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Name: Claude Cot
Gender:  Male: Bisexual
Age: 18
Mortal Parent:
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Fleur Cot: Fleur had always been an odd one, even when she was a small child. Often bullied and teased for being an oddball,  she paid these attempts with no mind. Truthfully she was always a dreamer, and her mind would often be drawn to the most fanatically things.

Despite her whimsical and air-headed demeanour, she was known to be as free as the winds around her, and let nothing hinder her goals. She remained intelligent and had a deep bound with the world around her, which is what lead her to become a biologist of some renown. She was fascinated by all walks of life and the history behind them. Though she was always the most captivated by the birds that flew in the skies about, and would often go on bird-watching expeditions.

She would have her first encounter with Aeolus, whilst he assumed the identity of Henri Bourassa,  when she was 20 years of age.

God Parent: Aeolus

Aeolus' chosen mortal appearance during his relationship with Fleur:

Claude Cot 4vzkgt10

Place of Birth: While Claude lived most of his life in Montreal he was, in fact, born in Quebec City where his mother is initially from.
Hometown:  Fleur moved to Montreal as she wanted a change from her old life in Quebec, as such, Claude was raised within the city of Montreal though still had relations with his relatives in Quebec.
Last Residence: Anjou Montreal
Race:  Caucasian,  French Heritage
Ethnicity: Quebecoise
Accent:  Speaks English as fluently as any English Canadian, although his French accent may slip out occasionally. Especially when he’s frustrated. Even then it’s still very easy to understand what he is saying.
Skin Tone: Slightly pale Skin Tone. Although he tans rather easily in the summer.
Eye Color:  Light Blue
Hair Color: Dark/Dirty Blonde
Height:  6’0
Weight: 189 lbs
Body Type:  He is rather muscular, but by no means jack, his entire frame is somewhat lean for the most part.

Claude currently sports a Caesar hair style. Both of his ears are pierced and his eyes are a very light shade of blue, almost reminiscent of the skies above. He always has a faraway look on his face, and whenever he smile he flashes a set of slightly crooked pearly white teeth. A blonde, medium length, stubble also coats his face.

Weapon: Javelin , Bow and Arrows, Throwing Axes.
Pet(s): He has a pet Sparrow named Nina.

Talented Singer
Always knows which way the wind is blowing
Drama & Musical Threatre

Javelin throws
Bilingual: French and English

Flaws:  He’s overtly eccentric, lacks self-consciousness, absent-minded and bluntly honest.
-Feeling the wind in his hair.
-Greek Mythology
-Being cool
Close-minded People
Being restricted
Being hot
Death of those near to him
Losing a limb or one of his senses

Claude, like his mother, is a very quirky individual.  He’s very eccentric and has a total disregard for social norms. Yet, despite his demeanour, he can be very perceptive  and is quite intelligent in his own bizarre way.

Unlike his mother, who is rather relax in social situations, he is very awkward and finds it difficult to speak with new people. While he trying to be nice to everyone, he tends to drift away from conversations or people he find interesting and his interests in and of themselves seem to shift with the drop of a hat. A trait he likely inherited from his father.

When angered, he can become quite aggressive and his usually far-away demeanour quickly is replaced by a harsh and threatening one. His anger is rather explosive, often blowing up on others before quickly calming down and reverting to his original personage as if he hadn’t freaked out a moment prior.

Claude is able to sense changes in the direction of the wind, and is also able to easily identify which direction the wind is currently being blown.

He is very agile and quite quick on his feet.

Claude is capable of producing small air blast to send his enemies flying backwards to create distance between him and them, these air blast can be produced via hand or mouth and for the most part are fairly harmless, although they can knock the wind out of one’s lung or even stunt a person if Claude puts enough force into them.

He’s able to fly by riding the various air currents, but this ability is very draining, and at the moment he can only remain in flight for short durations, of which if exceeded can cause him to pass out from over exertion.

He also, to some extent, inherited some of his father’s Atmokinesis ability. This allows him to be able to cause Clouds to condense to release water, as well as allow him to control the water that is dropped from said clouds, turning them into sharp ice shards as an offense.

Airbending- Claude is able to bend the wind to his will.

Claude Cot Tenor10


-While Claude can force back people with his regular air blasts, for  Claude’s air blast to actually  stun or harm others he needs to be focused and have enough time  to charge it up (2 posts)
- Claude is capable of flying for only a short duration of time. ( 3 posts. 4 if he’s pushing it)
- The whole process for his limited Atmokinesis ability requires some amount of time ( 3 posts) and due to how much energy is drained has a long cool down.( 7 posts)
- There needs to be clouds in the skies for him to be able to condense the water out of them, as he cannot create clouds himself.
-He needs to remain focus whilst air bending or he will lose control and end up hurting himself or others.

Social Status: Claude was somewhat popular before attending Camp Half-blood, but his natural awkwardness and clumsiness made it difficult for him to ascend to the top of the social ladder.
Summer or Year Rounder:  Summer
Years at Camp:  He has been in attendance at Camp Half-Blood for 2 years now.
Life Before CHB:

Fleur had, and still was, an oddity to Aeolus. From the moment they first spoke, he had known that she wasn’t a normal mortal. At least in the personality department. She was simply an extremely quirky individual , with an exceptionally serene disposition and far too many eccentric beliefs and qualities. Everytime he tried to figure her out, the more confused he became and the more enamored he was by her.

