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Name: Joshua Martinez
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Daniel Martinez
God Parent: Athena
Date of Birth: September 6, 1999
Place of Birth: Schaumburg, Illinois
Hometown/Last Residence: Long Island, New York
Race/ethnicity: American
Accent: None
Skin Tone: Beach Tan
Eye Color: Silver, like his mother's
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Length: Long, disheveled hair
Height: 5'6
Weight: 114 lbs
Body Type: Joshua has a slight muscular build, coming from his school basketball games.
Appearance: Joshua has a noticeable scar on his right leg, one that he got from falling off his bicycle six years ago. He always has his eyebrows pointed, making him look annoyed all the time, or a maniac when laughing.  
Weapon: Joshua carries a sword made of Celestial Bronze, with most of the hilt being covered with silver accents. Joshua also carries a knife stored to his right for close quarter combat.
Armor: Joshua just has a full set of copper armor, with owl eyes on his helmet.
Pet(s): Joshua has a dog named Max. He thinks about him in times of hopelessness, usually for the motivation he needs to fight.
Skills/Talents: Joshua has always aced at everything in his school, excelling in most subjects. He has mentioned that he has never gotten below an A in school. He is also a very good basketball player, usually making his team win.
Joshua is sometimes too loyal. He has made many enemies at school due to his basketball career, and often trusts them, usually selling him out multiple times. Joshua is also very hard headed and disobedient at times where he thinks the choice he is making is right. He is a very big procrastinator. Occasionally, Joshua is also blunt and sarcastic in very difficult situations, but he usually means no harm. Joshua also sometimes has a big ego.
Strengths: Joshua has very fast reflexes, and a fast thinker. He takes care of his comrades, making sure they're okay at all times.
Weaknesses: Joshua's afraid of heights. He has had this fear since he almost fell off of a bridge. He is also afraid of spiders, and being alone. Usually he runs very fast out of places where he is alone when he sees an exit.
Likes: He likes water, the color purple, electronic music, food, video games, school, and basketball.
Dislikes: He does not like very loud noises. This will usually affect how he thinks.
Fears: He is afraid of spiders, being alone, and heights. He is afraid that he will not make a difference in the world.
Personality: Joshua is usually nice, but gets very frustrated when something is difficult. He has been a magnet to people due to his charismatic personality. He has the ability to motivate and cheer people up. Joshua has a very weird impulsive action: whenever he wants someone's attention right away, he usually hits them lightly in the arm. Joshua can't sit still anywhere, sometimes making classes hard.
Abilities: Joshua can figure out any problem on any subject, and is a very good basketball player. Joshua also has more punching power than most.
Powers: Joshua has the ability to move object no matter the size. But the heavier things he does, the longer it takes for him to take control of it, and the more energy is drained out of him.
Social Status: Joshua is very popular at school, due to his excellent grades and basketball.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year rounder
Years at Camp: Joshua is fairly new, just being around 10 weeks in.
Life Before Camp: Joshua was the younger of the two brothers. Nathan, his other brother, and Joshua, were so close to each other. He was his role model. They would do everything together, no matter how crazy it is. They would play video games, do homework, swim, etc. Until Nathan was shot 10 years ago in Chicago. Joshua sometimes has very bad nightmares about what happened, and ends up crying when woken up. After this, he was told that his family was moving to New York. This has made him feel worse. Since then, he has made a promise to himself to be the same role model as he was for him, but unfortunately he has lost this promise, his ego taking over. Joshua once encountered a dracaenae in his gym locker after a game. He has told his father, and that's when he was sent to Camp Half-Blood.
Role-playing Example: He stood before the sign, written in ancient Greek. He understood what it meant, Camp Half-Blood. He looked at his dad, and they hugged. "Goodbye, dad." He went in to the magical borders. He went straight for the "Big House" as his dad told him to. He sat of one of the chairs and waited. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour. Finally someone came. "Oh, you must be the new one." The centaur said. He reached his hand out to shake. "I'm Joshua. Um, my dad said that I had a pare-" "Yes, son of Athena!" The centaur interrupted. Joshua became slightly annoyed, but controlled it. "Come, I'll show you to your cabin, and introduce you to your siblings." Joshua looked confused. "But I thought I only one sibling."
Notes: Joshua has a slight hatred for Hunters. His relation between the Hunters must be monitored to see if it will cause a distraction during quests.
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Joshua Martinez
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