn't very nice


  • Semi-talented cook
  • fast runner
  • agile


  • Nero is Fire resistant up to 350 F

[*]Liquid Fire, Nero can blast a spray of liquid fire, burning flammables and hurting creatures in its path. This takes 1 post to do and has a cooldown of 5 posts

[*]can control fire, morphing its shape and even putting it out this takes 1 post and has a cooldown of 2 posts

Life Before Camp*:
Nero was raised by his aunt from the age of 1 up to the age of 16 and a 1/2 while his mom traveled the world performing in the circus. His aunt taught Nero how to cook and told him stories of monsters and adventures (his aunt was a demigod child of Hebe). At age 13, it was more Nero taking care of his aunt than his aunt taking car of him. One day, Nero was attacked by a monster (need help with this) while running errands for his aunt. His aunt told him about the greek gods and monsters, she told him that he was a demigod, a halfblooded child of a god. After a long talk, she gave Nero his knife and directions to Camp Half-blood.

RP Example*:
Nero leaped away from the strike. This Ares kid was good, probably better than him, but he was not going to lose. Nero feinted towards the chump, strike with a back-handed strike. The strike glanced off of his partner's armor, his knife skidding to the side, the Ares kid inbetween him and his blade. Nero smiled, the evil smile of a man who knows more than his enemy. The Ares kid advanced, and Nero dodged to the side, summoning his blade to him. "flóga!" he shouted as the blazing blade appeared in his hand and stabbed into the back of his enemy. "I won?" he asked himself, "I won!" he exclaimed with pride.
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Raniero 'Nero' Ennio - Pyriphlegethon
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