Her absent-mindedness and lack of awareness, made her oblivious to his attempts to woo her which only made him even more determined to do so.  He would often pose as a mortal man named Henri Bourassa, a bird watcher much like herself,  and frequently go on expedition with her. Fleur herself, having never been in a relationship before hand,  had decided to give it a try when the man she knew as Henri asked her out.  The two dated for quite some time before Claude was born. Fleur (age: 25) having had completed her masters in wild-life Biology a few months prior.

For the first three years of his life, Aeolus remained an important figure in Claude’s life. Remaining with Fleur long enough to conceive another child, by the name of Flora Cot.  However his presence within their lives quickly became scarce after Flora turned one, and completely nonexistence by the time Claude had turned 5.

Despite the absence of her partner, Fleur was able to raise her children on her own for the most part. Holding no resentment towards their father, and often speaking very fondly of him on multiple occasions.  Fleur would raise her children to appreciate the world around them, and would often take them bird-watching with her whenever she could. Claude himself always had a fascination that matched his mother’s when it came to birds, and would always admire them from his backyard.

Living within Montreal, Claude attended St. George School of Montreal with his younger sister. Having inherited his mother’s quirks, he was often branded as strange and odd to his fellow students,  and like her was sometimes bullied for it. He, however, developed an immunity to the hurtful words thrown his way for his odd nature, unfortunately this lead to being un self-aware. Often putting himself at risk at the expense of his beliefs and values.

When Claude was 16 he encountered his first monster. He would have been killed if it wasn’t for the assistance of one of his classmates, who turned out to be a satyr, and the aide of his sister who managed to distract the beast long enough for the three of them to escape.

The three headed straight for home, where they encountered their mother and quickly explained the situation. To their shocked, however, their mother seemed to have prepared for such an event and was quick to gather their things and drive them to Camp Half-Blood. On the way explaining their father’s true identity, something she had only learned a few days before he left their lives completely.

Role-playing Example:

Claude’s blue eyes locked onto a pair of chocolate brown the moment he entered the room. Those eyes we’re familiar. He had seen them far too many times to count, from the photos that hung off the walls of his home back in Montreal to the distance, foggy, memories of seeing those very eyes stare at him in amusement when he was small and feeble.

The man’s face shared many similarities to his own and were exactly how’d he remembered seeing them in the photos. Especially the one resting on his mother’s nightstand. He was sure that if he could have retained some significant visual memories from his infancy to toddlerhood the man before him would match the visual to the T.

It was strange to him, how the man before him could be so familiar, yet he so distance to him as well. The world was such a strange place, if occurrences like this could be a thing. He suppose the man or ,rather deity, before him was awaiting a response. He hadn’t said a word since he stepped in, only stared at Claude as if he was a piece of fine China that could break at the slightest of movements.

“I suppose you are my Dad then?” Claude inquired with all the curiosity of a three year old child. His eyes roaming from the man before him to take in the Cabin around him. This would be his home for a while. It was quaint, it was different. He liked it.

“Not the reaction I was expecting…” The deity said, his expression becoming somewhat amused his lips turning upwards. “Though I shouldn’t expect anything less from a child born from Fleur.” He commented, and for a moment seemed to reminisce about the woman in question.

“Indeed,” Claude simply agreed. His eyes gradually roaming back onto his father, looking beyond his eyes to inspect his entire being. He was well aware that the form Aeolus was currently in was one he created for the sole purpose of wooing his mother, which only made him curious about what his father really looked like. He was currently in a business suit that looks like the sky. It is mostly blue, but has clouds that move along the fabric which occasional change shape. He looked tired, his hair dishevelled and his eyes slightly deranged. It looked as though he was on the verge of snapping, yet he clung onto whatever sanity he still had so that he could have a decent conversation with his son.

“You looked stressed out papa,” He said the  words “papa” in a manner of which one would think he had been saying it for years. His voice soft as he took another step within the cabin, closing the Cabin door gently without looking back.

The Deity looked ready to go on a tangent after the comment, no doubt wanting to relieve some of the stressed of his job by going on another rant, but quickly held back. Pulling on a tight smile,. “  That’s besides the point,” He said pushing aside the concern for his welfare. “ My issues are none of your concern.”

“I never said it was,” The blonde teen proclaimed. “I was only pointing it out”

Aeolus regarded the teen before him, not quite sure what he should make of him, the confusion he had with his mother only transferred to the boy before him. “ I’m here, on request, of your mother. I promised, before I left, that I  would visit you and your sister in person once both came to Camp Half-Blood.”

“That’s nice,” Was Claude’s simply reply. “It’s rather refreshing to see you in person, rather than in a static picture.”

The deity wasn’t  sure what to make of his son’s reaction, it was rather lackluster but did remind him of Fleur at least the first time he met her. She had been just as cryptic and faraway as Claude was now.


- Claude has a younger sister named Flora  who is 15

- When Fleur first met Aeolus, she had been viewing Nelson Sparrows, which is the pet that Aeolus gives to Claude and Flora a few days after arriving to Camp Half-blood.

- Fleur was the one to suggest that the children take her name instead of Aeolus’ mortal identities name,  seeing as she wasn’t aware of his true identity, it can be assumed that she did this because she wanted to see other people’s reactions to this.
Flora started showing signs of demi-god powers months before he brother, and managed to save him from the creature that had attacked him by blasting it with wind.

- Claude has inherited most of his mother’s personality traits, although his interesting can change within a second a trait he most likely inherited from his father.
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Claude Cot
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