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Name: Holly Reynolds

Holly was her grandmother's name,who lived enough to care for Holly,when her father was busy with work.Sadly,her grandmother died of breast cancer when Holly turned 7.


Female,but tends to act boyish at times,and could care less if her mother is the goddess of love and beauty.

Mortal Parent:

Tyler Reynolds - A Biology teacher at University of California,Los Angeles.Is very busy with work and rarely sees his daughter.Even so,when he does,he makes sure she's doing fine and is not chased by any monsters.

God Parent: Aphrodite.
Date of Birth: 6th June,2001,12:00 AM
Place of Birth: Wisconsin.
Hometown/Last Residence:New Jersey(Hometown) Colorado(Last Residence)
Race/ethnicity: Caucasian,American-British.(Her father is American,but his mother is british,and so are most generations on her grandmother's side.Her grandfather was American.)
Accent: Tends to talk in a British accent,pronouncing words different that most other people.(Writes colour,and not color.)
Skin Tone: Very pale.(Not an albino,but can't tan.She gets sunburned.)
Eye Color: Blue.
Hair Color: A dark shade of brown,dyed blonde ombre.
Hair Length: Reaches to her abdomen.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 107 lbs.
Body Type: Has more of a 'Hourglass' body type.Her curves are natural.
Appearance: Pale skin,with blue eyes that might change color.Her right arm is bruised from a big fight with a guy in 5th grade.It left a small mark,but it hurts badly whenever someone touches it,even now.
Weapon: A small sword made out of celestial bronze.Has also a small dagger in a belt on her left leg.
Armor: Full-set armor,with a winged-silver heart on her chest armor.
Pet(s): A lilac-pointed cat named River,who acts like a dog.River has lived her whole life with Paige and Duke,the family's two German shepherds. Lives with Holly's aunt.
Skills/Talents: Aced in gym class,and even competed in national Athletic competitions,doing her best.
Flaws: Holly is way too stubborn. She believes she can do anything on her own.Will lash out at you if you say anything about how she's Aphrodite's daughter and should act more lady-like.Her scar from a fight in school still hurts even now.
Strengths: Quick thinker and doesn't fear to get herself dirty for her friends.
Weaknesses: Despite her appearing as confident,on the inside she's insecure.She may break down at times,but only with people she trusts.
Likes: Gym,Art,Nature,Blue,video games.
Dislikes: Heights,rude people,very loud noises,singing
Fears: Spiders,Heights,Clowns.
Personality: Holly is mostly nice,but she can be sarcastic at times.She's mostly overprotective of her friends and can be quite territorial.Whenever she wants someone to notice her,she simply talks to them,befriending them if possible.Even if she appears as super-confident and knows what she has to do,she's insecure.She needs the approval of everyone to make sure she's doing good.
Abilities: Exceptionally good at athletics,and this can help her in combat.
Powers: Ever since she was little,her singing could help plants grow.It all started when she was 5,she sang in her grandmother's garden and she got stuck in the grass.It took a month for her grandmother to cut all grass.She refrains from singing.
Social Status: Little popular at school,but mostly at P.E she's popular.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder.
Years at Camp: Arrived about 2 weeks ago.
Life Before Camp:

Holly was raised in New Jersey,with her father and grandmother.She was good at gym from the age of 7,and also that's when her grandmother died of breast cancer.She knew her grandmother was suffering.She used to read books to her and take care of her garden.From a fragile age,her singing would make plants grow around her.When her father found out,he told her it was a special gift,but she saw it as a curse. Even if she was in a desert,grass and such would grow,but slower than normal.Two weeks ago,she was practicing for a big competition,and she was attacked by a monster she didn't recognize.After that,her father took her to Camp Half-Blood and told Holly to stay out of trouble.Easy-peasy to say when you aren't the one chased by monsters just for the fact you are a demigod.

Role-playing Example:

The silence rested among the field,even if it was the middle of the day.At the edge of camp,was laying a young female,her shirt stained with dirt and feet shoeless.She was giggling,but quietly.If anyone heard her,they would think she was plain ol' crazy.This was a thing she used to do as a child.Even if her mother was Aphrodite,she was more boyish and loved competing in Capture the Flag,even if her half-siblings refused most of the time.
Everything was fine,until she opened her mouth.A soft melody came out,a lullaby a mother would use to soothe her infant to sleep.With her hitting the high tones,the grass around her body rose,surrounding her fully. " Gah! " She yelled out,standing up,kicking the grass away.What a curse this was. " Stupid grass! Leave me alone! " And with that,the half-blood girl ran off to Aphrodite's Cabin,shutting the door behind her.

- She has a big hate for singing,as it makes the plants around her give Holly a big hug.
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Holly Reynolds
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